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Families covered: Adams of Corranearry House, Adams of Monaghan, Adams of Shercock

BIFR1976 reports that the following Colonel James Adams "came to Ireland from Lincs to suppress a rising of the O'Neills 1645".
James Adam, later Adams (a 1645, Colonel)
m. Catherine Magennis (dau of Arthur Magennis, 1st Viscount of Iveagh, by Sarah O'Neill)
1. James Adams (Captain)
  A. James Adams of Monaghan & Corranearry House, co. Cavan (b 1673, d 19.11.1744) the first mentioned by BLG1886
  m. (1694) Jane Allen (b 1676-7, d 17.03.1752, dau of William Allen of Kilmore by Margaret)
  i. Allen Adams of Corranearry House (b 1708, d 15.12.1755)
  m. (c1735) Martha Higginbotham (b c1702, d 1807, dau of William Higginbotham (d 1760) son of Captain Thomas (d 1737) by dau of General Scurlog Williams of Clonghill Castle)
  a. Richard Adams of Shercock House, Sheriff of co. Cavan then co. Monaghan (b 1736, d 1789)
m. (13.04.1761) Amelia Cosby (dau of Thomas Cosby of Beeks Court, nephew (sb uncle??) of Dudley of Stradbally Hall, Lord Sydney)
  (1) Stuart Adams, Sheriff (b 1762, d 1809, Major)
  m. (10.05.1789) Catharine Leslie (dau of Henry Leslie)
  (A) Richard Stuart Adams of Ackworth (b 02.05.1790, dsp 1837, Captain)
  m. (1827) Jane Guest Hazelwood (dau of Richard Hazelwood of Bridgewater)
(B) Henry Adams (b 1798, d unm 09.03.1862)
  (C) Catherine Adams (b 1791, d 22.10.1868)
  m. (24.07.1821) William Shepard of Bray (b 1783-4, d 31.05.1867)
  (D) Henrietta Maria Adams (d 01.10.1874)
  m. (01.01.1817) William Young of Copenagh (b c1786, d 04.12.1863)
  (2) Allen Noble Adams (b 1765, d 03.1805, rector of Shercock)
  m. (06.1791) Isabella Battersby (b 1767-8, d 20.06.1852, dau of John Battersby of Lakefield)
  (A) Richard Adams of Drumelton, co. Cavan (b 1792, d 1827, Captain) had issue
  m. (12.04.1814) Elizabeth Sophia Lyster (b c1796, d 1831, dau of John Brabazon Lyster)
  (B) John Adams (b 02.1793, Rear Admiral) had issue
  m1. (21.09.1838) Mary Anne Gerrard (dsp 08.1843, dau of Thomas Gerrard of Liscarton)
  m2. (22.04.1846) Elizabeth Ellis (dau of Henry Ellis of Mount Steward)
  (C) Cosby Adams of Laurel Lodge, co. Cavan (b 1801, d 09.12.1834, 4th son) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (23.02.1833) Catharine Lyster (dau of John Brabazon Lyster)
  (D) James Adams (b 22.11.1804, rector of Castlecor)
  m1. (24.12.1835) Elizabeth Denham (b 1814-5, d 07.06.1839, dau of Firwood Park)
  m2. (14.04.1841) Frances Bevan (dau of Rev. Richard Bevan)
  (E) Martha Adams (d 07.03.1833)
m. (30.10.1818) Smith Berry of Fives Alley
  (F) Sarah Adams (d 25.04.1832)
  m. (04.12.1821) Robert J. Hautenville
  (G)+ other issue - Stuart (b 1796, d unm 23.06.1820), Allen Nobel (b 1800, d 1817), Emilia (b 1802, d unm 13.01.1801)
  (3) Cosby Adams of Drum, co. Monaghan (b c1768, dsp 1805, 4th son)
  m. (1799) Dorothea Winslow (dau of David Tighe Winslow)
  (4) Joyce Adams (b 1760, dsp 31.12.1835)
  m. (02.11.1806) John Adams of Shinan (son of Rev. Benjamin) @1@ below
  (5) Emelia Adams (b 1772, d 08.06.1844)
  m. (23.08.1802) Robert Molloy Minnett (Captain)
  (6) Alicia Adams (d 20.05.1833)
  m. (11.09.1806) Francis Berry of Eglish Castle
  (7)+ other issue (d unm) - James of Down Lodge (b c1767, d 10.1815, Sheriff of co. Cavan, Captain), William (b c1775, d c15823), Jane (b 1786, d 13.01.1801)
  b. James Adams of Shercock House (b 1745-6, d unm 15.06.1809)
