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Families covered: Early Counts of Flanders and Hainault

Lyderic (d 802)
1. Engelgram (d 824)
  A. Odacre (or Odoscer or Duoacre)
  i. Baldwin I, Count of Flanders (b c 837/840, d 879)
  m. Judith (b 844, a 870, dau of Charles II 'the Bald', King of the West Franks, Holy Roman Emperor)
  a. Baldwin II 'the bald', Count of Flanders and Artois (b 863/5, d 10.09.918)
  m. (884) Elfrida (b c877, d 07.06.929, dau of Alfred, King of Wessex)
(1) Arnulf I 'the Great', Count of Flanders and Artois (b 885/889, d 27.03.964)
  m1. ??
  m2. (934) Adele of Vermandois (b c941/915, d 10.10.960, dau of Herbert II, Count of Vermandois)
  (A) Ecgbert (b c937, d 10.07.953)
  (B) Baldwin III, Count of Flanders (b c940, dvp 01.01.962)
  m. (961) Matilda of Saxony (b c942, d 25.05.1008, dau of Hermann Billung, Duke of Saxony)
  (i) Arnulf II, Count of Flanders (b 961/2, d 30.03.987)
  m. (c968) Suzanna (Rosele) of Ivrea (b 945, d 26.01.1003, dau of Berengar II, King of Italy)
  (a) Baldwin IV 'le barbu', Count of Flanders (b c980, d 30.05.1035)
m. (c1012) Ogiva of Luxemburg (b 960/1, d 30.03.1030)
  ((1)) Baldwin V, Count of Flanders (b c1012/3, d 01.09.1067)
  m. (1028) Adele de Contenance (b 1009, d 08.01.1079, dau of Robert II, King of France)
  ((A)) Baldwin VI, Count of Flanders (b c1029, d 10.07.1070)
  m. (c1055) Richilde of Hainault (b c1031, d 15.03.1086, dau of Reginar V, Count of Hainault)
((i)) Arnulf III, Count of Flanders and Hainault (b c1055, d 1071)
  ((ii)) Baldwin II, Count of Hainault (b c1056, a 05.1098) GHJSWY
  m. (1084) Ida of Louvaine (b by1077, d 1139) GHJSWY
  For some time we showed Gilbert de Gaunt as an additional son of Baldwin VI. That connection is now considered erroneous.
  ((B)) Robert I 'le Frison', Count of Flanders (b 1031, d 13.10.1093)
  m. (1063) Gertrud of Saxony (d 04.08.1113, dau of Bernard II, Duke of Saxony)
  ((i)) Robert II, Count of Flanders (d 1111)
  m. (by 1092) Clemence de Bourgogne (d c1133, dau of Guillaume I 'the Great', Count of Burgundy and Macon)
  ((a)) Baldwin VII, Count of Flanders (b 1093, d 1119)
  m. (1110, div) Havide de Bretagne (dau of Alain IV 'Fergent', Duke of Brittany
  ((b)) William (b 1094, d 1109)
  ((ii)) Philipp van Loo (d c1127)
  partner unknown
  ((a)) William of Ypres (b c1070, d 1165)
  m1. ?? (dau of Guillaume I of Burgundy en Macon)
m2. Stephanie de Vienne
  Uncertain who was the mother of ...
  (((1))) Steppo of Viggezele (b c1120)
  ((iii)) Baldwin (d c1080)
  ((iv)) Adela (b c1065, d 1115)
  m1. (after 1080) Knut II, King of Denmark
  m2. (1090) Roger I, Duke of Apulia (d 1111)
((v)) Gertrude (b c1080, d 1117) GHJSWY
  m1. Henry III, Count of Louvain (d 1095)
  m2. Thierry II, Duke of Lorraine (b by 1066, d 23.01.1115) GHJSWY
  ((vi)) Otgiva, abbess of Messines (a 1127)
  ((C)) Matilda of Flanders (b c1032, d 02.11.1083) EGHJRSWY
The first marriage/liaison shown here for Matilda is somewhat contraversial but was suggested in 1874 by J.R. Planché, whose excellent book on 'The Conqueror and his Companions' is available on a web site - see the relevant section on the 'Individuals' search page. TCP (Surrey) appears to support a source that disagrees with that view.
  m1. Gherbod of St. Omer
  ((i)) Gherbod, Earl of Chester
  ((ii)) Gundred (d 27.05.1085) GHJRSWY
  m. William de Warrenne, Earl of Warrenne, 1st Earl of Surrey (d 24.06.1088) GHJRSWY
  m2. (1053) William I 'Conqueror', King of England (b 1027, d 07.09.1087) EGHJRSWY
Shown by various web sites as a younger son of Baldwin (normally presumed to have been by Princess Adele) was ...
  ((D)) Sir Richard le Forester (b c1050)
  ((2)) Ermengarde of Flanders GSY
  m. Adalbert (Ingelbert), Count of Gand (Ghent) (d c1032) GSY
  m2. (1031) Eleanor of Normandy (b c1002, dau of Richard II, Duke of Normandy)
  ((3)) Judith of Flanders (b c1037, d 05.03.1094) GHJSWY
  m1. Tostig, Earl of Nothumberland (b c1026, d Stamford Bridge 25.09.1066)
  m2. (c1071) Welf, Duke of Bavaria (d 1101) GHJSWY
  m3. Orgina of Moselle
(b) Eudes of Cambrai GHJSWY
  m. Odele de Bois Ferrand GHJSWY
  (c) Matilda (d c995)
  (C) Hildegard (b c934, d 10.04.990) EGHJRSWY
  m. (940/5) Dirk II, Count of West Frisia (b c930, d 06.05.988) EGHJRSWY
  (D) Liutgard (b 935/941, d 29.09.964)
  m. (c950) Wichmann II, Count of Hamaland (a 973)
  (E) Elstrude (b c932) GSY
  m. Siegfried de Guines (d c965) GSY
  b. Rudolf, Count of Cambrai (d 17.06.896)
  (1) daughter
  m. Isaac, Count of Cambrai (d c948)
  c. Guinidilde parentage not fully proven
  m. Wilfred I , Count of Urgel (d c07.897)

Main source(s): 'Royal Genealogies', GenEU (Flanders1)
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