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Families covered: Aylmer of Ballykennan (Ballycannon), Aylmer of Courtown, Aylmer of Donadea, Aylmer of Painstown

John Aylmer of Ballykennan (d 26.06.1632)
m. Elinor Hussey (dau of ?? Hussey of Moyle Hussey)
1. Matthew Aylmer of Ballykennan (b 1606, a 1641)
  m. Elizabeth Wogan (dau of _ Wogan of Rathcoffey)
  A. John Aylmer of Ballykennan (d 1702)
  i. John Aylmer of Ballykennan (d 1704)
  m. (1678) Mary Breedon (dau of Thomas Breedon of Bearecourt)
  a. John Aylmer of Ballykennan (d 1708)
  m. (1705) Mary Whyte (dau of Thomas Whyte (White) of Pitchfordstown)
  (1) John Aylmer of Ballykennan (d unm 26.07.1712)
  (2) Martha Aylmer
  b. Charles Aylmer of Ballykennan (Ballycannon) (d 05.05.1754, 3rd son)
  m. _ Crosbie (dau of Colonel Gerrard Crosbie)
  (1) Charles Aylmer of Ballykennan (d by 1772)
m. (11.09.1749) Elinor Tyrrell (dau of James Tyrrell of Clonard)
  (A) Michael Aylmer of Ballykennan & Courtown, Sheriff of Kildare (Colonel)
  m. (1777) Frances Amelia Hornidge (dau of Richard Hornidge (Hornedge) of Tulfarris)
  (i) John Aylmer of Courtown & Ballykennan (d 05.03.1857, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. (spm) Martha Hornedge (dau of Major _ Hornedge) mentioned by MGH but not by BLG1886
  m2. (29.12.1828) Margaret Aylmer (d 12.1892, dau of Sir Fenton Aylmer, Bart of Donadea Castle) @@ below
  (ii) Emily Aylmer
  m. (1799) Whitney Upton Gledstanes of Fardrass
  (iii)+ other issue - Richard (d unm), Eliza
  (B) Richard Aylmer
  m. Eliza Norris (dau of Admiral Richard Norris, son of Sir John by Elizabeth, dau of Lord Aylmer)
  (i) Charles Aylmer (b 1774, d 1863) had issue
  BLG1886 reports that Charles m. (1843) Miss Moore. MGH shows that he married ...
  m. (1813) Mary Lutter (dau of Thomas Lutter of Clonmell)
  (ii) Richard Aylmer (dsp)
  (C) Bridget Aylmer
  m. Thomas Cannon of Moyglass
  (D) Elizabeth Aylmer
  m. Thomas Coates of Knockin Abbey
  (E)+ other issue - Charles, Anne
  (2) John Aylmer (dsp)
  (3) daughter
m. Charles Bury of Downings
  c.+ other issue - Thomas, Andrew (dsp), Matthew (had issue), James (dspm), 6 daughters
  One of the daughters married ...
  m. _ Greville
  ii. Alice Aylmer
  m. (1704) William Humphreys of Hollywood
  iii.+ other issue - Richard, Matthew, Thomas
2. Robert Aylmer (3rd son)
  m. Katherine Power (dau of Piers Power of Monalargie by Katharine Butler)
  A. James Aylmer
  m. Esther Luther (dau of Thomas Luther of Ballyboy)
i. Robert Aylmer of Painstown
  m. Anne Wogan (dau of Patrick Wogan of Richardstown, son of William of Rathcolley)
  a. Charles Aylmer of Painstown
  m1. Rose O'Reilly (dau of James O'Reilly of Roristown)
  (1) Catherine Rose Aylmer (d 10.02.1790)
  m. (1786) Sir Robert Barnewall, 8th Bart of Crickstown (b 06.10.1757, d 27.08.1836)
  m2. Anne Piers (dau of William Piers of Castletown)
  (2) Robert Aylmer of Painstown (dsp 1841)
  (3) Anne Aylmer
  m. (11.1793) Christopher Barnewall of Meadstown (b 03.09.1765, d 14.08.1849)
  (4)+ other issue (dsp/unm) -William (d 1820), James (d 1831), Wogan (d young), Gerald (d 1863)
  b. Mary Aylmer
  m. Bryan Brady 'of Stonesfield'
  (1) Ismay Brady
  m. Henry Aylmer
  c.+ other issue - Gerald (Captain in Spanish army), Robert (Colonel in Spanish army)
3. Ellice Aylmer
  m. Gerald Dillon of Kellynynon (Kilby Wyen)
4.+ other issue - George, Bartholomew, Richard, Cicely, Alison