  c. William Adams of Castletown House, co. Cavan (b 1746, d 28.02.1815)
  m1. (c1769) Olivia Wildridge (d 1781, dau of Neason Wildridge)
  (1) Allen Adams (b c1770, d 10.1808)
  m. (1798) Jane King (dau of Edward King, sister of Stuart)
  (A) Stuart King Adams (b c1800, d unm 1822)
  (B) William O'Brien Adams of Kingstown (b 24.12.1804) had issue
m1. (30.09.1835) Louisa Jane Adams (d 15.08.1840, dau of Captain Richard Adams)
  m2. (18.11.1845) Elizabeth Bury (d 30.11.1861, dau of John Bury of Cloneen)
  (C) Ellen Adams (b 1802, d 12.12.1849)
  m. (16.12.1814) Henry Forde of Johnstown House
  (D) Anna Adams (d 10.10.1845)
  m. (02.06.1828) Benjamin Scott
  (2) Neason Wildridge Adams (b 1776, dsp 29.08.1859)
  m. (02.04.1802) Isabella Adams (dau of Samuel Adams) @2@ below
  (3) James Adams (b 1780, dsp 03.09.1840, surgeon)
  m. (02.09.1816) Maria Adams (dau of Samuel Adams) @3@ below
  (4) Elizabeth Adams (b 1769, d 1838)
m2. (06.07.1783) Anne (widow of George MacDaniel)
  (5) Martha Susannah Adams (b 1786, d unm 24.142.1805)
  d. Samuel Adams (b 1750, d 07.06.1799)
  m. (10.03.1779) Elizabeth Leslie (dau of Alexander Leslie)
  (1) Richard Adams of Wainsfords, Southamptonshire (b 1780, d 11.02.1836, Captain) had issue
  m. (04.06.1805/6) Louisa Peers (d 08.1846, dau of Newsham Peers of Alveston Park)
  (2) Benjamin Adams (b 1784, d 18.11.1847, Major) had issue
m. (30.07.1827) Maria Anne Daniel (dau of Thomas Daniel)
  (3) Isabella Adams (b 1782, dsp 18.12.1855)
  m. (02.04.1802) Neason Wildridge Adams @2@ above
  (4) Elizabeth Adams (b 1783, dsp 02.09.1865)
  m. (02.12.1811) Robert Alexander Wood
  (5) Emelia Adams (b 1791, dsp 10.06.1840)
m. Henry Potterton
  (6) Maria Adams (b 1796)
  m. (02.09.1816) James Adams (surgeon) @3@ above
  (7)+ other issue - James (b c1799, d c1808), Emilia (b 12.1787, d 1788), Mary (b 1791, d infant)
  e. Benjamin Adams (b 1756, d 10.06.1840, rector of Killinick)
  m. (14.04.1777) Elizabeth Clarke (dau of John Clarke, grandson of Rev. Samuel Clarke)
  (1) John Adams of Shinan in Shercock, Sheriff (b 16.05.1785, dsp 02.1827, 2nd son)
  m. (02.11.1806) Joyce Adams (dau of Richard Adams of Shercock House) @1@ above
  (2) Samuel Adams of Northlands, co. Cavan (b 15.02.1788, d 07.12.1856, Dean of Cashel) had issue
  m. (04.06.1809) Frances Harvey (d 28.11.1869, dau of John Harvey of Killiane Castle)
  (3) Charles James Adams of Shinan House, Sheriff (b 29.04.1792, d 23.08.1854, Captain RN) had issue
  m. (29.09.1821) Anne Jane Foster (b 1797-8, d 04.03.8134, dau of Captain William Foster of Fosterstown)
  (4) Caroline Adams (d 22.06.1858)
  m. (01.01.1812) John J.A. Leonard of Claremont House & Leamore Lodge
  (5)+ other issue - William Allen (b 15.05.1783, d 03.03.1784), Elizabeth (d 25.04.1780), Elizabeth (d 28.10.1780), Emilia (d 05.09.1782), Charlotte (d 26.08.1790), Matilda (d 15.07.1794)
  f.+ other issue - Margaret, Jane
  B. ?? Adams
  i. Samuel Adams of Monaghan ancestor of Adams of Monaghan

Main source(s):
(1) BIFR1976 (Adams), BLGI1912 (Adams of Northlands), BLG1886 (Adams of Northlands)
(2) 'A Genealogical History of the Family of Adams of Cavan, etc.' by Rev. Benjamin Williams Adams, edited by Maxwell Richard William Peers Adams (1903, "reprinted from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica"), with thanks to a contributor (CV, 22.10.12) for bringing this to our attention
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