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Families covered: Kings of Hungary, Kings of Croatia

Almos, Duke of the Magyars (a 890)
1. Arpad, Prince of Hungary (d 907)
  A. Zoltan, Prince of Hungary
  i. Taksony, Prince of Hungary (d 972)
a. Geza, King of Hungary
  m1. (div) Sarolta (dau of Gyula, Duke of Transylvania)
  (1) Stephen I , King of Hungary (b 969, d 15.08.1038)
  m. (996) Gisela of Bavaria (dau of Henry II, Duke of Bavaria)
  (A) Emeric of Hungary (dvpsp 02.11.1031)
  m. Argyra (da of Romanos III, Emperor of Byzantium)
  (B) Hedwig of Hungary
  m. Edmund Atheling of England (dsp)
(C) Agatha of Hungary EGHJRSWY
  m. Edward Atheling of England (b c1016, d 1057) EGHJRSWY
  m2. (c985) Adelaide of Poland (d after 997, dau of Mieszko I, Prince of Poland)
  (2) Maria of Hungary
  m. (1009) Pietro Oresolo, Doge of Venice
  (A) Peter, King of Hungary (dsp 1059)
  (3) daugher
  m. Chaba
  (A) Samuel, King of Hungary (d 1044)
  b. Michael, Duke of Hungary (d c978)
  m. Adelaide of Poland (d after 997, dau of Mieszko I, Prince of Poland)
  (1) Ladislaus, Duke of Hungary (d 1029)
  m. Premislavna of Kiev (dau of Vladimir, Great Prince of Kiev)
  (A) Bonuslo, Duke of Hungary (d 1048)
(2) Basil, Duke of Hungary (d 1037)
  ROYL suggests that Ladislaus was father of Andrew but GenEU shows Basil as father of ...
  (A) Andrew I, King of Hungary (b c1014, d 1060)
GenEU reports that Andrew had 2 marriages, the first to a non-Christian Hungarian woman and the second to Anastasia. As a grandson by the former is reported to have accompanied Edward Atheling to Scotland (where legend describes him as son of a younger son of King Andrew) and appears to have made no claim to the throne of Hungary, we suspect that either the relationship was not viewed as a formal marriage or the marriages were in fact the other way around.
  m(1?). (1037/8) Anastasia of Kiev (b c1023, d after 1074, dau of Yaroslav 'the Wise', Prince of Kiev)
  (i) Salomon, King of Hungary (b 1052, d 1087)
  m. (1063) Judith Maria (dau of Henry III 'the Black, King of Germany etc, Emperor)
(a) Sophia of Hungary (d c1110)
  m. Poppo, Count of Berg
  (ii) Adelaide of Hungary (d 27.01.1062) EGHJSWY
  m. (1057) Vratislaus II, Duke/King of Bohemia (d 1092) EGHJSWY
  p(/m2). ??
  (iii) George of Hungary
  (a) Maurice 'Drummond' (d 1093) ancestor of the Drummond family in Scotland J
(B) Bela I, King of Hungary (b 1016, d 12.1063)
  m. Ryksa of Poland (dau of Mieszko II, King of Poland)
  (i) Geza I, King of Hungary (b 1044/5, d 25.04.1077)
  m1. (c1062) Sophie von Looz (d c1065, dau of Giselbert, Count of Looz)
  (a) Koloman, King of Hungary (d 03.03.1116) had issue
  m1. (1097) Felicia of Sicily (dau of Roger of Sicily)
  m2. (1104) Euphemia of Kiev (d 1139)
  m2. (c1065) Synadena of Byzantium (dau of Theodulus Synadenos of Byzantium)
  (b) Almos, King of Croatia (d 1129)
  m. (21.08.1104) Predslava of Kiev (dau of Svyatopolk II, Prince of Kiev)
((1)) Bela II, King of Hungary (b c1109, d 13.02.1141) - continued below GHJSWY
  m. (28.04.1127) Jelena of Serbia (dau of Uros Nemanjic, Prince of Serbia) GHJSWY
  (ii) Laszlo ('Saint'), King of Hungary (d 20.06.1095)
  m. (1077) Adelaide of Swabia (dau of Rudolf, Duke of Swabia)
  (a) Piroska of Hungary (d 13.08.1134)
  m. (1104/5) John II, Emperor of Byzantium (d 08.04.1143)
  (iii) Sophia of Hungary (d 18.06.1095) GHJSWY
  m. (1070/1) Magnus, Duke of Saxony (b c1045, d 1106) GHJSWY
  (iv) Ludmila of Hungary (d 1111)
  m. Otto, Prince of Moravia (d 1087)
  (v) Maria of Hungary
  m. (1068) Andronicus Ducas, Emperor of Byzantium (d after 1081)
  c. Agnes of Hungary ??
  m. (??) Arnulf 'the Bad', Duke of Bavaria (d 14.07.937) ??



