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(1) Wikipedia describes the following Beli Mawr (Beli 'the Great') as "an ancestor deity in Welsh mythology". Wikipedia reports some other members of his family but, for the moment at least (so that we can 'keep control' of our work on these early Welsh families), we show only what we pick up from Griffith's Pedigrees. However, we note that Wikipedia reports that one of Beli's attributed sons, Casswallawn or Cassivellaunus, "was a historical British chieftain who led the defence against Julius Caesar's second expedition to Britain in 54 BC".
(2) Wikipedia reports quite specifically that this Beli Mawr "is often confused or conflated with" another Beli (ap Mynogan), which is the ancestry shown by Dwnn (on the continuation). Needless to say (given that this is all provided within the 'Ancient & Mythical' section of the database), the continuation, which provides a link back to Adam & Eve, should be treated with great caution.
Beli Mawr
1. Lludd (per Griffith) or Aphlath (per Dwnn)
  A. Aflech (per Griffith) or y Vallach (per Dwnn)
  i. Owain or Owen
  a. Brychwyn
  (1) Diwg
  (A) Onwedd or Anwedd
  (i) Anwerydd this generation given by Dwnn but not by Griffith
  (a) Gorddyfyn or Gwrddyfn
  ((1)) Dyfyn or Dyfn
  ((A)) Gwrddoli
  ((i)) Doli
  ((a)) Gwrgan or Gwrgain
  (((1))) Cain
  (((A))) Genedawg or Gwyddawg - continued below H
  ii. Afallach HJY



Genedawg or Gwyddawg - continued above
1. Iago
  A. Tegyd or Tegid
  i. Padarn Beisrudd or Padarn Besirydd
  a. Edeyrn
  (1) Brenin Prydain this generation given by Griffith but not by Dwnn
  (A) Cunedda Wledig or Cynedda Wledig (a 400) this line not followed by Dwnn
  (i) Gwron
  (a) Meilir Meilirion
  ((1)) Cerfyr
  ((A)) Pyll
  ((i)) Bran
  ((a)) Marchudd
(((1))) Gwylfyw - continued below H
  (ii) Einion Yrth
  (iii) Merion of Merioneth this line given by Dwnn
  (a) Cadwaladr
  ((1)) Gwyddno Garanir of Merioneth
  m. Ysgtradwen (dau of Cadell Deyrnllyg, King of Powis)
  ((A)) Ynyr Farfdwrch of Harrdlech & Cantref Gwaelod
  ((i)) Idris arw
  ((a)) Iswallt
  (((1))) Brechwell
  ((B))+ other issue - Elphyn of Penllyn, Sandde of Castlel Beer & Dolgelley



Gwylfyw - continued above
1. Tyfodedd
  A. Tudau
  i. Meilir Etyr Gwrgorseddog
  a. Peredur Teirnoedd (Teirnoc)
  (1) Cyllyn Ynad
  (A) Cwnws Ddu
(i) Greddf
  (a) Madog Ddu
  ((1)) Cyllyn
  ((A)) Cwnws
  ((i)) Cynndelw
((a)) Hwfa H
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Stock of the founders (p324, Tegerin ap Carwed) & Brwynog (p79)).
  ((2)) Gwrydyr
  ((A)) Adda
  ((i)) Carwed of Twrcelyn§W§ (T16)
  ((a)) Tegerin (Tegaryn) (a 1143)
  ((b)) Griffri
  ((c))+ other issue - Howel, Dolphyn on p395
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Stock of the founders - Nefydd Hard, p325).
  ((B)) Garadawg
((i)) Nefydd Hard of Nant Conway (a 1150)§W§ (F24)
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Stock of the founders - Gwerydd ap Rhys Goch, p324).
  (b) Aelaw
  ((1)) Tegerin
  ((A)) Mor
  ((i)) Arthen
  ((a)) Sandde
  (((1))) Rhys Goch
  m. Perwir (dau of Ednowen Bendew) mentioned on MGH (vol 1, 1876, p188)
  (((A))) Gwerydd
  (((B))) Griffith Goch probably of this generation
The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Stock of the founders - Einion ap Gwalchmai, p324).
  ((b)) Mabon
  (((1))) Meilir
  (((A))) Gwalchmai (d 1190)
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Stock of the founders - Rhirid Flaidd, p324).
  ((ii)) Aradri
  ((a)) Rhiwallon
  (((1))) Llowarch
  (((A))) Gwerystan
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Gloddaeth, p183).
  (c) Teganwy
  ((1)) Mahon
  ((A)) Meredydd
  The following Maelog Grwm is mentioned on Griffith's Pedigrees (Stock of the founders, p325) though we have yet to find/record any of his descendants.
  (ii) Maelog Grwm§W§ (F23)

Main source(s): Griffith's Pedigrees (Stock of the founders - Hwfa ap Cynddelw, p324) with support for the first one and a half sections from Visitation (Dwnn (Meyrick, vol 1, 1846), Wales, 'The Pedigree of Pughe of Mathavarrn, in Cyveilog, to Adam', p295+) and with input for the lower one and a half sections as reported above
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