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Families covered: Sr. de Crespigny, Sr. de la Fleurière, Vicomte de Fonteneys

A "near relative" of Lord Marmion of Tamworth Scrivelsby & Fonteneys was ...
Guilleaume, Baron d'Urvyle (a 1181)
1. Ricard, Vicomte of Vire (a 1220, 2nd son)
  A. Jean de Urvyle et Bretvyle (a 1289)
  i. Robert Bertrand de Urvyle, Bretvyle & Fonteneys (a 1333)
  a. Roland (a 1357)
  m. Ellene de Fonteneys
  (1) Jean de Fonteneys
  (A) Bertrand, last Vicomte de Fonteneys (a 1418)
  ii. Olivier de Urvyle (dsp)
  iii. Maheas Champion of Lower Normandy (d 1350, chevalier)
  m. Madile (Madeleine?) Busuel (dau/heir of Jean Busuel, Baron de Frenes)
  a. Richard Champion, Viscomte de Vire
  m. _ Mensaut (dau of Hector Mensaut, Sr. de Lensentière)
  (1) Jean Champion in Brittany had issue in Brittany
  (2) Michaael Champion
  m. Jeanne (dau of Le Sieur de la Rivière)
  (A) Herbert Champion, Sr. de la Fleurière, Lower Normandy (a 1463)
  m. Jeanne Abot (dau of Jean Abot, Sr. de Molley)
  (i) Antoine Champion, Sr. de la Fleurière
  m. Catherine Marye
  (a) Raul Champion, Sr. de la Fleurière
  m. (10.03.1550) Jeanne le Forestier (dau of Sebastian le Forestier, sister/heir of Guillaume, Sn. de St. Opporttune & Magny)
  ((1)) Jean Champion, Sr. de la Fleurière (d 22.02.1632)
m. Marthe du Bourget (dau of Guillaume du Bourget)
  ((A)) Richard Champion, last of Fleurière, later of Crespigny, Baron & Viscomte de Hurien
  m. (06.12.1617) Marguerite Richard (b c1592, d 23.01.1682, dau of Adrian Richard, Sr. de Crespigny)
  ((i)) Claude Champion, Sr. de Crespigny (in Lower Normandy), later in England (bpt 17.05.1620, d 10.04.1695)
  m. Marie de Vierville, later Countess de Vierville (d 21.06.1708, dau/coheir of Pierre de Vierville de Vierville)
  ((B))+ other issue
  (ii) Madeleine Champion
  m. Guillaume Valliant
  (iii)+ other issue - Martin, Jean (priest)
  (B)+ 3 other sons
  iv. Roger de Urvyle "supposed to be an ancestor of Le Champions d'Alenson, and of the Marquis de Fonteneys, of Varnhanu"
2.+ other issue - Robert of Moulins (crusader), another son

Main source(s): BP1914 ('Champion de Crespigny')
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