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This section first uploaded 07.03.21.
Thomas Gifford 'of Pennis' of Fawkham, Kent
1. Margaret Gifford (d before 20.05.1724)
  m. Thomas Petley of Riverhead (bur 03.04.1728)
2. Mary Gifford
  m. John Selby of The Mote
3. Jane Gifford (Giffard) (d 11.12.1766)
  m1. Finch Humphrey of Grinsted Green ('of Darenth')
  m2. Francis Leigh of Sutton-at-Hone



This section first uploaded 11.03.21.
Thomas Briggs (bur 27.10.1644, Rector of Wyfordby, Leicestershire)
1. Thomas Briggs of Domford Park (b c1632, d 1713, Chancellor of Chichester)
  m. (30.08.1684) Elizabeth Stapeley (b 1658, d 1721, dau/coheir of Sir John Stapeley, Bart, by Mary, dau of Sir Herbert Springett, Bart)
  A. John Briggs (b 1693, dsp 1723, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Redes (b c1688, d 1727, dau of Henry Redes of Chidham)
  B. Elizabeth Briggs (b c1702, d 1759)
  m. John Shore (b c1675, d 1721, MD)
  i. John Shore (b c1718, d 1773)
  m. Jane Borde (b c1726, d 1803)
  ii. Bridget Shore (b c1721, d unm 1750)
  C.+ other issue - son (dsp),, Barbara (b c1684, d unm 1735)
2. Mary Briggs
  m. Jervis Jackson (son of Jervis of Harston by Jane Coleby)
  A. Jane Jackson (d 02.01.1738-9)
  m. (before 08.1689) Nathaniel Garthwaie of London (d 10.1721)



This section first uploaded 16.03.21.
Henry Lambe of Colchester, Essex (apothecary)
1. James Lambe of Lndon & Hackney (b c1665, d 18.12.1727)
  m. Elizabeth Cole (b c1681, d 21.01.1756, dau of Thomas Cole of London, m2. Rev. John Barker)
  A. James Lambe (d 1761)
  m. (07.1730) Esther Barker (d 27.04.1789, dau/heir of Samuel Barker of Fairford)
  B. Elizabeth Lambe
  m. (06.01.1724-5) John Bance of Challow & London (d 23.02.1755, Director of the Bank of England)
  C. Brittania Lamb (b c1707, d 05.1743)
  m. (20.11.1735) John Raymond (b c1712, d 20.01.1782, m2. Mary)
  D. Mary Lamb (b 1712-3, d 20.01.1782)
  m. (21.06.1744) John Raymond (b c1712, d 20.01.1782, m1. Britannia)



This section first uploaded 25.03.21.
William de Diva
m. Matildis
1. Hugo de Diva
  m. Helewise
  A. William de Diva
  i. Matilda de Diva
  m. Sir Seerus (Saier) de St. Andrea
  ii. Alicia de Diva
  m. Richard de Muscegros
  iii. Ascelin de Diva
  m. Simon de Mislegros
  a. Agatha de Mislegros
  m1. Walter de Ratinden
  m2. Hugo de Hengston
2. Ralph de Diva
3. Matilda de Diva
  m. William (son of Oro)



This section first uploaded 28.03.21.
Henry Williamson of Weverham, Cheshire
1. William Williamson of Weverham then Chester
  A. Elizabeth Williamson
  m. Robert Hatton of Weverham (brother of Roger of Grappenhall) ## see here ##
  i. Ellen Hatton
  m. Robert Eaton (b c1549, d c1619, rector of Mobberley & Grappenhall)
  B.+ other issue
2+ other issue including John (d c1520, Parson in Canterbury)



This section first uploaded 11.04.21.
Charles Simkins of Avebury & Devizes, Wiltshire
TCB (vol 5, 'Anderson of Mill Hill', p324) reports that Dorothy was the only child of Charles's second marriage. TCP notes "See pedigree of Simkins in Mis. Gen. et Her., 3d S., v. 80". We have yet to follow that lead but aim to do so in due course.
m1. ??
1. Anne Simkins (b 1727-8, d 05.09.1806)
  m. Sir John Hopkins, Lord Mayor of London (bpt 21.07.1716, d 14.10.1796)
m2. Dorothy Portal (dau of Henry Portal of Treefolk)
2. Dorothy Simkins (dsp 09.12.1817)
  m. (1762) Sir John William Anderson, Bart, Lord Mayor of London (b 1725-6, dsp 21.05.1813)



This section first uploaded 23.04.21.
MGH reports that one of the daughters of William Evelen (later Evelyn-Glanville) by Bridget Raymond "was great-grandmother of the present Marquis of Salisbury, K.G, Prime Minister". The mother of the Prime Minister is identifed by TCP (Salisbury) as Frances Mary, dau/heir of Bamber Gascoyne of Childwell Park by Sarah Bridget Frances, dau of Charles Price of Kington. HoP ('Bamber Gascoyne (d 1824)') shows that Bamber Gascoyne had a daughter by Sarah, dau/heir of Chase Pice. HoP ('Chase Price') identifies Chase's parents as John Price of Knighton & Elizabeth, dau of William Chase, and his wife as Sarah, dau of William Glanville & sister of William Evelyn. That enables us to pull together the following.
John Price of Knighton
m. Elizabeth Chase (dau of William Chase)
1. Charles or Chase Price of Knighton (b 1731?, d 28.06.1777, MP)
  m. (21.03.1766) Sarah Evelyn (dau of William Evelyn, later Evelyn-Glanville, later Evelyn)
  A. Sarah Bridget Frances Price
  m. (24.07.1794) Bamber Gascoyne of Childwell Hall



This section first uploaded 05.08.21.
Jeremiah Bowes of Worlaby
m. Ann Stephenson (dau of Thomas Stephenson of Holderness & Bonby-by-Brigg)
1. Anne Bowes
  m. (1748) Henry Heneage of Cadeby (son of George of Hainton by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Henry Hunloke of Wiggerworth)
2. Mary Bowes
  m. William Stamp of Worlaby
3. Elizabeth Bowes
  m. William Tenney of Great Limber & Worlaby, Lincolnshire
  A. Clarissa Tenney (b 1757, d 14.04.1814)
  m. (23.02.1784) William James Willson of Lincoln (b 1745)
4. Clare Bowes
  m. Richard Stephenson of Worlaby
  A. Sarah Stephenson (nun at York)

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