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Families covered: Sires of Gournay, Gournai of Inglishcombe
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Eudes, later of Gournay in Normandy (a 912) to Normandy with Rollo the Ganger, believed to be father of ...
1. Hugh, Sire de Gournay
  A. Renaud, Sire de Gournay (a 996)
  m. Alberarda
i. Hugh, Sire de Gournay (a 1036, d 1074?)
  a. Hugh de Gournay of Gournay (d c1093)
  m. Basilia Flaitel (d 16.01.1099, dau of Gerard Flaitel, widow of Raoul de Gace)
  (1) Gerard de Gournay of Gournay & Yarmouth (d c1104, crusader)
  m. Editha de Warren (dau of William, 1st Earl Warren (by Gundreda), m2. Dreux de Monceaux)
Various web sites suggest that there were 2 generations of Hughs between Gerard and the Hugh who married Julia de Dammartin. Originally, noting the large gap between the dates of death, we followed that approach but RHG appears to have researched the family carefully and reported both that Gerard's children were very young when he died and that the following Hugh died "at a great age".
  (A) Hugh de Gournay of Gournay (d 1180)
  m1. Beatrice de Vermandois (dau of Hugh 'le Grand', Count of Vermandois (son of Henry I, King of France))
  (i) Hugh de Gournay (dvpsp)
m2. Melisende de Coucy (b c1126, dau of Thomas, Sire de Coucy)
  (ii) Gerard de Gournay (dvpsp 1151)
  (iii) Hugh de Gournay, last of Gournay (d 25.10.1214)
  m. Julia(na) de Dammartin (sister of Renaud, Count of Boulogne)
  (a) Gerard de Gournay (d c1215)
(b) Hugh de Gournay 'of Mapledurham' (d 1239)
  m. Matilda (m2. Roger de Clifford of Bridge Sollers)
  ((1)) Julia de Gournay (d 1295)
  m. William Bardolph of Wirmegay
  (c) Anselm de Gournay
  Some web sites shown an Anselm of this generation, identified as father of the Robert de Gournay of Beverstone (d 1269) who married Hawise de Longchamp. RHG shows that Robert de Gournay here.
  (d) Millicent de Gournay HJY
m1. Almeric, Count of Evereux & Gloucester
  m2. (c1215) William de Canteloupe (d 1250) HJY
  (iv) Gunnora de Gournay, heiress of Bedingham & Kimberley HJY
  There appears to have been confusion between this Gunnora and another Gunnora who may have been a cousin (through her aunt's d'Albini connection). The situation has been confused further through their being two Nicholas de Stutevilles at this time who both married a Gunnora. Various web sites suggest that this Gunnora married Robert de Gant before Nicholas de Stuteville. However, RHG (vol 1, p94) reports that "Two distinct branches of the family of Stuteville existed at this time. That of Nicholas, who married Gunnora, widow of Robert de Gaunt, and which became extinct in the next generation; and that of Nicholas, who held Kimberley as the dower of his wife, Hugh de Gournay's daughter, and which was possessed by their descendants in the male line for many generations". There is a little inconsistency in RHG on this, as the connection shows only a few male line descents, but we find RHG to be quite comprehensive in its research and so follow that source.
  m. Nicholas de Stuteville HJY
  (B) Walter de Gournay in Suffolk probably of this generation
  (C) daughter
  m. Richard Talbot (a 1085)
  (D) Gundreda de Gournay see the note under Gundreda's niece Gunnora above --
m. Nigel d'Albini --
  (2) Nigel de Gournay of Barew Gurney & Inglishcombe, Somerset (a 1086) possibly of this generation
  The following comes from RHG (vol 1, 'Pedigree of the Gournays of Somersetshire', p591) where Nigel is identified as probably father or grandfather of the following Roger. We presume to show an intervening generation.
  (A) ?? de Gournay
  (i) Roger de Gournai (d before 1167)
  (a) Hawise de Gournai of Barew Gurney & Inglishcombe (a c1160)
  m1. Roger de Baalun
  ((1)) Roger de Baalun (d young)
  m2. (sp) Roger de Clere
  m3. Roger FitzHarding of Were (son of Robert FitzHarding, m2. Alice de Gaunt)
  The daughter of this (3rd) marriage was an heiress whose sons assumed the name Gournay.
  (ii) Robert de Gournai
  ii. Gautier de la Ferte
  a. Hugh de la Ferte
  (1) Hugh de la Ferte

Main source(s): RHG (vol 1, 'Pedigree of the Lords of Gournay', p22), "Three hundred years of a Norman House" by James Hannay (1867, 'Pedigree of the Lords of Gournay' in the Appendix on pp197-198) with input as reported above
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