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This section first uploaded on 14.03.08.
Thomas Brooke
1. John Brooke of Hasler, Staffordshire (bur 11.06.1571)
  m1. Lucy Hodleston (dau of Sir Richard Hudleston by Margaret/Margery, dau of Sir William Smith of Elford by Anne, dau of William Stanton or Staunton by Margery, dau of John Stanley of Elford)
  A. Robert Brooke of Hasler or Haslour or Haselour (bur 23.06.1597)
  m. Catherine Agard (dau of Clement Agard of Foston in Derbyshire)
i. William Brooke of Haseler or Haselour (b 1578-9, d 22.05.1641)
  m. Elizabeth Dawes (dau of William Dawes of Haseler)
  a. William Brooke of Haseler (b 1602-3, a 03.1663)
  m. Anne Nicholls (dau of William Nicholls of Halstead, brother of Sir Augustine)
  (1) William Brooke (b 1632-3, bur 25.09.1672)
  m. Susannah (bur 19.06.1675) widow of William, presumed mother of ...
  (A) Mary Brooke
  m. Christopher Heveningham of Lichfield
  (2) John Brooke
  m. Margerie Babington of co. Durham
  (A) Anne Brooke
  (3) Anne Brooke
  m. John Eedes of Warwick
  (4) Elizabeth Brooke
  m. John Perrott of Chadesley Corbett (son of John of Over Arley)
  (A) Lucy Perrott
  m. John Bradley of Coleborne Brook
  (B) Elizabeth Perrott
  m. Samuel Smart of Bromsgrove
  (5) Frances Brooke
  b. Elizabeth Brooke  
  m. John Foones of Dodford
  c.+ other issue - Robert (d unm), John, George (dsp), Thomas (dsp), Agard (dsp)
  ii. Lucy Brooke  
  m. Henry Kendall of Austrey
  iii.+ other issue - James (Jacob), Susanna, Eleanor
  B.+ other issue - John (dsp), Jerosme
  m2. Alice Croker (bur 10.10.1560, dau of John Croker of Hook Norton)



This section first uploaded on 17.03.08, expanded 21.10.13.
This family's name seems to be spelled either Paris or Parris (or Parys/Parrys) with it being possibly connected to families called Parr/Parre or Pares.
John Parris of Littell Linton, Cambridgeshire
m. ?? Huntingdon (dau of Thomas Huntingdon of Hempsted) @1@ below - probably wife of John, possibly mother of ...
1. Sir Philip Parris of Little Linton (b 1492, d 04.03.1558)
  Visitation does not name Sir Phillip's wives. Thanks to a contributor (CV, 07.10.13) for drawing our attention to an archived page, from (the discontinued?) www.lintonhistory.org.uk, which names Philip's wives and gives his dates which imply that his children were from his 1st wife:
  m1. Margaret Bowes (bur 12.1551, dau of _ Bowes of London) ## see here ##
A. William Parris (dvpsp?)
  m. Elizabeth Conningsby (m2. Sir William Cavendish)
  B. Phillip Parris of Little Linton
  i. Ferdinando Parris of Little Linton the first mentioned by Visitation (Norfolk)
  m. Frances Moore (dau of Thomas Moore of Haddon)
  a. Phillip Parris of Little Linton & Poding Norton in Norfolk (d 20.09.1615, 2nd son)
  m. Magdalen Walgrave (dau of Charles Walgrave (Waldegrave) of Stanninghall)
  (1) Charles Parris of Little Linton (a 1619)
  Visitation (Cambridgeshire) ends with this generation. This was probably the Charles who married ...
  m. Mary Yate (dau of Sir Edward Yate, 1st Bart of Buckland)
  (2) John Parris or Paris of Pudding Norton (d before 06.09.1667)
  m. Anne Cockett (d 1705, dau of Thomas Cockett of Woolverton, m2. Sir Joseph Colston of Pudding Norton)
  (A) Philip Paris (dsp before 13.05.1673)
(B) Magdalen Paris
  m. Thomas Ravenscroft of Pudding Norton
  (i) John Ravescroft (d unm 09.10.1697)
  (3) Frances Parris or Paris shown by the below-mentioned site on Nuns as married to ...
  m. Nicholas Daniels of Bulmer
  (4) Eleanor/Ellen Parris or Paris shown by the below-mentioned site on Nuns as married to ...
  m. (after 1633) Edward Atslow of Downham (b c1604)
  (5) Elizabeth Parris sprobably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. Francis Everard of Linsted (a 1664)
  (6)+ other issue - Phillip, Jeronymy, Dorothy, Anne (b c1606, d 27.11.1646, nun as 'Christina'), Margaret, Mary
Information on Anne comes from the web site 'Who were the Nuns?' (see here, thanks to a contributor (CV, 07.10.13) for bringing it to our attention). It was probably one of the other daughters who married as follows:
  daughter probably of this generation
  m. Sir William Andrews, 1st Bart of Denton (a 1641)
  b. Audrey (Etheldreda) Parris
  m. William Mannoke of Stoke
  c.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Elizabeth
  ii. Audrey Parris possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Croft (b 1520)
  C. Mary Parris probably of this generation
  m. Edmond Audley of Pagrave
  D. Elizabeth Parris (d before 04.07.1595) probably of this generation
  m. (1547) Sir Thomas Lovell of East Harling (d 23.03.1567)
  The above-mentioned LintonHistory site identifies Philip's 2nd wife as Agnes Spryng, widow, and suggests that Thomas Spryng, who was associated with Lavenham, was her father. It appears that she was in fact ...
  m2. Anne (Agnes) Eden (d 1557, dau of Thomas Eden of Lavenham, widow of Robert Spring of Lavenham)@2@ below
2. Joan Parris
  m1. Thomas Cotton of Conington (d c1518)
  m2. Thomas Lynne or Lyme of Bassingborne



