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Families covered: Austen of Guildford, Austen of Shalford, Austen of Toddington

John Austen de Gynge (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
1. John Austen
  A. ?? Austen
  Commoners reported that the undermentioned John was "third in descent" from the above John but we suspect that, should the dates shown for these early generations hold any validity, there were further generations between them.
  i. ?? Austen
  a. John Austen of Toddington in St. Albans, Hertfordshire (d 1487)
  (1) John Austen of Toddington & Chidingfold (Surrey) (d 1553)
  (A) John Austen of Guildford, Surrey (d 1561)
  m. Joanna Snellynge (a 1582, dau of William Snellynge)
  (i) John Austen of Shalford, Surrey (d 1613, MP for Guildford)
  (ii) George Austen of Shalford (d 1621, MP for Haslemere then Guildford)
  m1. Anne Mellersh (dau of Thomas Mellersh of Nore)
(a) Samuel Austen of Shalford
  m. _ Cranley of Sussex
  ((1))+ 3 children (d young)
  (b) Joanna Austen
  m. Sir Morris Abbot, Lord Mayor of London (brother of George, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Robert, Bishop of Salisbury)
  ((1))+ other issue - Bartholomew, George, Matthew, Edward, Margaret
  (c) Anne Austen
  m. (23.06.1600) John Wight of Guildford
  m2. Jane Harrison (dau of Robert Harrison of London, widow of Thomas James of London)
  (d) John Austen of Shalford (d 1660) - continued below
  m. Margaret Lewknor (dau of Sir Richard Lewknor)
  (e) Francis Austen of London
  m. Sarah Banastre (dau of W. Banastre or Banaster of Drayton)
  ((1)) George Austen
  (f) Jane Austen
  m. Thomas Tewsley of Guildford
  (g)+ other issue - George (d young), Daniel (dsp), Robert, Ralph, George (a 1622)
  m3. Elizabeth Wair (dau of Thomas Wair or Ware of London)
  (l)+ other issue - Benjamin, Susan, Elizabeth



John Austen of Shalford (d 1660) - continued above
m. Margaret Lewknor (dau of Sir Richard Lewknor or Lewkenor)
1. George Austen of Shalford
  m. Ursula Anstruther (dau of Sir Robert (not Philip) Anstruther by Catherine Swift)
  A. John Austen (d(vp?) 1705)
  m. Mary Symball (dau of John Symball)
  B. Robert Austen of Shalford (d 1718)
  m. Mary Ludlow (dau/coheir of Henry Ludlow of Bramley)
  i. George Austen of Shalford
  m. Mary Roper (dau of R. Roper of Gloucestershire)
  a. John Austen of Shalford (dsp)
  b. Robert Austen of Shalford (d(spm) 1759)
m. Joanna Street (dau of Lawrence Street)
  c. George Austen
  (1) Henry Austen of Shalford (dsp 1786)
  (2) Robert Austen of Shalford (d 03.11.1797)
  The following is supported by BLG1886 ('Austen of Shalford House').
  m. (1772) Frances Annesley Gregory (dau/heir of John Wentworth Nazianzen Gregory)
  (A) Sir Henry Edmund Austen of Shalford, Sheriff of Surrey (b 20.05.1785, d 1871) had issue
  m1. (1805) Anne Amelia Bate (d 05.09.1839, dau of Robert Spearman Bate)
  BLG1886 reports that Sir Henry m2. the widow of Sir Robert Pocklington of Chelsworth. This was ...
  m2. (1843, sp?) Catherine Blagrave (dau of John Balgrave of Calcot Park)
  (B) Frances Ann Austen
  m. John Bedford (judge in Barbadoes)
  (i)+ issue - Edward Henry, Paul Austen, daughter (d 1805)
  (C) Elizabeth Smith Austen
  d. Elizabeth Austen
  C.+ other issue - George, Edward
2. Margaret Austen (b c1613?)
  m. Richard Cresswell of Cranley

Main source(s): Commoners (vol I, 'Austen of Shalford', p465+), Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, Austen)
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