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Families covered: Acheson of Edinburgh, Acheson of Gosford, Acheson of Market Hill

(1) 'The Pedigree Register' reports that "No history of the Acheson family in Scotland has hitherto been written, nor is it known for certain what was the immediate ancestry of Sir Archibald, the first baronet. On the strength of his funeral certificate he is described as a son of Captain Patrick Acheson, but nothing further is known about the last-named. He is assumed to have been a younger brother of Alexander Acheston, the first of Gosford, but no proof of this has been found." The line of Sir Archibald, which we shown on the continuation page, became well known not least through his descendants, the Viscounts Gosford of Market Hill then the Earls of Gosford.
* 'The Pedigree Register' comments that"the Earls of Gosford took their title from an estate that their ancestors in the direct line had never possessed."
* TCB (used for the continuation) notes that "The estate of Gosford in East Lothian was for about 65 years possessed by a branch of the family of Acheson of Prestonpans, who were, however, not the lineal ancestors of Sir Archibald and who, about 150 years before the Barony was created, had alienated the property".
(2) Noting that there was a separate line of Achesons of Market Hill apparently descended from another brother of Captain Patrick, we speculate that the three brothers were grandsons of
John Acheson of Edinburgh
1. John Acheson
  John, son of John of Edinburgh, is identified in TSP (vol 2, 'Bellenden of Broughton', p64) as "affianced spouse of" ...
  m. (c1555) Alison Bellenden (dau of Thomas Bellenden of Auchnoule)
  N.B. Showing John & Alison as parents of the following Alexander, Patrick & John is highly speculative!
  A. Alexander Acheson, 1st of Gosford (in Haddington) (a 1577, d after 21.02.1606) this line from 'The Pedigree Register'
  m. Helen Reid (d after 15.07.1614)
  i. George Acheson of Gosford (a 1605)
  partner unknown
  a. Mark Acheson (a 1605)
  ii. Alexander Acheson, last of Gosford (a 1616)
  m. Elizabeth (Isabella) Douglas (dau of _ Douglas of Bonejedward)
  a. William Acheson in Co. Wexford (a 1641, 1656, Lt. Colonel, 2nd son)
m. Jean Cranstoun (m2. _ Hume)
  (1) Alexander Acheson 'of Tonniheague', Sheriff of Co. Fermanagh (d before 23.02.1710-1, Captain)
  m. Catherine Montgomery (dau of Nicholas Montgomery of Blessingbourne (rector of Carrickmacross))
  (A) Alexander Acheson of Corrard, Co. Fermanagh (2nd son)
  m. (1724) Angel Richardson (dau of William Richardson of Springtown by daughter of William Wray of Ards by Angel, dau of Colonel James Galbraith (MP))
  The following comes from 'The Pedigree Register' (vol 2, No. 23 (December 1912), "A Scottish Family in Ireland - The Achesons', p321).
  (i) William Acheson (2nd son) possibly the William (a 1781) who married ...
  m. Mary Atfield of Co. Clare
  (ii)+ other issue - George, Letita (a 1742)
  (B) Ann Acheson
  m. (c1718) Henry Crawford of Millwood, Sheriff
  (C) Catherine Acheson
  m. (1743) George Nixon of Nixon Hall
  (D) Mary Acheson
  m. (1720) William Hassard of Skea
  (E)+ other issue - George (d young?), Sarah
(2)+ other issue - George (bur 28.01.1668-9), Agnes
  a. Jean Acheson
  m. Cornelius Ainsley of Edinburgh
  (1) Archibald Ainsley
  a.+ other issue - Alexander (a 1616), Patrick
  iii. Helen Acheson (a 1620)
  m1. (mcrt 28.01.1598) Gavin Hume of Johnscleuch (d before 03.1610)
  m2. Robert Home, younger of Heuche (a 1620)
  iv. Margaret Acheson possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Scott (dvp 23.11.1588)
  v. Isabella Acheson possibly fits here
  m. Hector Og Maclean of Dowart (d 1623)
  B. Patrick Acheson of Edinburgh (Captain)
  As noted above, Patrick has been identified as the father of Sir Archibald, 1st Bart, ancestor of the Viscounts Gosford of Market Hill then the Earls of Gosford. BP1934 & TCB, used for the continuation, identify this branch as "a cadet of Acheson of East Lothian".
  C. John Acheson of East Lothian (b 19.04.1559, d 1588)
  The following comes from Burke's 'Distinguished Families of America' (undated, 'Acheson') which starts with John, identifying him as "brother of Capt. Patrick Acheson (the direct ancestor of the Earls of Gosford)".
  m. (12.01.1581) Margaret Blackadder
  i. John Acheson of Glasdrum in Argyllshire, later of Market Hill in Co. Armagh (b 11.09.1585, d 1655)
  m. (18.06.1619) Katherine Gilmour (dau of George Gilmour of Glasdrum)
  a. George Acheson of Market Hill (b 03.04.1620)
  m. (06.09.1644) Johanna Orr (dau of James Orr)
  (1) James Acheson of Market Hill (b 19.06.1645)
  m. (12.10.1669) Margaret Welsh (dau of John Welsh of Armagh)
  (A) John Acheson of Market Hill (b 18.07.1670)
  m. (03.06.1699) Matilda Fordyce (dau of John Fordyce)
  (i) Thomas Acheson of Market Hill (b 19.03.1700, d 18.09.1741)
  m. (03.05.1721) Elizabeth Goff (dau of George Goff of Dundalk)
  (a) George Acheson of Glassdrummond, Market Hill (b 16.02.1724)
  m. (03.06.1754) Elizabeth Weir (dau of David Weir of Belfast)
  ((1)) David Acheson of Market Hill, later in Washington, Pennsylvania , USA (b 08.05.1769, d 01.12.1851) had issue in Pennsylvania
  m. (31.10.1805) Mary Cunningham Wilsoin (dau of John Wilson of Coleraine)

Main source(s): 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 2, No. 22 (September 1912), 'A Scottish Family in Ireland - The Achesons', p289+) with input as reported above
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