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Families covered: Renton of Billie, Renton of Lamberton, Renton of Mordington
This family is still being researched. It has NOT yet been launched formally into the Database but is shown here as DRAFT in the hope that one or more visitors to the site will contribute information that will enable us to develop this Family List to an acceptable standard.
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(1) It is surprising how little this family has been documented to date. Thanks to CV for giving us all this great start. As is so often the case, research is not helped by spelling inconsistencies. The family name is variously shown as Renton, Rentoun, Reynton, Rainton, Rayntone, Ranetoune, etc. and possibly derived from the village of Renton in Dunbartonshire. It appears that an early line of the family were foresters at Coldingham Priory and that some of them took the name Forrester. For the family dealt with below, their main seats were at Billie (aka Billy, Bylle, etc.) and Lamberton (aka Lamerton, Lammerton, Lammertoun, Lamertoun, Lambertoun, etc.), both in Berwickshire.
(2) A quick look at this family on 20.03.22, as part of a trawl through these Draft pages to see which could be easily upgraded and promoted into the main database, supported the view that there was little chance of our making a significant improvement to it in the near future except by taking data from Geni.com. We may well do that in due course for, although sources are not given for the early generations (see here), they are (or at least seem to be) for at least some of the middling-later generations (see here).
Robert de Renton of Lamberton (a 05.1407)
1. James Renton (a 05.1407) possibly father or grandfather of ...
  A. ?? Renton presumed intermediary generation, father or grandfather of ...
  i. David Renton of Billie & Lamberton (a 1512)
  m1. (before 30.10.1506) Elizabeth Lauder (dau of Sir Robert Lauder of Edrington & The Bass by Isobella Hay)
  m2. (by 27.04.1510) Janet Stewart
m3. (14.05.1513) Janet Hume (a 1536, possibly widow of _ Slycht)
  There may have been 2 generations of Davids above but it is also possible that, for one of the marriages, the above David has been confused with the following David. Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  a. David Renton of Billie & Lamberton (d before 15.02.1567)
  m. ??
  (1) John Renton of Billie & Lamberton (b by 1547, d before 28.05.1584?)
  m1. Katherine Lawsoun
m2. Jean Cockburn (dau of Alexander Cockburn of that ilk by Helena Hepburn)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (A) David Renton of Billie & Lamberton (d before 1621)
  m. (c1584) Margaret Collace
  (i) John Renton of Billie & Lamberton (a 09.1621, dsp?)
  m. (mcrt 04.11.1615) Margaret Arnot (dau of William Arnot of Colbrandispeth)
  (ii) Agnes Renton (d 29.06.1651) --
  m. (c1610) Alexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven (b c1580, d 04.04.1661) --
  (B) John Renton of Scheills (a 11.1594)
  m. (c1584) Margaret Collace
  (i) Robert Renton (d before 03.04.1634)
  (ii) John Renton of Lamberton (a 06.1625)
  There is uncertainty as to the number of generations of Johns around this time.
  (a) John Renton of Lamberton
One John Renton of Lamberon m. Cicill Gibson on 06.04.1676. It is not known whether she was 1st, 2nd or 3rd wife.
  ((1)) John Renton of Lamberton possibly the same person as or father or grandfather of ...
  ((A)) John Renton of Lamberton (d 27.06.1742)
((i)) John Renton of Lamberton & Mordington (d 02.08.1772)
  m. (before 01.08.1739) Susanna Montgomerie (d 27.07.1754, dau of Alexander Seton Montgomerie, 9th Earl of Eglinton)
  ((a)) Alexander Renton of Lamberton & Mordington (b c1752, d 27.03.1823, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (24.03.1785) Margaret Cairns
  (((1))) Susanna Renton
  m. Robert Camphell (d 1852, Lt. Colonel, son of Captain Robert by Jean Sinclair)
  BLG1952 ('Campbell-Renton of Mordington') shows that one of their sons inherited Lamberton & Mordington and assumed the name Campbell-Renton.
((b)) Susan Renton
  m. Sir Robert Murray of Clermont & Hillhead, 6th Bart (d 1771)
  ((c)) Eleonora Renton
  m. (22.08.1770) Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe of Hoddom (b 1750, d 1813)
  ((d)) Cecilia Renton probably of this generation
  m. Alexander Telfer-Smollett of Bonhill
  ((ii)) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. John Mackenzie of Delvine (dsp 1778)
  ((B)) Anne Renton possibly of this generation
  m. William Robertson of Monkmylne (dsp 07.08.1738)
((C)) Jean Renton possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Hay of Mordington (dsp 12.1752)
  (C) Robert Renton
  (D) Helen Renton
m. William Cockburn 'of that ilk' of Cockburn
  (E) Jean Renton
  m. (c1622) William Arnott (son of William of Colbrandispeth, brother of John & James)
  m3. (mcrt 29.05.1580) Alison Heriot (dau of James Heriot of Trabroun, widow of William Pringle of Torwoodlee)
  (F) James Renton of Billie (d 1637)
  m. (mcrt 09.09.1630) Lilias Oliphant (dau of Sir James Oliphant of Newton, 1st Bart)
  (i) James Renton of Billie (a 1637, d 1687, 2nd son)
m. (mcrt 1657) Jean Home (a 1693, dau of John Home of Manderstoun)
  (a)+ 8 children (a 1693)
  (ii) Anna Renton possibly the Anna who married ...
  m. Alexander Udny of that ilk
  (iii)+ other issue (a 1637) - Thomas, Lilias
  (G) Agnes Renton (a 1621)
  m. James Pringle of Buckholme
  (2) Susan Renton possibly of this generation
  m. Andrew Haig, 15th of Bemersyde (d c1583)
  b. Beatrix Renton
  m1. Sir William St. Clair of Herdmanston (d 02.1530)
  m2. William Crichton of Drylaw
  m3. (before 1539) Edward Sinclair of Dryden
  c.+ other issue (a 04.1510) - Archibald, Alexander, George
  ii. William Renton
2.+ 2 sons (a 05.1407)

Main source(s): information kindly provided for us by a contributor (CV, 17.10.15) compiled from various sources and cross-references not least from within "Report on the manuscripts of Colonel David Milne Home of Wedderburn Castle" (1902) and from elsewhere in this database
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