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Families covered: Glascock of Aldham, Glascock in Essex, Glascock of Farnham, Glascock of High Easter
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(1) The following family is almost certainly a branch of the family shown on Glascock1 and connected to that shown on Glascock3.
(2) Visitation (Essex, 1634) has 2 sections on Glascock families. The first one identifies the family's arms as "Ermine, on a chevron sable between three cocks azure a besant". The second section identifies the arms as "same as in the last pedigree". Both of those sections has an overlap with a (different) sectionsgiven by Le Neve. Combining all these together is complicated by the commonality of the name William (which does seem to have led to confusion between some of them), the way in which some of the Williams are somtimes referred to as being of one place and at other times as being of another place, and the rarity of mention of dates.
William Glascock of Bovinger (Bobbingworth), Essex given by Visitation (#1)
1. William Glascock of High Easter and/or Felsted, Essex
(1) Visitation (#1) shows William as of High Easter and identifies his wife as Jane, dau of _ Grene of Navestock.
(2) Le Neve (p141), starts with this generation (but adds a note "qre dehoc if not the same p'son" as his son), shows William as of Felsted and identifies his wife as Allice, dau of _ Greene of Navestock.
  m. Jane or Alice Greene (dau of _ Greene of Navestock)
  A. William Glascock of Felstedbury & High Easter and/or Aldamhow (Hoo Place in Aldham)
  (1) Visitation (#1) shows William as of Felstedbury & High Easter whilst Le Neve (p141) shows him as of Aldamhow. Both identify his wife as Fortune Downes though Le Neve identifies her as heir to her father, which Visitation does not, whilst Le Neve shows her father as of Sandon (in) Essex but Visitation shows him as of Suffolk.
(2) HoP ("William Glascock of Kings Langley") shows the mother of William's oldest (surviving?) son William (MP) as Elizabeth, dau of John Burton of Eastbourne. HoP reports that the MP "must be distinguished from two of his cousins, Sir William Glascock of Wormley, a master in Chancery who was knighted in 1661, and Sir William Glascock of Farnham, who received the same honour as sheriff of Essex in 1682 but died in office." We are not confident that we have distinguished the Williams correctly but hope to do so in due course.
(3) Provisionally, noting that there is such a lady shown ## below ## as married to another William and mother of another William (b c1617), we follow Visitation & Le Neve in identifying this William's wife (and mother of the MP) as ...
m. Fortune Downes
  i. Thomas Glascock mentioned by Le Neve (p141) but not by Visitation (#1)
  ii. William Glascock of Hayrons in High Easter and/or Wormley (b 30.05.1617, d 14.07.1688, MP, Judge of the Admiralty then Master of Requests)
  Visitation (#1) shows William (a 1634) as of Hayrons in High Easter and does not give any information on his marriage & children but does name his siblings. Le Neve shows him as having been knighted in 1661, shows him as married to Dorothy Glover then Mary Shere with Thomas, William & Dorothy as children by Mary Shere.
  m. (17.06.1656) Sarah Mayne (dau/coheir of James Mayne of Bovington)
  a. Sarah Glascock possibly the 'dau of Sir W. Glascock' who married Colonel Francis Bramston? ## see here ##
  iii. Dorothy Glascock (d by 1720) mentioned by Le Neve (p141) but not by Visitation (#1)
  m. (c5.1664) Sir Benjamin Maddox of Wormley
  Note that the Maddox source identifies Dorothy as dau of Sir William Glascock (Glasscocks) of Wormley (by Mary, dau of James Mayne of Boringdon), sister/heir of Sir William), giving further evidence of confusion - or possibly helping to resolve the confusion?
  iv. Fortune Glascock mentioned by Visitation (#1) but not by Le Neve (p141)
  m. Geffrey Watts of Essex
  v.+ other issue - John, Frances, Elizabeth mentioned by Visitation (#1) but not by Le Neve (p141)
2. John Glascock of High Easter
  Visitation (#1) shows a John as second son of the above William of High Easter. Visitation (#2) starts with a John of High Easter. We suspect that he was either the John mentioned by Visitation (#1) as of this generation or was a cousin of that John. Provisionally we follow that first alternative but note that this should be viewed as speculative.
  A. Henry Glascock of High Easter
  Henry is the first mentioned by Bysshe (1664, 'Glascock') which supports & slightly extends what is given by Visitation (#2 (1634)).
  m. Grace Innow (dau of John Innow or Ennew of Coggeshall)
  i. Henry Glascock of Hartishhobury in Farnham, Essex (a 1634)
  m. Margery Fitch (dau/sister of Sir William Fitch)
a. William Glascock 'of Farnham' (b c1610, a 1634)
  Visitation (#2 (1634)) mentions William but ends with his generation. Visitation (1664) does not even mention him but reports the family of his brother Edward. We speculate that this was the William of Farnham who is the first mentioned by Le Neve (p368) which provides the following.
  m. Mary Shires (dau of George Shires of Slyfeild)
  (1) Sir William Glascock of Farnham, Sheriff of Essex (d unm 1683)
  Date of death from Wikipedia.
  (2) Mary Glascock
  m. Sir Marmaduke Dorrell of Castle Camps
  (3)+ other issue - Ignatius (d young), Elizabeth (d unm)
  b. Edward Glascock of Brises in Kelbedon, Essex (a 1664)
  m1. Hester Wingate (dau of John Wingate of Harlington)
  (1)+ issue (a 1664) - Henry (b c1644), Thomas, William
  m2. Elizabeth Capell (dau of Henry Capell of Essex(
(4)+ other issue - Edward, Elizabeth
  c. Anne Glascock
  m. John Gibbs of Wickham Hall
  d. Grace Glascock
  m. Edmond Slaughter of London
  e.+ other issue - Thomas, Emelyn, Sara, Elizabeth, Mary, Dorothy
  ii. William Glascock of Aldham (a 1634)
  See likely confusion ## above ## with another William father of William (b 1617).
  m. Elizabeth Burton (dau of John Burton of Bourne by dau of _ Capell of Hadham)
  a. William Glascock (b c1617, a 1634)
  iii. Ignatus Glascock of High Easter (a 1634)
  iv. Grace Glascock
  m. John Wright of Brooke Streete
3. Robert Glascock mentioned by Visitation (#1)

Main source(s): Visitation (Essex, 1634, 'Glascock #1 & ´#2), 'Pedigrees of the Knights' (Le Neve, edited by George Marshall (183), p141 & p368), Visitation (Bysshe (edited by J.J. Howard 1888), Essex, 1664, 'Glascock' & 'Glascock of Farnham')
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