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Families covered: Aylmer of Donadea, Aylmer of Lyons

This family is thought to have descended from Athelmer, Earl of Cornwall & Devon.
Nicholas Aylmer ("founder of Abbey of Eynsham, Oxfordshire")
1. Thomas Aylmer of Devonshire
  A. John Aylmer
  m. Anne de Legh (dau of Richard de Legh of Lythwood by Joan, dau of R. de Loringen of Weynion)
  i. Philip Aylmer (living early-mid 1400s?)
  m. Agnes Mortimer (dau of Roger Mortimer son of John son of Sir Edward of Acton Burnell, son of Roger, Earl of March)
  ii.+ other issue - Walter, Roger, Richard



John Aylmer (alive end 14th century)
m. Helen Tyrrell (dau of John Tyrrell of Lyons)
1. Richard Aylmer of Lyons (a 1421)
  A. ?? Aylmer
i. Bartholomew Aylmer of Lyons (d 12.1501)
  m. Margaret Cheevers (d 20.09.1514, dau of Walter (not Sir Christopher) Cheevers of Macetown)
  a. Richard Aylmer of Lyons (a 1535)
  m. Genet Tew (dau of Thomas Tew of Dublin)
  (1) Richard Aylmer of Lyons (b 1505, d 1559)
  m. Elinor Fleming (dau of George Fleming, son of James, Lord Slane)
(A) Thomas Aylmer of Lyons
  m. Alison Cusac (d 12.1623, dau of Thomas Cusac of Cussingtown, Chancellor)
  (i) Bartholomew Aylmer of Lyons
  BLG1886 comes no more forward than this Bartholomew who is presumed father of ...
  (a) Thomas Aylmer of Lyons
  m. Elizabeth Alymer (dau of Sir Andrew Aylmer, 2nd Bart of Bonadea, cousin)
  ((1)) George Aylmer of Lyons probably of this generation
  m. (1685) Mary Browne (dau of Sir Valentine Browne, 1st Viscount Kenmare) wife of George, presumed mother of ...
((A)) Michael Aylmer of Lyons probably of this generation
  m. Margaret Mathew (dau of George Mathew of Thurles and Thomastown)
  ((i)) Mary Aylmer (d 16.10.1806, eldest dau)
  m. (1785) Valentine Browne, 1st Earl of Kenmare (b 01.1754, d 03.10.1812)
  ((B)) Mabel Aylmer
  m. Walter White of Pitchfordstown
  ((i)) Elizabeth White
  m. James O'Reilly of Ballinlough Castle
  ((2)) Elinor Aylmer probably of this generation
  m. Richard Fagan of Feltrim & Castle Fagan (a 1691)
  (ii) Richard Aylmer of Hartwell
  (a)+ 4 sons
(iii) John Aylmer of Ballykennan (d 26.06.1632)
  m. Elinor Hussey (dau of _ Hussey of Moyle Hussey)
  (iv) Jane Aylmer probably of this generation
  m. Nicholas Dowdall of Brownstown
  (a) Cicely Dowdall
  m. Sir Lucas (Luke) Bath of Athcarne, 1st Bart
  (B) George Aylmer of Cloncurrie
  m. Mary Hussey (dau of Patrick Hussey, 'Baron' of Gattrim)
  (C) Sir Gerald Aylmer, 1st Bart of Donadea (b c1548, d 19.08.1634)
  m1. (1587, sp) Mary Travers (d 28.11.1610, dau of Henry Travers, son of Sir John)
  m2. (1611) Julia Nugent (d 02.11.1617, dau of Christopher Nugent, 14th Lord Delvin)
(i) Sir Andrew Aylmer, 2nd Bart of Donadea (b 1613, d before 1681)
  m. (1634) Ellen Butler (dau of Thomas Butler, Viscount Thurles)
  (ii) Julia Lettice Aylmer (only dau?)
  m. Sir Richard Barnewall, 2nd Bart of Crickstown (b 21.12.1602)
  (iii) Mabel Aylmer possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Oliver Tuite, 1st Bart of Sonagh (b c1588, d 1642)
  (D) Edward Aylmer
  m. Katherine Fitzgerald (dau of Robert Fitzgerald of Alloone)
  (E) Mary Aylmer
  m. James Hussey of Galtrim (d 1603)
  b. Sir Gerald Aylmer of Dollardstown (d 1560, chief justice)
  (1) Bartholomew Aylmer (dvp 1553)
  m. Ellen Warren (dau of Thomas Warren of Navan)
  (A) Christopher Aylmer of Balrath
  (i) Gerald Aylmer of Balrath (captain)
  m1. ??
  m2. (after 1629) Mary Fitzwilliam (dau of Sir Richard Fitzwilliam of Mount Meryon)
  c. Anne Aylmer
  m. Sir Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown (chief justice)

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