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Families covered: Early Lords of Bourbon, Seigneurs de Bethune [These families are still being researched.]

Allegedly descended from Hildebrand, not shown on 'Franks2' but reputedly a brother of Charles Martel, was ...
1. Guido, Count of Bourbon (a 936)
2. Aimar (a 920) probably father of ...
  A. Aimon 1 , Lord of Bourbon (a 953) probably father of ...
  i. Archembaud 1, Lord of Bourbon (d 1031)
  a. Archembaud 1I, 'Prince' of Bourbon (d 1078)
(1) Archembaud 1II, Lord of Bourbon (d 1105)
  (A) Archembaud 1V, Lord of Bourbon
  (2) Aimone 1I, Lord of Bourbon (d 1116)
(A) Archembaud V, Lord of Bourbon (d 1171)
  m. Agnes of Savoy (b c1105, d after 1180, dau of Umberto II, Count of Savoy)
  (i) Archembaud (VI) of Bourbon (dvp)
  m. Alice of Burgundy (b 1146, d 1192, dau of Eudes II, Duke of Burgundy)
  (a) Mathilda or Mahaut of Bourbon (b c1165, d 18.06.1228) GHJSWY
  m1. (c1180, div 1195) Gaucher/Wautier IV de Macon, Sn de Salins (d 1219)
  m2. (1196) Guy II de Dampierre, Sn de Bourbon et de Montlucon (d 18.01.1216) GHJSWY



The following has been pulled together from various sources and, for the early generations in particular, has yet to be fully proved. An indication that we appear to be on the right track is that it appears that the Seigneurs de Bethune held the position of Advocate of Arras for many generations.
Ivrard de Arras (a 975) succeeded by ...
1. John de Arras (advocate of Arras) succeeded by ...
  A. Robert de Arras, Sn de Bethune (d 1075, advocate of Arras)
  i. Robert de Arras, Sn de Bethune presumed father of ...
  a. Robert 1II de Arras, Sn de Bethune
(1) Robert 1V de Bethune
  m. Adelaide de Peronne (dau of Robert de Peronne)
  (A) William 1 de Bethune (d 1138)
  m. Clemence (dau of Hugues de Cambrai)
  (i) Robert V 'le Roux' de Bethune (d Acre 1191)
  m. Adelaide de St. Pol (dau of Hugh III, Count of St. Pol)
  (a) Robert VI de Bethune (d 1193/4)
(b) William 1I de Bethune (d 1214)
  m. Mathilde de Tenremonde (dau of Walter II de Tenremonde)
  ((1)) Daniel de Bethune
  m. Eustache de Chatillon (dau of Gaucher III de Chatillon, Count de St. Pol)
  ((2)) Robert VII de Bethune (d 1248)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Arnoul de Morialmez)
  ((A)) Matilda de Bethune (d 08.11.1264) GHJS
m. (c1246) Guy de Dampierre, Count of Flanders (b 1225/6, d 07.03.1304/5) GHJS
  ((B))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Sara
  ((3)) William 1II de Bethune (d 1243) had issue
  m. Elisabeth
  (c) Baldwin de Bethune, Count of Aumale (d 13/4.10.1212)
  m. Hawise, Countess of Aumale, Lady of Holderness (d 11.03.1214, dau of William 'le Gros', Count of Aumale)
  ((1)) Baldwin de Bethune (dvp)
  ((2)) Alice de Bethune
  m. William Marshal, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (dsp 1231)
  (d) Mathilde de Bethune GSY
  m. Gauthier (Walter) de Bourbourg GSY
  (2) Adam de Bethune, Sn de Bessan had issue
  ii. Wago or Bagod de Arras, later of Bromley (a 1086)

Main source(s):
(1) For Lords of Bourbon (uploaded 03.11.04) : various web sites
(2) For Seigneurs of Bethune (uploaded 30.12.04) : various web sites, including http://baggetthistory.com and GenEU (Bethune1), with some support from TCP (Aumale)
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