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Families covered: de Crepon, de Chatellerault

(1) It is likely that almost everyone who has any recent British blood in them is descended from one or more of the people mentioned below so this family features in many genie databases. However, it appears that the only proven knowledge that there is on the family is based on references to Gunnor, wife/mistress of Richard, Duke of Normandy. It is known that she had a brother called Herfastus but, although many sources also name her father as Herfastus (or similar), her parentage is not known for sure. It is understood that the family was originally of Danish origin although whether it was Gunnor's father who moved from Denmark into Normandy or an earlier generation is not known. Suggestions that Gunnor's father was a son of Harald 'Bluetooth', King of Denmark & Norway, appear to be wholly speculative.
(2) The following was originally based on reports in various web sites which are inconsistent with each other, not least in respect of their dates. The position is further complicated by the fact that the different daughters are often confused with each other, different sources allocating their husbands differently between them. [An example is shown at the top of Montgomery01.] The following now broadly but not fully follows the view taken by Todd Farmerie (reported on www.rootsweb.com/~medieval/, kindly brought to our attention by a contributor (PK, 09.02.07)) which makes no mention at all of "Crepon" (but does of Cotelin, Normandy) and which names only Senfria, Duvelina and Wevia as definitely Gunnor's sisters. This section remains subject to further review.
Herfastus (or Herbastus) de Crepon
m. Cyrid
1. Herfastus (Herfast or Arfast) de Crepon
A. Osbern, Steward of Normandy (a 1030) HJRY
  m. Emma (dau of Ralph, Count of Ivry) HJRY
  B. Ranulf
2. Senfrie or Sainfrie (or Sibell, Senfria, Seinfreda) de Crepon EGHJRSWY
  m(1). ?? (forester)
  Some sources show Senfrie as daughter rather than sister of Herfast but that appears to be mistaken. Tradition holds that Senfrie was the lady who, when married to a forester, distracted the attentions of Richard, Duke of Normandy, by introducing him to her sister Gunnor. Various sources show her as wife of the following Hugh de Montgomeri but this is not certain and would certainly be wrong if Senfrie was mother of the Josceline who married Hugh's son Roger.
  m(2). Hugh de Montgomeri EGHJRSWY
3. Wevia (or Aveline) de Crepon EGHJRSWY
  m. Osborn or Osberne de Bolbec (b c940) EGHJRSWY
  Many sources show Wevia & Osborn as parents of the Josceline who married Roger de Montgomery whilst others show that Josceline as daughter of Turulf de Port Audemer by Wevia's sister Duvelina just below (with whom Wevia is often confused). It seems to be generally accepted that Josceline was a niece of Duchess Gunnor but we do not know for certain who was Josceline's father.
4. Duvelina (or Ducelina or Awelina or Wevia) de Crepon EGHJRSWY
  m. Thorold (Turulf) de Pont-Audemer (d after 1040) EGHJRSWY
5. Sibell de Crepon
  m. Thorold de Harcourt
6. Gunnora (Gunnor) de Crepon (d 1031) EGHJRSWY
  m. Richard I, Count of Rouen, Duke of Normandy (b 28.08.933/4, d 20.11.996) EGHJRSWY
  Some web sites suggest that Gunnora married Gilbert, Count de Brionne (b c1000, d c1040). Although the dates may make this seem a possibility, it is surely not possible for both marriages to be correct since, if Gunnora was the wife of Richard of Normandy, Gilbert of Brionne would have been her grandson (or step-grandson) ! We think it likely that this was a result of confusion with the Gunnora d'Aunou who married Gilbert Crispin, Baron de Bec who is often confused with Gilbert, Count of Brionne.
Possibly one of the above (other than Gunnora), but possibly another daughter of Herbastus altogether, was the mother of Beatrice below of whom TCP (Surrey) reports "whose mother was almost certainly a sister of Gunnor, 2nd wife of Richard I, Duke of Normandy."
7. daughter
  A. Beatrice GHJRSWY
  m. Rodulf or Ralph de Warrenne (b c998, a 1074) GHJRSWY



Airauld de Chatellerault
1. Airauld de Chatellerault
  A. Airauld or Airald, Vicomte de Chatellerault (d after 976)
  m. Gersinde de Mortimer
i. Boso I, Vicomte de Chatellerault (d 1014)
  m. Amelia (d 1010)
  a. Hugh I, Vicomte de Chatellerault (d 1075)
  m. Gerberge de la Rochefoucauld (dau of Foucaud, Sire de le Roche)
  (1) Boso II, Vicomte de Chatellerault (d 1092)
  m. (c1075) Eleanor de Thouars (dau of Aimery IV, Vcte de Thouars)
  (A) Aumary I, Vicomte de Chatellerault (b c1076, d 07.11.1157)
  m. Dangerosa de l'Isle Bouchard (dau of Bartholomew de l'Isle Bouchard)
  (i) Hugh II, Vicomte de Chatellerault (d 1176)
  (ii) Raoul, Sn de Faye-la-Vineuse (d 1190)
  (iii) Eleonore de Chatellerault (b 1103, d after 03.1130) EGHJSWY
  m. (1121) William VIII/X, Count of Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine (b 1099, d 09.04.1137) EGHJSWY

Main source(s):
(1) For de Crepon (uploaded 03.11.04) : various web sites, references in TCP (Hereford), etc.
(2) For de Chatelleralut (uploaded 01.06.05) : various web sites
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