Sir Andrew Aylmer, 2nd Bart of Donadea (b 1613, d before 1681)
m. (1634) Ellen Butler (dau of Thomas Butler, Viscount Thurles)
1. Gerald or Garret Aylmer (b 1635, dvp 20.12.1663, captain)
  MGH suggests that Gerald was a baronet. TCB confirms that he dvp. Consequently, MGH differs from other sources on the numberings of the later baronets.
  m. (1661-2) Jane Fitzgerald (dau of Philip Fitzgerald of Alloone)
  A. Sir Fitzgerald Aylmer, 3rd Bart of Donadea (b 1663, d 09.06.1685)
  m. (06.1681) Ellen Plunkett (dau of Luke Plunkett, 3rd Earl of Fingall)
i. Sir Justin Aylmer, 4th Bart of Donadea (b 24.02.1682, d 1711)
  m. (1702) Ellice Aylmer (d 27.08.1741, dau of Sir Gerald Aylmer, 2nd Bart of Balrath)
  a. Sir Gerald Aylmer, 5th Bart of Donadea (b 1703, d 06.01.1737)
  m. (10.1726) Lucy Norris (dau of Admiral Sir John Norris of Hempstead by dau of Admiral Lord Aylmer)
  (1) Sir Fitzgerald Aylmer, 6th Bart of Donadea, Sheriff of Kildare (b 14.09.1736, d 02.1794)
  m. (15.08.1764) Elizabeth Cole (dau/heir of Fenton Cole of Silver Hill (Silverhilly))
  (A) Sir Fenton Aylmer, 7th Bart of Donadea, Sheriff of Kildare (b 12.05.1768, d 23.05.1816)
  m. (04.06.1795) Jane Grace Evans-Freke (d 31.12.1827, dau of Sir John Evans-Freke, Bart of Castle Freke)
  (i) Sir Gerald George Aylmer, 8th Bart of Donadea, Sheriff of Kildare (b 26.05.1798, d 08.02.1878) had issue
  m. (24.04.1826) Maria Hodgson (d 09.05.1879, dau of Col. James Hodgson of Carlisle)
(ii) Sir Arthur Percy Aylmer, 11th Bart of Donadea (b 31.08.1801, d 07.05.1885) had issue
  m. (12.12.1833) Martha Reynell (b c1810, d 03.02.1887, dau of Richard Reynell of Killynon)
  (iii) William Josiah Aylmer (b 06.12.1802, d 09.08.1883, Rev., to New Zealand) had issue
  m. (24.11.1830) Elizabeth Frances Bayly (d 1880, dau of Rev. Henry Lambart Bayly of Ballyarthur)
  (iv) John Freke Aylmer of Green Bank (b 06.05.1807, d 22.12.1874) had issue
  m. (22.05.1832) Anna Parish (dau of Robert Austin Parrish of Philadephia)
  (v) Margaret Susan Aylmer (d 12.1892)
  m. (29.12.1828) John Aylmer of Courtown (d 05.03.1857) @@ above
  (B) John Aylmer (b 12.05.1768, dsp, Colonel (Lt. General?))
  m. (04.06.1801) Grace Jane Evans (dau of William Evans, son of Lord Carbery)
  (C) Arthur Aylmer (b 1772, d 05.02.1831, Lt. General)
  m. (09.06.1807) Anne Harrison (d 01.03.1857, dau of John Harrison of Walworth Castle)
  (i) John Aylmer of Walworth Castle, co. Durham (d 1868) had issue
m. Rosamond Coghil (d1868, dau of Sir J. Coghill, Bart)
  (ii) Elizabeth Aylmer
  m. Rev. J. Scott
  (iii) Grace Aylmer
  m. Rev. C. Vivian
  (iv) Augusta Aylmer
  m. _ Eade (Canon)
  (v) Catherine Aylmer
  (D) Margaret Aylmer (d 15.09.1843)
  m. (10.1789) Sir John Hort of Castle Strange, 1st Bart (b 08.08.1735, d 23.10.1807)
  (2)+ other issue - Lucy, Elizabeth
  b. Peter Justin Aylmer (dsp young)
  ii. Luke (Lucas) Aylmer (b 1684, dsp 1706)
  B. Elizabeth Alymer
2. Elizabeth Alymer
  m. Thomas Aylmer of Lyons
3.+ other issue - Thomas (d unm), James (a 06.1662)

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