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Families covered: Arderne of Alderley, Arderne of Alford (Aldford), Arderne of Alvanley, Arderne of Harden, Arderne of Timplerley

Alexander de Arderne (b c1115)
m. Agnes de Arderne
1. Eustace de Arderne
A. Eustace de Arderne
  m. Hawyse
  i. John de Arderne of Aldford Castle
  m. Margaret de Aldford (dau of Richard de Aldford, son of Robert by Mary, dau of Richard FitzEustace of Halton)
a. Sir Walkelyn or Walcheline de Arderne of Alderley and Aldford (b 1216, d by 1268)
  m. (1240) Agnes de Orreby (dau of Philip de Orreby of Alvanley)
  (1) Sir Peter de Arderne of Alderley and Alvanley (d c1295)
  m. Margery
  (A) Sir John de Arderne of Alford, Alderley and Alvanley (b 1266, d 1308)
  m. Margaret (dau of Griffith Ap Madoc, lord of Bromfield)
(i) Sir John de Arderne of Alford, Alderley and Alvanley (d c1349)
  m. Alice de Venables (dau of Hugh de Venables of Kinerton by Agatha Vernon)
  (a) John de Arderne of Aldford and Nether Alderley (b 1321, d 1379)
  Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Arderne of Aldford) starts with this John, showing him as having married twice, one wife being 'Ellin' (whose identity is given by the balcro website). It is not clear which wife was mother of which child but, as the first marriage was dissolved early, it is presumed that it was not consummated.
  m1. (div 1332!) Cecily de Eton (dau of Sir Nicholas de Eton)
m2. Ellen de Wasteneys (dau of William de Wasteneys) @@ below
  ((1)) Sir Thomas de Arderne who apparently married ...
  m. Ellin Bulkeley (dau of Thomas Bulkeley of Alpram or Alpraham)
  ((A)) Sir John Arderne of Elford
  BE1883 (Stafford of Clifton) shows that the wife of Sir John Arderne, father of Maud, was ...
  m. Katherine Stafford (dau of Sir Thomas Stafford, Lord of Clifton)
  ((i)) Maud Arderne
  m. Sir Thomas Stanley of Elford
  ((2)) Maud (Matilda) de Arderne
  m. Robert de Leigh of Adlington
  ((3)) Isabella de Arderne
  m. Sir Hugh de Wrottesley of Wrottesley (d 1381)
  ((4))+ other issue - Walkelyn (dsp), Aline, Cecily, Elizabeth
  (b) Peter de Arderne of Harden and Alvanley (b 1327, d 1378-9)
  m. Cicely de Bredbury (dau of Adam de Bredbury of Harden Hall)
  ((1)) Charles de Arderne of Timperley
  The following comes from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Ardern of Timperley).
  m. Elizabeth Radcliffe (dau of Richard Radclffe of Timpley, "younger brother of the Tower")
  ((A)) John Arderne of Timperley
  m. Ellen Duncalfe (dau of Thomas Duncalfe)
The following Hamo and William are shown by the balcro website as brothers rather than sons of this John. We provisionally follow Visitation.
  ((i)) Hamo Arderne of Timperley
  m. Margaret Strangwish (dau of Sir Giles Strangwish)
  ((a)) William Arderne of Timperley (d c1584)
  m. Sibell Warburton (dau of Peter Warburton of Arley)
  (((1))) Sibell Arderne
  m. George Brereton of Ashley
Some web sites report that William had An illegitimate son ...
  (((2))) Robert Arderne had issue
  m. Ann
  ((ii)) William Arderne
  m. Helen Done (dau of John Done)
  ((a)) George Arderne
  m. Anne Tregall of Hampshire
  (((1))) George Arderne
  ((iii)) George Arderne
George is not mentioned by Visitation but is named on various web sites (including the balcro site).
  m. Katherine Palmer (dau of Robert Palmer of Parham)
  ((a)) Richard Arderne
  m. Margaret Greene (dau of Thomas Greene of West Marne)
  (((1))) Alice Arderne (b c1412)
  m. (1434-5) John Denne
  ((2)) Hugh de Arderne of Harden Hall (b 1350, d c1420)
  m1. Agnes de Hulme
  m2. Cecily de Hyde (dau of Ralph de Hyde)
  ((A)) Ralph Arderne of Harden and Alvanley (d 1446)
  m. (1419) Katherine Stanley (d 1456, dau of William Stanley of Hooton by Blanche Arderne)
  ((B)) Alice Arderne
  m. (c1414) Christopher Davenport (son of Nicholas)
  ((3)) John de Arderne
@@ We are concerned about possible confusion between the following Charles of Timplerley and the Charles shown above (who m. Elizabeth Radclyffe). Some web sites show the husband of Cicely de Bredbury as John rather than Peter, shown as father of the above Charles of Timplerley, whilst there also seems confusion regarding the Margery or Blanche who married William Stanley of Hooton. We hope to investigate these matters further in due course.
  ((A)) Charles Arderne of Timplerley
  ((B)) Hugh Arderne of Dorfold
  ((C)) Margery or Blanche Arderne (b 1386) probable duplication - see just below
  m. (1402) William Stanley of Hooton (b 1387, dvp 1417)
  ((4)) Matilda de Arderne
  ((5)) Blanche de Arderne
  m. William Stanley of Hooton probable duplication - see note @@ just above
(c) Margaret Arderne
  m. Nicholas de Eton of Stockport (son of Sir Nicholas)
  (d)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Aline, Cecily
  (ii) Agnes Arderne
  m1/2. Sir John Whetenhall
  This was possibly the Agnes who (also) married ...
  m2/1. Richard de Sydington
  (B) Christiana de Sydington (heir)
  m. John de Cotton (a 1362)
(iii) Margery or Margaret Arderne
  m. Hugh Hatton of Hatton
  (B) Agnes Arderne
  m. Sir Warin Mainwaring of Warmincham
  (C) Cicely Arderne
  m. William de Wasteneys
  (i) Ellen de Wasteneys
  m. John de Arderne (b 1321, d 1379) @@ above
  (2) Sir John Arderne of Aldford
  (A) Matilda (Maud) Arderne
  m. Sir John de Legh of Booths
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas, Gilbert

Main source(s): various web sites (in particular http://balcro.com), Visitation (Cheshire, 1580+1613, Ardern - various)
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