Bela II, King of Hungary (b c1109, d 13.02.1141) - continued above
m. (28.04.1127) Jelena of Serbia (dau of Uros Nemanjic, Prince of Serbia)
1. Geza II, King of Hungary (b c1130, d 03.05.1162)
  m. (1146) Eufrosina of Kiev (dau of Mstislav II, Prince of Kiev)
  A. Stephen III, King of Hungary (dsp 04.03.1172)
  B. Bela III, King of Hungary and Croatia (d 23.04.1196)
  m1. (div) Maria of Byzantium (dau of Manuel I Komnenos, Emperor of Byzantium)
  m2. (1168/9) Agnes of Antioch (b 1154, d c1187, dau of Renaud de Chatillon, Prince of Antioch)
  i. Emmerich, King of Hungary and Croatia (b 1174, d 30.11.1204)
  m. (1198) Constanza of Aragon (b 1179, d 23.06.1222, dau of Ramon Alfonso II, King of Aragon)
  a. Laszlo III, King of Hungary (b 1199, d 07.05.1205)
  ii. Andrew II, King of Hungary (b 1176, d 21.09.1235)
  m1. (before 1203) Gertrude von Andechs (d 08.09.1213, dau of Bertold von Andechs, Duke of Meranien)
  a. Bela IV, King of Hungary and Croatia (b 11.1206, d 03.05.1270)
  m. (1218) Maria Laskarina of Nicaea (d 1270, dau of Theodore Laskaris, Emperor of Nicaea)
(1) Stephen V, King of Hungary (b 12.1239, d 01.08.1272)
  m. (1253) Elizabeth the Cuman (d after 1290, dau of Zayhan, Prince of the Cumans)
  (A) Laszlo, King of Hungary (b 1262, dsp 10.07.1290)
  m. (05.09.1272) Elizabeth of Sicily (b 1261, d 1290/1304, dau of Charles, Count d'Anjou et du Main, King of Sicily and Naples, King of Jerusalem)
  (B) Maria of Hungary (b c1257, d 25.03.1323) GHJSWY
  m. (1270) Charles II, King of Naples, Sicily and Jerusalem (b 1254, d 06.05.1309) GHJSWY
  (C) Anna of Hungary (b c1260, d c1282)
  m. (1274) Andronikos II Palaiologos, Emperor of Byzantium (b 25.03.1259, d 13.02.1332)
  (2) Elisabeth of Hungary (b 1236, d 24.10.1271)
  m. (1244/50) Heinrich XIII, Duke of Lower Bavaria (b 19.11.1235, d 03.02.1290)
  m2. (1215) Yolande of Courtenay (b 1200, d 1233, dau of Pierre de Courtenay, Emperor of Constantinople)
  b. Yolande (Violante) of Hungary (b c1215, d 12.10.1251) GHJSY
  m. (08.09.1235) Jaime I 'el Conquistador', King of Aragon, Valencia, Majorca, etc (b 1207, d 1276) GHJSY
m3. (14.05.1234) Beatrice d'Este (b 1215, d 1245, dau of Aldobrandino d'Este)
  c. Stephen, Duke of Slavonia, Patrician of Venice (b 1236, d 1270) had issue
  iii. Margaret of Hungary
  m1. (1185) Isaac II Angelos, Emperor of Byzantium (d 12.04.1204)
  m2. (1204,sp) Boniface I, Margrave of Montferrat, King of Thessalonika (b 1207)
  m3. Nicholas de St. Omer
  iv. Constance of Hungary (b c1180, d 06.12.1240) GHJS
  m. (c1198) Premsyl I Otakar, King of Bohemia (b c1155, d 15.12.1230) GHJS
  m3. (c1185) Theodora Komnena
  m4. (1186) Marguerite of France (b 1158, d 1197, dau of Louis VII, King of France)
  C. Elizabeth of Hungary GHJS
  m. Frederick, Duke of Bohemia (b c1142, d 25.05.1189) GHJS
  D. Ilona of Hungary (d 25.05.1199)
  m. (1172) Leopold I, Duke of Austria (b 1157, d 1194)
2. Elizabeth of Hungary (d c1155) GJS
  m. Mieszko III, Prince of Poland (b 1126/7, d 13.03.1202) GJS
3.+ other issue

Main source(s): ROYL (CLXXII), GenEU (Arpad1, 2), with support from a number of sources such as Debrett's "Kings and Queens of Europe" by David Williamson (published by Webb & Bower in 1988, ISBN 0-86350-194-X)
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