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Families covered: Reddish of Dodleston, Reddish of Gropenhall (Gropenhale), Reddish of Reddish
This family is still being researched. It has NOT yet been launched formally into the Database but is shown here as DRAFT in the hope that one or more visitors to the site will contribute information that will enable us to develop this Family List to an acceptable standard.
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We are a little surprised at the difficulty we have had in finding much on this family.
Richard de Reddish, Lancashire
1. Richard de Reddish (a 1313)
  A. (Richard?) de Reddish possibly father or grandfather of ...
  i. Richard Reddish of Reddish (d 1404)
  a. Ralph Reddish of Reddish (b c1374, d c1409)
  (1) Richard Reddish of Reddish (a 1445)
  (A) John Reddish of Reddish
  m. (b c1441) Elizabeth Holland (dau of Thurstan Holland)
(i) ?? Reddish presumed intermediary generation, possibly the Thomas Reddish of Reddish who was father of Elizabeth??
  (a) Otes Reddish of Reddish (d 10.09.1521)
  ((1)) John Reddish of Reddish (b c1475, d 09.1558)
  ((A)) Otes Reddish of Reddish (dvp?)
  ((i)) John Reddish of Reddish (b c1539, d 08.1569)
m. Margaret Langley (dau of Sir Robert Langley of Agecroft, m2. Richard Holland of Denton)
  ((a)) Alexander Reddish (d 1613?)
  m. Catherine Dethick (dau/heir of Henry Dethick of Newhall)
  (((1))) Grace Reddish
  m. Sir Robert Darcy
  (((2))) Sarah Reddish
  m. Clement Coke (d 1619, son of Chief Justice Sir Edward)
((b)) Alice Reddish (d before 24.06.1592) probably of this generation
  m. Hamon Whichcot of Harpswell (d before 27.04.1563)
  ((c)) Anne Reddish (a 1699) probably of this generation
  m. Marmaduke Thwenge of Upper Helmsley (d 1589)
  ((ii)) Thomas Reddish of Reddish possibly fits here??
  ((a)) Elizabeth Reddish
  m. (by 1580) John Holford of Davenham (d by 1605)
  ((2)) Anne Reddish probably of this generation
  m. Ellis Barlow of Barlow
((3)) Elizabeth Reddish probably of this generation
  m. Robert Reddish of Dodleston (d 1549-50) @@ below
  (b) Elizabeth Reddish possibly fits here
  m. Robert Radclyffe of Mellor
  (2) Hugh Reddish possibly of this generation
  The following comes from Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 2, 'Boydell of Dodleston and Gropenhall') which identifies Hugh as "younger son of .... Reddish, of Reddish".
  m. Margaret Boydell (a 1407, 1424, dau of Thomas Boydell of Dodleston)
  (A) Thomas Reddish of Catterich in Gropenhale & Dodleston
m. Cicely
  (i) Robert Reddish (dsp 1455-6)
  m. Margaret Legh (dau of Robert Legh of Adlington)
  (ii) Richard Reddish of Dodleston
m. Joan Legh
  (a) Robert Reddish of Dodleston (d 1549-50)
  m1/2. Elizabeth Reddish (dau of Otys Reddish of Reddish) @@ above
  m2/1. Anne
  ((1)) Thomas Reddish of Gropenhall & Dodleston (d 1561-2)
m. Eleanor Grosvenor (dau of Richard Grosvenor of Eaton)
  ((A)) Maud Reddish
  m. William Merbury (d 1592, son/heir of James of Merbury)
  ((2))+ other issue - Charles, John, Peter, Hugh, Edward
  (b)+ other issue - William, George, Richard
  (iii) Joane Reddish
  m. George Daniel of Cherrytreehurst
  (iv)+ other issue - Thomas, Elizabeth
  b. Margaret Reddish possibly of this generation
  m. Nicholas Eyre of Hope

Main source(s): VCH (Lancashire, vol 4, Townships: Reddish) with input as reported above and cross-references from elsewhere in the database
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