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Families covered: Assheton of Assheton, Ashton of Chadderton (Chaterton)

Orm FitzEdward ## see here ##
m. Emma (dau of Albert de Gresley)
1. ?? (Orm?) de Assheton
  A. Sir Robert de Assheton of Assheton
  i. Sir John de Assheton of Assheton (a 1335)
a. Sir Robert de Assheton of Assheton, Governor of Guynes (a 1377, Admiral, Justiciar of Ireland)
  m(1). Elizabeth
  (1) Thomas de Assheton
  m. Eleanor Buckley (dau of Sir John Buckley)
  (A) Sir John de Assheton of Assheton (a 1385)
  m. Margaret de Legh (dau of Perkyn (sb Robert?) de Legh of Lyme)
  (i) Sir John de Assheton of Assheton
  m. _ Standish (dau of Sir Robert Standish of Standish)
(a) Sir John de Assheton of Assheton (a 1413)
  m1. Jane Savile (dau of Sir John Savile of Tankersleigh)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Assheton (alchemist)
  m. Elizabeth Byron (dau of Sir John Byron)
  ((A)) Sir John Assheton (d 1508)
  m1. Dulcia Trafford (dau of Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford)
  ((i)) Sir Thomas Assheton (d 1517)
  m1. Elizabeth Staveleigh (dau of Ralph Staveleigh of Stayley)
  ((a)) Margaret Assheton
m. Sir William Booth of Dunham Massey (d 09.11.1519)
  ((b)) Elizabeth Assheton
  m. Randle Ashton of Barton
  ((c)) Joan Assheton
  m. Sir John Leigh
  m2. Agnes (sb Alice?) Harrington (dau of Sir James Harrington of Woolfap)
  ((d)) John Assheton (dspm)
m. Jane Stanley (dau of W. Stanley)
  ((e)) Alice Assheton
  m. Sir R. Hoghton of Hoghton Tower
m2. Isabella Elland (dau of _ Elland of Elland)
  ((B)) Edmund Assheton of Chadderton - continued below
  m. Johanna Radcliffe (dau of Richard Radclyffe of Chadderton)
  ((C)) Geffrey Assheton or Asheton
  m. _ Manners (dau of Thomas Manners of Shipley (Shepley))
  ((D)) Nicholas Assheton
  m. Mary (dau of Lord Brook)
((E)) Dulcia Assheton
  m. Sir Thomas Gerrard of Bryn
  ((F)) Elizabeth Assheton
  m. Sir John Trafford (d 1488)
  ((G))+ 3 other Children
  A contributor (RS, 14.02.06) kindly reported the following connection found on the IGI, Richard being one of the 4 children not named by our main sources.
  ((J)) Richard Assheton
((i)) Elizabeth Assheton
  m. Alexander Barlow (d After 1476, son of Nicholas by Anne)
  ((2)) Lucy Assheton
  m1. Sir Bertone or Bertie Entwisle
  m2. Richard Byron
  m3. Sir Ralph Shirley
  ((3)) Margaret Assheton
  m. Thomas Langley of Edgecroft (Agecroft)
  ((4)) Katherine Assheton
  m. John Duckenfield
  ((5)) Elizabeth Assheton
  m1. Sir Ralph Harrington
  m2. Sir Richard Hammerton (d 1480)
((6)) Agnes Assheton
  m. Thomas Booth of Barton
  ((7)) Anne Assheton
  m. _ Dalton of Cheshire
  m2. Mary Byron (dau of Sir John Byron of Clayton)
  ((8)) Sir Ralph Assheton of Middleton, Sheriff of Yorkshire (a 1483)
  m. Margaret Barton (dau of John or Richard Barton of Middleton)
  (b) Sir Nicholas de Assheton
  (ii) Joanna de Assheton
  m. Sir Robert Davenport of Bramhall
  partner unknown
  (2) William de Assheton (in Spain)
  b. Gilbert de Assheton
  B. Roger de Assheton



Edmund Assheton or Ashton of Chadderton, Lancashire (d 03.1489-90) - continued above
m. Johanna Radcliffe (d 08.1478, dau of Richard Radclyffe of Chadderton)
1. John Ashton of Chadderton
  m. _ Talbot (dau/coheir of _ Talbot of Shuttleworth)
  A. Edmund Ashton of Chadderton (b c1478, d 05.03.1542-3)
  m. Janet Harrington (dau/coheir of Sir James Harrington)
  i. James Ashton of Chadderton & Shuttleworth (b c1484, d 25.08.1549)
  m. Anne Manwaringe (dau of Charles Manwaringe of Croxton)
a. Edmund Ashton of Chadderton (b by 1521, d 08.1584)
  m. (before 08.1549) Anne Prestwich (dau of Ralph Prestwich of Holme)
  Foster ends with naming their children and their spouses (other than Edmond & Richard).
  (1) James Ashton of Chadderton (b c1535, dsp 1612)
  m. Dorothy Langley (dau/coheir of Sir Robert Langley of Agecroft)
  (2) Edmond Ashton
  (3) Richard Ashton in Oldham (d 05.1609)
m. Anne
  (A) Edmund Ashton of Chadderton, Sheriff of Lancashire (b c1601, d 1650) the first mentioned by Dugdale
  m. Dorothy Duckenfield (dau of _ Duckenfield of Duckenfield)
  (i) James Ashton of Chadderton or Chaterton
  m. Catherine Greenhalgh (dau of John Greenhalgh of Brandlesholme)
  (a) Edmund Ashton of Chadderton or Chaterton (b c1643, a 1684, dsp?)
(b) William Ashton (b c1649, d 1731, rector of Carlton & Prestwich, youngest son)
  Dugdale ends with this generation. VCH Appears to indicate that William was father of Katherine & Dorothy but then adds a note which indicates that Edmund had a daughter Dorothy who married a Lever.
((1)) Katherine Ashton
  m. John Blackburne of Oxford
  ((2)) Dorothy Ashton
  m. (1725) Sir Darcy Lever of Alkrington
  (c)+ other issue - John, James, Richard, Dorothy, Mary, Katherine (d unm by 1664), Anne
  (ii) Catherine Ashton
  m1/2. William Langley (rector of Chedle)
  This was probably the Catherine who (also) married ...
  m2/1. John Greenhalgh (d 1674, parson of Bury)
  (iii) Elizabeth Ashton
  m. William Spenser
  (iv) Jane Ashton
m. Devereux Spenser of Chedle
  (v)+ other issue - Edward (d unm), Lewes, William (d unm), John, Dorothy (d unm), Anne (d unm)
  (4) Alice Ashton
  m. Edmond Hopewood of Hopwood (sic)
  (5) Elizabeth Ashton
  m. Henry Radclyffe (b c1533, son/heir of Charles of Todmerdan)
  (6) Jane Ashton
  m. Nicholas Banyster of Altham ## see here ##
  b. Anne Ashton
  m. Francys Hargrave of Lincolnshire
  c. Jane Ashton
  m. Nicholas Worlyche of Spauldinge
  d.+ other issue - Peter, Richard, Lewes
  ii. Richard Ashton
  B. Edward Ashton (dsp)

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