This section first uploaded on 21.10.13.
Thomas Huntingdon of Hempsted, Essex
1. daughter (coheir)
  m. John Paris of Linton @1@ above
2. Anne Huntingdon (coheir)
  m. (mcrt 1499? 1495?) William Mordaunt (son of William)



This section first uploaded on 21.10.13.
The coats of arms indicate that the following family was different from that shown on Eden1, which came from co. Durham.
Thomas Edon or Eden of Sudbury, Suffolk (bur 08.08.1568, Clerke of the Star Chamber)
m. Grizell Waldegrave (d c11.1572, dau of (Sir) Edward Waldegrave of the Anyers, Sudbury)
1. Sir Thomas Edon or Eden of Sudbury (b c1535, bur 01.07.1614)
m1. Elizabeth St. Clere (bur 02.12.1573, dau/heir of (Sir) John St. Cleere of St. Osyth)
  A. Sir Thomas Edon
  m. Mary Darcye (dau of Bryan Darcye of Tiptree)
  i. St. Cleare Edon of Ballindon (dsp 1624)
  ii. John Edon of Ballindon
  m. (02.09.1629) Anne Harlakenden
a. Anne Edon
  iii. Elizabeth Edon
  m. Roger Wentworth of Bocking
  iv. Mary Edon
  m. _ Thornton
  v. Dorothy Edon
  m1. _ Barrett
m2. Robert Barington
  vi. Bridgett Edon
  m. John Drury
  vii. Grissell Edon
  m. _ Moore
  viii.+ other issue - Robert (dsp), William, Penelope, Anne
  m2. Mary Foljambe
2. William Edon or Eden (d by 1572?)
3. Richard Edon or Eden of Hanningfield, Essex
  m. Margaret Peyton (dau of Christopher Peyton of Bury St. Edmunds)
  A. Philip Edon or Eden (a 1634, of Lincoln's Inn)
  m. Sarah (dau of Francis Jenings alias Marchant of Berkshire)
  i.+ issue - Thomas, Richard, John, Phillip(a), Anne
  B. Thomas Edon or Eden (a 1634, Master in Chancery)
4. Elizabeth Edon or Eden
  m. William Barnes of Thoby Abbey
5. Anne Edon or Eden
  m. Sir Edward (probably not William) Sulyard of Flemings in Runwell
6. Grisell Edon or Eden
  m. William Steward of Goldthorpe Hall in Swardeston



This section first uploaded on 21.10.13.
Possibly connected to the above family in some way was ...
Thomas Eden of Lavenham, Suffolk
1. Anne (Agnes) Eden (d 1557)
  m1. Robert Spring of Lavenham
  m2. Sir Philip Parris of Little Linton (b 1492, d 04.03.1558) @2@ above



This section first uploaded on 18.03.08, expanded 21.10.13.
Thomas Naunton name found on various web sites as father (but by different wives) of ...
1. William (or Henry) Naunton of Letheringham & Alderton, Suffolk named Henry by Visitation (1664-8) but William by Visitation (1612) & Commoners
  m. Elizabeth Wingfield (dau of Sir Anthony Wingfield of Letheringham)
Visitation (Suffolk, 1664-8) shows only William as child of Henry & Elizabeth. Commoners mentions only Henry (and only Elizabeth Ashby as wife of Henry). The other children (and some more information on Henry's family) come from Visitation (1612).
  A. Henry Naunton of Letheringham & Alderton Hall (3rd son?)
  m1. Elizabeth Ashby (dau of Edward Ashby of Loseby)
  i. Sir Robert Naunton of Letheringham Priory (d 1630 Secretary of State) dates shown on various web sites as 1563-27.03.1635
  m. Penelope Perrot (dau of Sir Thomas Perrot)
  a. Penelope Naunton
  m1. (25.08.1624) Paul Bayning, 2nd Viscount (bpt 04.03.1615/6, d 11.06.1638)
  m2. Philip Herbert, Earl of Pembroke & Montgomery (b 1620-1, d 11.12.1669)
  ii. William Naunton (3dr son)
  a. ?? Naunton
  (1) ?? Naunton
  (A) William Naunton (dsp 1758)
  iii.+ other issue - Anthony (d young?), Sisley
  m2. Bridget Palgrave of Norfolk (relict of _ Smarte of Ipswich)
  v.+ other issue - Ann, Elizabeth (d unm)
  B. William Naunton of Letheringham
  m. Anne Pellse (dau of Lawrence Pellse of Kettleburrow)
  i. Robert Naunton of Letheringham
m1. Mary Cooke (dau/coheir of Arthur Cooke of Thorrington)
  a. Theophila Naunton
  m. John Leman
  m2. Jane Spencer (dau of Robert Spencer of Randlesham)
  b.+ other issue - Robert, Jane
  m3. Barbara (Castle) (dau of Talmach Castle)
  d.+ other issue - Charles, Ellinor, Anne, Elizabeth
  C. Elizabeth Naunton
  m. _ Haymond or Hayman of Chilenden Grene
  D. Ursula Naunton
  m. Robert Gosnold of Otley
  E.+ other issue - Tristram (dvpsp?), Anthony (dvpsp?), John, Henry

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(2) For Parris of Linton : Visitation (Cambridgeshire, 1575+1619, Parris) with a little support/input from Visitation (Norfolk, 1613, Parris), Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Paris) and as reported above
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