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This section first uploaded on 17.06.08, updated 07.01.10.
John Alphew or Alphege of Bore Place, Kent (d 1489)
m. Isabel Petit (dau of Richard Petit)
1. Margaret Alphew mentioned by Visitation (Surrey), Visitation (Kent) & BHO
  m. Sir Robert Reade (d c1519, Chief Justice)
2. Agnes Alphew mentioned by Visitation (Surrey) but not by Visitation (Kent) or BHO
  m. William Bond
3. Elizabeth Alphew not mentioned by Visitation (Surrey), identified as a nun by Visitation (Kent), shown by BHO as married to ...
  m1. George Gainsford (son of Sir John of Crowhurst) connection possibly but not clearly confirmed by the Gainsford source
  m2. William Brograve of Beckenham connection confirmed by the Brograve source
4.+ other issue - Edmond (dvpsp?), John (dvpsp?), Brigid, Joane, Dorothy mentioned only by Visitation (Kent)



This section first uploaded on 15.04.09, reviewed 17.09.21..
Thomas Willycotts of Tew Magna = Wilcotts of Great Tew (Oxfordshire)
m. Elizabeth Hall (dau/heir of Edward Hall of Swarford by Margery, dau/heir of Sir Richard Wakested of Tew by Elianor, dau/heir of Sir Richard Arderburgh of Tew by Elianor, dau/heir of Sir Thomas Purscell of Purscell by Millicent, dau/heir of Richard Berwyke of Berwyke Hall by Margaret, dau/heir of Sir William Shershall of Tew by Johanna/ dau/heir of Sir John Pratell)
The Harleian editor drew the connection from Thomas & Elizabeth to an unnamed dau/heir who married John Wylcott (WilcotT) rather than to John Wylcotts himself but we presume that this was an error (rather than, say, the son-in-law taking the Wilcotts name after the marriage).
1. John Wilcotts of Great Tew (d 21.05.1422)
  MGH (NS4 vol 3 (1910), Part VII (September 1909), p314+) supports the following.
  m1. Alice
  m2. Elizabeth Cheney (dau of Sir Richard Cheney of Sherland (by Margery Cralle), m2. Sir Richard Walksted)
  A. Elizabeth Wilcotts (b c1418)
  m. Henry Raynford of Raynford Hall
  B. Margaret Wilcotts
  m. John Ashfeilde of Eithorpe



This section first uploaded on 26.08.09.
Sir William Peverell
1. Achelyne Peverell
  m. Robert Dabernon of Stoke Dabernon @@ below
2. Allice Peverell
  m. Sir Thomas Hever
  A. Margaret Hever
  m. Oliver Brokas
  i. John Brokas (dsp)
3. Lucy Peverell
  m. _ Bussey
  A. Sir John Bussey
  i. Sir William Bussey
  a. Sir Hugh Bussey
  (1) Joane Bussey
  m. William Fyffyd
  (A) Sir William Fyffyd



This section first uploaded on 26.08.09, amended 08.11.11.
Roger Dabernon of Stoke Dabernon, Surrey
m. Achelyne Peverell (dau of Sir William Peverell) @@ above
1. Sir John Dabernon of Stoke Dabernon
  A. Sir John Dabernon of Stoke Dabernon
  i. John Dabernon of Stoke Dabernon
Vivian starts with this John and, whilst noting that some sources show Mawde Gifford as his wife, shows her as wife of his son William. Vivian describes Mawde as dau/coheir of Mathew Gifford, son of Batholomew son of William son, by Ann dau/coheir of Sir William Brewer of Buckland Brewer, of Roger Clifford of Clovelly but notes that one source shows Ann Brewer as wife of Roger's grandson Bartholomew.
  m. Maude Gifford (dau/heir of Mathew Gifford son of Barthelmew son (by Anne, dau/heir of William Brewer) of Roger of Methe)
  a. William Dabernon of Stoke Dabernon & Bradford
  m. Elizabeth Uvedall or Mawde Gifford? see note just above
  (1) John Dabernon of Bradford mentioned by Visitation (Cornwall)
  (A) Joan Dabernon
  m. Sir John Dennys of Giddicott
  (2) Elizabeth Dabernon mentioned by Visitation (Surrey)
  m. William Crosier (son of Sir William son of Sir John)
  (A) Anne Crosier
  m. Sir Henry Norbury (d 1464)



This section first uploaded on 20.10.20.
Richard Buckner (steward to the Duke of Richmond)
m. Mary Saunders
1. John Buckner, Bishop of Chichester (b 1734, dsp 1824)
  m. (1768) Elizabeth Heron
2. Charles Buckner, later Mayor of Chichester (b c1735, d 1811, Admiral)
  m1. (1763) Mary Parke
  A. Richard Buckner of Chichester (b 1772, d 1837, Lt. Colonel, younger son)
  m. (31.07.1775) Mary Marsh Pierce (Peirce) (a 1828)
  i.+ issue - Richard (b 25.10.1812, d unm 12.08.1883, painter), 3 others
  B.+ other issue - Charles (d young?), Mary
  m2. Anne Frewen



This section first uploaded on 28.10.20.
'Suffolk Manorial Families', used as the source for the Hammond connections below, identifies (p257) the undermentioned Richard's brother as having "descendants (who) intermarried with the Hammonds of Hawkedon". We show those brothers as sons of ..
?? Plume
1. Richard Plume of Great Yeldham, Essex
  m. Mary Hammon (dau of John Hammon of Ellingham, Ubbeston, etc. (who d before 11.02.1588), sister of John who d 1632)
2. ?? Plume 
  A. ?? Plume presumed intermediary generation
  i. Edward Plume of Hawkedon (a 1705, dsp)
  m. Anne Hammond (b c1630-1, d 1722, dau of Philip Hammond of Boxted (who bpt 1597, d 1674))
  ii. Martha Plume
  m. Philip Hammond of Boxted (d before 12.05.1685)



This section first uploaded on 28.10.20.
William Orbell (a 1664)
m. Anne Lilly (dau of Thomas Lilly of Denston by Anne, dau of Henry Griggs of Brockley)
1. Thomas Orbell of Stansfield, Suffolk (d before 14.07.1677)
  A. William Orbell
  B. Elizabeth Orbell (a 1698)
  m. (12.06.1667) Walter Ray of Denham (d before 13.06.1698)
  C. Bridget Orbell
  m. William Clarke of Pentlow



This section first uploaded on 28.10.20.
Henry Murton of Somerton, Suffolk (b 1635, bur 19.09.1673)
m. Susan Griggs (bpt 1634, bur 25.12.1676, dau of Henry Griggs of Somerton)
1. Henry Murton
  m. Mary Hammond (dau of Henry Hammond of Lawshall)
2. Katherine Murton (bpt 1668, d by 1752)
  m. John Powell of Hammond's Farm, Hawsted (d by 1725)
  A. David Powell of London & Wattesfield, Suffolk (b 1695, d 1784) had issue
  David is identified as ancesotr of the Powell of Loughton, the Powells of Speldhurst, and of the Baden-Powells.

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