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Thomas Huntingdon of Hempsted, Essex
1. daughter (coheir)
  m. John Paris of Linton
2. Anne Huntingdon (coheir)
  m. (mcrt 1499? 1495?) William Mordaunt (son of William)



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?? Hunt
1. John Hunt (a 1461)
2. Edward Hunt
  A. Thomas Hunt of Normanton juxta Southwell
  m. Isabel Marshall (dau of Ralph Marshall of South Carleton)
  i. Edward Hunt
  m. Dorothea Clerkson (dau of William Clerkson)
  a. Isabella Hunt
  m. Edward Boun
  b. Katherine Hunt
  m. Robert Alvy
  c. Anna Hunt
  m. Henry Goulaston



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Of/from a family in Cheshire was ...
John Wylde of Canterbury (moved to Kent) ## see here ##
m. Elionora Norden (dau/coheir of John Norden of Renha, m2. Gilbert Hyde of Canterbury)
1. Thomas Wylde 'of St. Martin's in Canterbury'
  m. Elizabeth Stoughton/Stockton (dau/coheir of Thomas Stoughton (Stockton) of Ashe)
  A. Sir John Wylde of St. Martin's in Canterbury
m. Anna Honywood (dau of Robert Honywood of Charing)
  Visitation identifies their children as Robert, John, Anna, Elizabeth, Eleonora & Frances. MGH (vol 4, MS626, 'Honeywood', p1296) identifies them as Robert, Anna, John, Elizabeth, Helen, Francis, Dudley & Hester.
  i. Dudley Wylde (3rd son) probably the Dudley of Canterbury (d c08.1653) who married ...
  m. Mary Carey (bur 22.12.1695, dau of Sir Ferdinando Carey (by Philippa Throckmorton), m2. Sir Andrew Fraser, 1st Bart of Dore)
  ii. Anne Wylde (b c1610, d 20.10.1685, co-heir) who married ...
  m. (c1633) Sir Thomas Willys, 1st Bart of Fen Ditton (b c1612/4, d 17.11.1701)
  iii.+ other issue - Robert, John, Elizabeth, Frances, Helen, Hester
  B. Elionora Wylde
  m. Sir Henry Whetenhall of Peckham
  C. Dorothy Wylde (d 1644)
  m1. Peter Godfry of Lyd (b 1580, d 1624)
  m2. Sir Thomas Hamon
  D.+ other issue - Richard, (d young?), Edward (d young?)
2. Katharina Wylde
  m. William Partrich of Bridge



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Thanks to a regular contributor (CV, 08.09.22) whose schedule on this family ('Wood') pulled together the following and drew our attention to (inter alia) this site which helps to support the following.
Martin Wood of London
1. Whittingham Wood (bpt 16.05.1578, d 1616)
  m. Katharine Shurley (dau of John Shurley (by Frances Capell), m2. Sir Christopher Mann of Canterbury
  A. Whittingham Wood of Canterbury (b c1614, d(spm) 27.07.1656)
  m. (25.12.1655) Elizabeth St. Nicholas (dau of Thomas St. Nicholas of Ash, m2. Thomas Pratt)
2. Mary Wood
  m. (18.08.1606) Richard Fogg of Barham
3. Elizabeth Wood of Bromley possibly fits here
  m. Jacob Barnham

Main source(s):
(1) For Huntingdon of Hempsted : Collins (vol 2, 'Mordaunt, Earl of Peterborough and Monmouth', p211)
(2) For Hunt : 'History of Nottinghamshire' (Thorold (John Throsby 1796), vol 3, 'Hockerton', p126)
(3) For Wylde : Visitation (Kent, 1619, 'Wilde')
(4) For Wood : as reported above with support from cross-referencs from elsewhere in the database
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