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This page is still being researched. It has NOT yet been launched formally into the Database but is shown here TEMPORARILY (albeit for an uncertain length of time pending further research), partly to record connections that we fear we might otherwise lose sight of and partly in the hope that one or more visitors to the site will contribute information that will enable us to develop our information on the families covered in this page to a standard that would support release of a dedicated page in the Database.
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This section first uploaded on 17.05.08.
Thomas Cupper of Stevington, Salop
m. Isabell Cooke of Bainton
1. John Cupper of Glympton, Oxfordshire (3rd son)
  m. Awdrey Peto (dau of John Peto of Chesterton by Awdrey, dau of Sir Alexander Baynham of Westbury)
  A. Richard Cupper (2nd son) possibly the Richard 'of Glympton' who married ...
  m. Anne Pakington (dau of Robert Pakington of London)
  B. Dorothy Cupper probably the Dorothy who married ...
  m. John Fowke of Gunston (d before 07.10.1642)
  C.+ other issue - William, Thomas, Vincent
2. Jane Cupper
  m. Thomas Carter of Downton
3.+ other issue - Phillipp, Edward, William Richard, Edmond, Walter, Charles



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William de la Ware of De la Ware (Delaware)
1. Elia de la Ware (2nd son)
  A. Walter de la Ware
  m. Maud Tymberdfen (dau/heir of William Tymberden)
  i. William de la Ware
  m. _ Apuldersfeld (dau of Henry Apuldersfeld)
  a. William de la Ware
  m. Alis Linkell (dau/heir of Henry Linkell)
  (1) Robert de la Ware
  m. Elizabeth
  (A) Denys de la Ware (heir)
  m. William Pawlyn @1@ below



This section first uploaded on 23.05.08.
Elia de Hedynden (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
1. Geffrey de Hedynden
  m. ?? (dau/heir of Payn de Chelecoote)
  A. Hugh de Hedynden
  i. Symond de Hedynden
  m. Isabel de Seyliard (dau/heir of Elizens de Seyliard)
  a. John Hedynden or Hedyndon
  m. _ Tynbridge (dau of Gilbert Tynbridge)
  (1) Denys Hedynden or Hedyndon
  m. Walter More
  (A) John at More
  (i) Thomas at More
  (a) Christian More
  m. William Paulyn @2@ below



This section first uploaded on 23.05.08.
William Pawlyn of Poullyns Grey
1. Geffrey Pawlyn
  A. William Pawlyn
  i. William Pawlyn
  m. _ Suden (dau/heir of Richard Suden)
a. William Pawlyn
  m. Mawde
  (1) William Pawlyn
  m. Denys de la Ware (dau/heir of Robert de la Ware) @1@ above
  (A) William Pawlyn 'of Delaware' (in Bradsted, Kent)
  m. _ Walleys (dau of Pymond Walleys)
  (i) William Pawlyn or Paulyn 'of Delaware'
  m. Christian More (dau/heir of Thomas at More) @2@ above
  (a) Christian Pawlyn, heiress of Delaware
  m. John Seyliarde



This section first uploaded on 03.04.12.
Henry Trebartha (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
1. John Trebartha
  John's wife Christian is identified as "da. of William Lo. Wallis of Landerine" which we interpret as ...
  m. Christian Wallis (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377, dau of William Wallis, lord of Landerine in Northill)
  A. John Trebartha
  i. Robert Trebartha
  m1. Dunis
  m2. Alice Bile (dau of William Bile)
  a. Nicholas Trebartha of Sheepwash, Devon (a temp Henry VI who r. 1422-1461)
  m. Joane Tregoddicke
  (1) Robert Trebartha
m. Margaret (widow of Roger Hay of Saltash)
  (A) John Trebartha (dsp)
  m. Joane Carbura (dau/heir of William Carbura of Devon)
  (B) Robert Trebartha
  m. _ Carminow
  (i) Nicholas Trebartha (a 1466)
  m. Catherine Kelloway (dau of John Kelloway)
  (a) Anna Trebartha (heir)
  m. Thomas Spoure of Northill



This section first uploaded on 03.04.12.
Nicholas Gifford (a 1313)
1. Raphe Gifford
  A. Walter Gifford
  i. Baldwin Gifford (a 1347)
  a. Richard Gifford (a 1414)
  (1) Joane Gifford
  m. Robert Downe @@ below
  b. John Gifford
  ii. Raphe Gifford



This section first uploaded on 03.04.12.
William Downe
1. Robert Downe (a 1414)
  m. Joan Gifford (dau/heir of Richard Gifford) @@ above
  A. John Downe (a 1458)
  i. John Downe
  a. John Downe
  (1) Agneta Downe (a 1521)
  m. John Rouse
  (2) Joan Downe (a 1521)
  m. Richard Combe (a 1513)

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