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This page is still being researched. It has NOT yet been launched formally into the Database but is shown here TEMPORARILY (albeit for an uncertain length of time pending further research), partly to record connections that we fear we might otherwise lose sight of and partly in the hope that one or more visitors to the site will contribute information that will enable us to develop our information on the families covered in this page to a standard that would support release of a dedicated page in the Database.
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This section first uploaded on 05.01.08.
George Musgrave of North Petherton, Somerset (b 1590-1, d 14.09.1640)
m. Mary Harris (dau of Richard Harris of Barstable)
1. Richard Musgrave of Nettlecomb, Somerset (d before 10.02.1686-7)
  m. Mary Bond (dau of George Bond, son of Sir George, Lord Mayor of London)
A. George Musgrave of Nettlecomb (b c1648, a 1672)
  m. Julian Bere (dau of Thomas Bere of Huntsham)
  i. George Musgrave (b c1683, d 08.09.1724)
  The Harleian editor added the details of George whom we presume to be the George of Nettlecombe who married ...
  m. Katherine Chichester (dau of Sir John Chichester, 4th Bart of Raleigh)
  The following connection to Juliana was found on www.sanfordfamilymainline.co.uk.
  a. Thomas Musgrave of Old Cleve (dsp?)
  b. Juliana Musgrave (d 21.03.1810, sister/heir of Thomas)
  m. (02.06.1767) Sir James Langham, 7th Bart of Cottesbrooke (b 31.01.1736, d 07.02.1795)
  ii. Julianna Musgrave
  B.+ other issue - Richard (d 1686), William, John
2. Hannah Musgrave
  m. _ West
3.+ other issue - George, John, Thomas, Simon



This section first uploaded on 19.01.08.
Sir Nicholas Springseax or Sprengslowe of Palash & Donington, Salop
1. Sir Foulke Springseour or Sprencheaux or Springseaux, Sheriff of Salop (a 1447)
  m. Margaret Wynnesbury (dau/heir of John Wynnesbury by Anna, dau of Roger de Edgton)
  A. Sibilla or Elizabeth Springseour or Springseaux
Named Elizabeth by Visitation but Sibilla by BLG1952 (Sandford of the Isle of Rossall) which sourced the identification of her mother. It is a presumption that Sibilla's mother was also mother of Sibilla's sisters.
  m. William Sandford of the Isle of Up Rossall (d 1509)
  B. Margery Springseour
  m1. Richard Lee of Langley
  m2. _ Leighton
  C. daughter
  m. Thomas Acton of Longnor
2. daughter
  m. John Midleton
  A. daughter
  m. Thomas Jenckes of Wolverton



This section first uploaded on 29.01.08.
William Hillary
m. Agnes
1. Sir Roger Hillary of Bescote, Staffordshire (Lord Chief Justice)
  m. Katherine (sb Margaret?) de Sutton (dau of John de Sutton by Margaret Somery)
  A. Sir Roger Hillary of Bescote (dsp)
  B. Elizabeth Hillary
  m. (by 1347) William de la Plaunche of Haversham
  C. Joan Hillary
  m. John Clinton of Coleshill



This section first uploaded on 14.10.09.
?? Johnson
1. Robert Johnson (alderman of London)
  The following connections are somewhat presumptous but we speculate that there would not have been (m)any other Robert Johnsons at this time who were Aldermen of London. We pull these daughters together to ease later research.
  A. Elizabeth Johnson
  m1. Sir Edward Carteret (d 1683)
  m2. Alexander Waugh of Toomer
  B. Ann Johnson (b c1646, d before 04.1713)
  m. (c03.1668/9) Sir John Hales of Whitefriars, 1st Bart of Coventry (b c1646, d 1677)
  C. Mary Johnson (d 13.10.1711) "sister of Lady Hale"
  m. Richard Hopkins of Coventry (b 1639-40, d 01.02.1707, MP)
  D. Martha Johnson
  m. Timothy Myddelton or Midleton of London, later of Stansted Mountfichet in Essex (a 1634)



This section first uploaded on 28.09.12.
Oliver Delahay
1. Walter Delahay
  A. Lucy Delahay
  m. ??, lord of Trunlgarthurst
  i. Sabina
m1. John Karvinvk
  m2. Robert Garvays Smith
  a.+ issue (dsp) - John, Walter
  B. Margery Delahay
m. John Nantion (son of Roger Nantion alias Nanstian, lord of Kenwine)
  i. Joane Nantion
  m. Roger le Taylor (son of Roger by Melior)
  a. Joane le Taylor
  m1/2. Thomas Paderda or Pardarva
  (1) Joane Paderda or Pardarva
  m. William Beckett
  (2) Isabell Paderda
  m. _ Landewarneck
  (3) Margaret Paderda
  m. _ Ayston
  (4) Catheryn Paderda
  m. _ Cocke
  m2/1. Nicholas Beckett
  C. Alice Delahay
  m. Thomas Champion



This section first uploaded on 06.10.12.
John de Yngwereby (a 1160??)
1. William de Ingwereby of Wiveleslie
  m. (c1290?) Albreda de Wiveleslie (dau of Michael de Wiveleslie of Wiveleslie, sister (& heir?) of Ado)
  A. Nicholas de Ingwereby of Wiveleslie (Willesleye)
  i. ?? de Ingwereby
  a. William de Ingewardeby or Ingwereby of Wiveleslie (Willesleye)
  (1) daughter
  m. (c1400) John de Abeney
  (2) daughter
  m. Thomas Stokes of Tamworth



This section first uploaded on 20.12.21.
Sir Thomas Sankvyle of Falley, Crofton & Brighthorn, Buckinghamshire
1. Thomas Sankvyle
  A. Margery Sankvyle
  m. Thomas Rokes
i. Thomas Rokes
2. Maud Sankvyle
  m1. Nicholas Kentwode
  A. Reynold Kentwode (d by 12.1441, Dean of St. Paul's, London)
  B. Robert Kentwode of Kentwood (Berkshire), West Shefford, etc.
  m. Joan Barantyne (dau of Drew Barantyne of Chalgrove) @@ just below
  i. John Kentwode of Kentwood (dsp by 1488)
  m. Elizabeth Warying (dau/heir of Thomas Waryng of Erlegh Bartholomew, m2. William Fettiplace of Childrey)
  ii. Nicholas Kentwode (dsp)
  iii. Frideswide Kentwode
  m. Richard Fettiplace of Maidencourt (d 06.08.1503)
  iv. Elizabeth Kentwode
  m. John Swarfield
  m2. Thomas Boteler



This section first uploaded on 20.12.21.
Drew Barantyne of Chalgrove
1. Katherine Barantyne
  m. William Fettiplace of Stokenchurch
2. Agnes Barantyne
  m. Walter Barrow
3. Joan Barantyne
  m. Robert Kentwode @@ just above
4. Agnes Barantyne
  m. John Coytsmore



This section first uploaded on 20.12.21.
Richard Plott of Blewbury, Berkshire
1. Elizabeth Plott (d by 10.1595)
  m1. Thomas Kebblewhite of Blewbury (d by 09.1546)
  A. John Kebblewhite had issue
  B. Sybel Wace
  C. Alice Wace
  m. John Gunter
  m2. Stephen Wace of Kintbury & Blewbury (d before 11.10.1553)
  D. Leonard Wace had issue
  E. Mary Wace
  m. Henry Aldworth
  F. Elizabeth Wace
  m. John Blacknall
  m3. Nicholas Fettiplace of Kentwode & Ashampstead (d 08.11.1569)

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