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Families covered: de Morvill, Moreville of Cunninghame
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We have not yet found a source that deals satisfactorily with the de Morville family, showing how (if at all) the various Hugh de Morevilles were connected. Many web sites clearly mix them up. The following is an attempt to pull the basic 'facts' together but cannot avoid some contradiction!
Simon de Morvill
Simon is reported by some web sites to have died in 1140 and to have been son of Hugh de Moreville who came into England at the time of the Conquest.
m. Ada Engaine (dau of William Engaine (by Eustacie), m2. Robert de Vaux)
1. Hugh de Morvill of Burgh (forester of Cumberland) only son shown by TCP
  ## Some web sites suggest that this was the Hugh (d 1204) who was one of the murderers of Thomas Becket. That Hugh was lord of Knaresborough which some sites report as having been obtained by this Hugh through his marriage to Heloise. Provisionally, we show that Hugh below. It is noted that Knaresborough and Burgh were in the same region.
  m. Heloise de Stuteville (dau of Robert de Stuteville)
  A. Ada de Morvill (d after 1240)
  m1. Richard de Lucie of Egremont (d c1214)
  m2. (before 10.03.1217/8) Sir Thomas de Multon, Sheriff of Cumberland (d 1240)
  B. Joan de Morville
  m. Richard Gernun



Consistently shown by a wide range of web sites are Hugh and Beatrice, parents of Richard who, by Avice de Lancaster, was father of the Elena who married Roland of Galloway.
Hugh de Moreville of Cunninghame, Constable of Scotland (b c1105, d 1162)
m. Beatrice de Beauchamp (dau of Payne de Beauchamp of Bedford)
1. Richard de Moreville, Constable of Scotland (d 1189)
  m. Avice de Lancaster (d 1191, dau of William, lord of Kendal)
  A. William de Moreville, Constable of Scotland (dsp 1196)
  B. Eva or Helena or Elena de Moreville (d 11.06.1217) GHJSY
  Elena, dau of Richard and sister/heir of William, is confirmed in TSP ('Galloway') as wife of ...
  m. Roland, Lord of Galloway, Constable of Scotland (d 19.12.1200) GHJSY
Various web sites show Hugh & Beatrice as parents also of ...
2. Hugh de Moreville of Knaresborough (d 1204, assassin of Thomas Becket) see note ## above
3. Maud de Moreville Y
  Shown by 'History and Antiquities of the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland' (Nicolson & Burn, vol 1 (1777), p266+) as sister of Hugh 'the assassin' but as daughter of the above Simon de Morvill by Ada Enagine.
  m. William de Veteripont or Vipont (d 1202) Y

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section: TCP ('Multon') with input as reported above
(2) For lower section : 'Topographical Description of Ayrshire, more particularly of Cunninghame' (George Robertson, 1820, p46+)
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