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This section first uploaded 12.01.21.
Robert Anderson (b c1646)
m. Christan Blackader (b c1638, d 31.10.1721)
1. Henry Anderson in Newington (b 1676, d 1714)
m. (1693) Margaret Hodge (b 1680, d 1719, dau of Thomas Hodge in Portsburgh (b 1651, d 1716) by Isabel Paterson (b 1658, m 1677, d 1713))
  A. Thomas Anderson (b 1694) had issue
  B. Isabel Anderson (b 1702)
  m. David Lizars (Lizzars or Lissars) (b c1680, d 1741, son of John (b 1650, d c1707, "of French descent") by Barbara Lauriston (a 1673, widow of _ Ferguson))
  i. Henry Lizars (dsp young)
  ii. Marion Lizars (dsp)
  m. (1768) Rev. George Simson
  iii. Margaret Lizars
  m. (1748) Adam Freer of Innernethy (b 1704, d 1780)
2.+ other issue



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Colin Alison (b c1624?, d 1706)
1. Colin Alison
m. (1692) Margaret Linning (d 1714)
  A. Margaret Alison (b 1695)
  m. Alexander Young
  i. Robert Young in Edinburgh
  ii. Margaret Young (d 1793)
  m. William Freer (d 1766, Surgeon-General)
  iii. Barbara Young
  m. (c1760) Alexander Thomson
  a. Margaret Thomson (b 1766)
  m. Robert Freer (Professor in Glasgow)
  b.+ other issue - David (b 1763), Alexander (b 1765)
  B.+ 3 sons + 3 daughters



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John Jewell of Bowden, Berry Nerbert, Devon
m. Alice Bellamy (dau of Richard Bellamy)
1. John Jewell of Northcot, East Downe, Devon
  m. Agnes Cotecliffe (dau of Richard Cotecliffe of Northcott)
  A. Joan Jewell
  m. John Hammond of Arlington
  B. Margaret Jewell
  m. Richard Ley of Northcot
  C. Alice Jewell
m. Thomas Fursdon of Raddon Court
  D. Cicely Jewell
  m. _ Bradford of Wales
  E. Agnes Jewell
  m. George Peard of Barnstaple
2. John Jewell, Boshop of Salisbury (dsp)
3. Joane Jewell
  m. John Downe of Holdsworthy
4. Jackett Jewell
  m. John Reade of Berry
5. Christian Jewell
  m. Anthony Withie of Berry
6. Joan Jewell (2nd of the name)
  m. John Withie
7. Cicely Jewell
  m. Henry Downe of Barnstable



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John Jermyn
m. Johanna Ryton
1. Isabella Jermyn
  m. Alexander Blyth of Stratton, Norfolk
  A. Alice Blyth
  m. John Gresham of Holt
  B.+ other issue (dsp) - John, William, Ralph
2. Johanna Jermyn
  m1. John Dryley
  A. Amy Dryley
  B Anne Dryley
  m. Robert Kirkby
  m2. Ralph Pare
3. Alice Jermyn
  m. John Gillet
  A. Henry Gillet
4. Elizabeth Jermyn
  m. Ralph Butler
  A. Anthony Butler
  m. Elizabeth Chamberlayne (dau of Thomas Chamberlayne)



This section first uploaded 13.02.21.
Sir Harry Jones
1. Sir Harry Jones 'of Ashton (Aston), Oxfordshire' ## see here for another Sir Harry son of Sir Harry ##
  m. Frances Belasyse (sister of Thomas Belasyse, 2nd Viscount, Earl Fauconberg)
  A. Frances (not Anne) Jones (b c1665, d 07.08.1722)
  m. (17.03.1684/5) (Richard Lumley), Earl of Scarborough (d 1721)
2. Mary Jones
  m. George Cole of Devonshire
  BEB1841 suggests that they had a daughter who m1. George Berkeley (prebendary of Westminster, only brother of James, 3rd Earl Berkeley (sb Charles, 2nd Earl)) m2. _ Chaplin of Wormley by whom she had a daughter who m. Robert Rudyerd. ## see here ## However, the George Cole who was father of that daughter married a different Jones. ## see here ##



This section first uploaded 13.02.21.
Benjamin Maddox of Boughton, Kent
m. Mary Lambarde (dau of Sir Multon Lambarde of Westcombe by Anne Lowe)
1. Sir Benjamin Maddox, Bart (b c1638, d 14.12.1716)
  m. (c05.1664) Dorothy Glascock (d by 1720, dau of Sir William Glascock (Glasscocks) of Wormley (by Mary, dau of James Mayne of Boringdon), sister/heir of Sir William)
  A. Dorothy Maddox
  m. Benjamin Rudyerd of Westwoodhay
  B. Mary Maddox
  m. Edward Pollen



This section first uploaded 13.02.21.
Richard Maddox of Deptford, Kent
m. Mary Glover (dau of Thomas Glover of Woolwich by dau of Rev. Thomas Stansall by Mary Waldo)
1. Richard Maddox of East Greenwich (youngest son)
  m1. Frances Parkin
  A. William Maddox of Rotherhithe (MD)
  m. Sarah Adams or Addams @@ below
  i. William Maddox
  ii. Sarah Maddox
  m. John Hill
  iii. Mary Maddox
  m. Richard Brook Poussett of London & Jersey
  B. Fraces Maddox
  m. George John of Stoke Newington
  i. Frances John
  m. Samuel Teeson of Cambridge
  ii. Mary John
  m. Stephen Cleasby of London
  iii.+ other issue
  C. Martha Maddox
  D. Mary Maddox
  m. Robert Franklin of Stoke Newington
  i. Sir William Franklin
  a. daughter (eldest)
  m. Rev. William J.R. Bennett of Oxford
  ii.+ other issue
  m2. (sp) Hester Richardson (widow)
2. Mary Maddox
  m. William Addams of Deptford
  A. William Addams of Rotherhithe (2nd son) had issue
  m. Mary Hudson
  B. Richard Addams "had numerous issue"
  m. Mary Curling
  C. Elizabeth Addams
  m. Richard Buxton of Rotherhithe
  i. John Buxton
  m. Mary Dudman (dau/coheir of William Dudman)
  a. Mary Buxton (heir)
  m. Thomas Courthope
  (1) William Courthope (Somerset Herald)
  b.+ 6 others (dsp?)
ii.+ 10 others
  D. Rebecca Addams
  m. John Curling of Rotherhithe
  i. Elizabeth Curling
  m. William Curling of Blackheath
  a. issue - William, 3 others
  ii.+ other isssue - John, Rebecca, Katherine
  E. Sarah Addams
  m. William Maddox of Rotherhithe @@ above
  F.+ other issue - William (d young?), Mary (d young), Mary, Ann
1.+ other issue - Robert, Edward, Martha, Sarah, Rebecca

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