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NB. Reported file sizes are approximate only.              Number of lists : 38

(09KB)Uploaded: 09.09.04 / Updated: 19.09.09
Yale of Plas-yn-Ial
[Yallop - see YZmisc01 below]
Yarburgh1 (26KB)Uploaded: 09.11.08 / Updated: 09.11.08
Yarburgh (Yarborough) of Heslington, Yarburgh of Kelsterne, Yarburgh of Snaith, Yarburgh of Yarburgh (Yarborough of Yarborough)
Yard1 (11KB)Uploaded: 21.11.11 / Updated: 07.11.22
Yard (Yearde) of Bradley, Yard of Treasurersbeare (Yarde of Tresurersbeare), Sainthill of Bradninch
Yard2 (21KB)Uploaded: 21.11.11 / Updated: 07.11.22
Yard of Bradley, Yarde of Bridgewater, Yard of Christon Ferrers, Yard of Churston Court, Yard of Sharpham
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Yate1 (11KB)Uploaded: 09.05.06 / Updated: 09.05.06
Yate of Arlingham, Yate of Bromesberrow
Yate2 (24KB)Uploaded: 10.05.06 / Updated: 10.05.06
Yate of Buckland, Yate of Charney, Yate in Farringdon, Yate of Lyford, Yate of Stanlake, Yate of Witney
Yate3 (12KB)Uploaded: 26.04.16 / Updated: 20.07.16
Yate of Dearnford, Yates of Warnham, Yate of Whitchurch, Yates of Wickersley
Yate4 (09KB)Uploaded: 25.03.22 / Updated: 25.03.22
Yate of Middlewich, Yate of Ravenscroft, Yate of Rushall
Yaxley1 (14KB)Uploaded: 19.06.08 / Updated: 19.06.08
Yaxley of Boston, Yaxley of Mellis, Yaxley of Yaxley
Yea1 (06KB)Uploaded: 13.08.20 / Updated: 13.08.20
Yea of Brompton Ralph, Yea of Pyrland
Yeatman1 (10KB)Uploaded: 09.07.20 / Updated: 09.07.20
Yeatman of Hinton St. Margaret, Yeatman of Shaftesbury, Yeatman of Stoke Gaylard
Yelverton1 (18KB)Uploaded: 28.09.04 / Updated: 27.07.11
Yelverton of Rackheath, Yelverton of Rougham
Yelverton2 (09KB)Uploaded: 28.09.04 / Updated: 28.09.04
Yelverton of Easton Mauduit, Yelverton of Sussex, Yelverton Lords Grey de Ruthyn, Yelverton Lords Longueville
Yelverton3 (09KB)Uploaded: 16.03.22 / Updated: 16.03.22
Yelverton of Avonmore, Yelverton of Belle Isle
Yeo1 (12KB)Uploaded: 17.11.11 / Updated: 17.11.11
Yeo of Heamton Sachvile (Heanton Sackville), Yeo of Huish (Huishe), Yeo of Shebbear
Yeo2 (16KB)Uploaded: 17.11.11 / Updated: 14.06.18
Yeo of Broadworthy, Yeo of Hatherley, Yeo of Huish (Huishe)
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[Yong & Yonge - see Young below]
Yorke01 (16KB)Uploaded: 09.04.05 / Updated: 10.08.17
Yorke of Ashby de la Launde, Yorke of Bewerley, Yorke of Gowthwaite, Yorke of Halton Place, Yorke of Richmond
Yorke02 (16KB)Uploaded: 10.04.05 / Updated: 10.04.05
Yorke of Dover, Yorke of Erthig (Erddig), Yorke of Hardwicke
Yorke03 (09KB)Uploaded: 11.06.07 / Updated: 04.12.18
Yorke of Burton Pedwardine, Yorke of Leasingham, Yorke of Wellington
Young01 (12KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 18.06.13 [originally uploaded as YZmisc01]
Young of Auldbar, Young of Easter Seton, Young of Delaford
Young02 (16KB)Uploaded: 06.10.07 / Updated: 06.10.07
Young of Coolkeiragh, Young of Harristown, Young of Kingerby, Young of Lough Esk, Yonge of West Rasen
Young03 (16KB)Uploaded: 13.01.08 / Updated: 14.06.18
Yonge of Basilden, Yonge of Bristol, Yonge of Colliton (Culleton or Colynton), Yonge of Escot
Young04 (19KB)Uploaded: 30.11.10 / Updated: 24.02.12
Young of Hanley, Yonge of Kenton (Keynton or Caynton), Yorke of Moore
Young05 (12KB)Uploaded: 18.01.11 / Updated: 18.01.11
Young of Charnes, Younge of Methley
Young06 (18KB)Uploaded: 22.04.16 / Updated: 22.04.16
Younge of Dronfield, Younge of Sheffield
Young07 (10KB)Uploaded: 14.06.18 / Updated: 14.06.18
Yonge of Colebrooke, Yonge of Mevagissey, Young of Sturminster
Young08 (05KB)Uploaded: 31.12.20 / Updated: 31.12.20
Yong of Bryn Yorkyn
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Young09 (12KB)Uploaded: 19.10.21 / Updated: 19.10.21
Young of Auchenskeoch, Young of Dumfries, Young of Gulliehill
Young10 (10KB)Uploaded: 19.05.24 / Updated: 19.05.24
Young of Durnford
Younghusband1 (24KB)Uploaded: 08.09.13 / Updated: 01.04.19
Younghusband of Bamburgh, Younghusband of Berwick-on-Tweed, Younghusband of Bowsden, Younghusband of Budle (Buddle), Younghusband of Elwick, Younghusband of Etherstone, Younghusband of Newham, Younghusband of Tughill
Yoward1 (06KB)Uploaded: 22.04.20 / Updated: 22.04.20
Yoward of Basdale, Yoward of Westerdale
YZmisc01 (05KB)Uploaded: 28.10.20 / Updated: 28.10.20
Yallop of Bowthorpe (Beauthorp)
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[Zinzan - see ZZmisc01 just below]
(19KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 26.10.22
Zouche of Ashby, Zouche of Haryngworth (Harringworth), Zouch of Lubbesthorpe
Zouche2 (16KB)Uploaded: 10.12.03 / Updated: 14.12.22
Zouche of Codnor, Zouche of Haryngworth (Harringworth), Zouch of Sandal, Zouch of Wakefield, Zouche of Woking
[Zuleistein or Zuylesteyn - see within Nassau1]
ZZmisc01 (16KB)Uploaded: 27.02.03 / Updated: 17.02.21
Roger de Pitres of Gloucester, Ralph de Waer of Norfolk & Suffolk, Early Earls of Salisbury, Zinzan (Alexander) of Tilehurst
ZZmisc02 (11KB)Uploaded: 01.04.03 / Updated: 29.06.07
Godwin (Earl of Wessex and Kent), Gerold of Tankerville
ZZmisc03 (17KB)Uploaded: 23.10.03 / Updated: 21.01.11
Late Earls of Mercia, Taillebois of Kendal
ZZmisc04 (09KB)Uploaded: 18.12.18 / Updated: 18.12.18
various Fitz**** in Hertfordshire & Cornwall

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