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Families covered: Cumming of Culter (Comyn of Coulter)
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'Family Records of the Bruces and the Cumyns' (M.E. Cumming Bruce, 1870) suggests that this family was probably descended from William Cumyn, Earl of Buchan (who d 1233).
?? Comyn of Culter father of the wife of Alexander Leslie, possibly also of ...
1. William Cuming of Culter & Inverallochy, Aberdeenshire (a 1483, 1486) mentioned on 'Family Records' (p435) as father of Alexander, William, James and others
  A. Alexander Cumming (a 1483) possibly the Alexander Comyn of Culter who married ...
m. (1480) Christian Burnet (dau of Alexander Burnet of Leys)
  i. ?? Cumming
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations but the Burnett page shows the above Christian 3 generations before the Janet shown below.
  a. ?? Cumming possibly father of ...
(1) Sir Alexander Comyn of Culter
  m. Janet Burnet (dau of Alexander Burnet of Leys, widow of Alexander Skene of that ilk who dvp before 1599)
  (A) ?? Cumming presumed intermediary generation, possibly father of ...
  (i) Sir Alexander Cumming of Culter
m. Isobel Irvine (dau of Robert Irvine of Fornet & Moncoffer, widow of Alexander Irvine of Kingcausie who 1644) ## see here ##, wife of Alexander, possibly mother of ...
  (a) Sir Alexander Cumming of Culter (d c1715) - continued below
  The Allardice source identifies Alexander at "13th of Coulter". The above-mentioned 'Family Records' (p435) identifies his son, the 1st Bart, as "the fourteenth of this family". TCB reports that that source indicates that the 1st Bart "was 8th (?) in descent from (the) Sir Alexander Cuming" who was alive in 1565 though we have not so far identified where that book makes that suggestion.
  m. Helen Allardice (a 1724, dau of James Allardice, widow of Patrick Keith of Kirtownhill)
  B. John Cummyn of Culter (younger son?) possibly of this generation
  m. (1480) Janet Irvine (dau of Alexander Irvine, 5th of Drum, widow of David Barclay, younger of Mathers)
  C.+ other issue - William (a 1486), James (a 1483)
2. daughter
  m. Alexander Leslie, 5th of Balquhain (d 10.04.1472)



Sir Alexander Cumming of Culter (d c1715) - continued above
TCB identifies the 1st Bart's mother as Helen, dau of James Allardyce of that ilk. However, it appears that she was ...
m. Helen Allardice (a 1724, dau of James Allardice (grandson of John of that ilk), widow of Patrick Keith of Kirtownhill)
1. Sir Alexander Cumming of Culter, 1st Bart (b c1674, d 07.02.1724/5, MP)
  m1. (by 1690) Elizabeth Swinton (d 04.1709, dau of Sir Alexander Swinton, 'Lord Mersington', by Alison Skene)
  A. Sir Alexander Cumming (in America then London), 2nd Bart (b 1690, d 23.08.1775, "Chief of the Cherokee nation")
  m. (c1737) Amy (not Anna) Whitehall (bur 22.10.1743, dau of Lancelot Whitehall)
  i. Sir Alexander Cumming, 3rd Bart (b c1737, a 1789, d unm, Captain)
  B. Helen Cumming (b 1693, d 1768)
  The following, and identification of Helen, comes from 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 1, No. 4 (March 1908), p105).
  m. Robert Cumming (d before 1768, settled at Concord, Massachussetts)
  i. Isabella Cumming (b 1722, d 1768)
  m. Janes Nevin (Member of Council, New Hampshire)
  a. Maria Nevin (b 1754, d 1809)
  m. Edward Tyrrell Smith (Admiral)
  (1) Eliza Alicia Isabella Smith (b 1777, d 1856)
  m. Samuel Tomkins of London (banker)
  m2. Elizabeth Dennis (dau/coheir of William Dennis of Puckleworth)
  C. James Cumming of Breda House, later in Edinburgh
  TCB reports that James's son dsp before 15.06.1790. The remainder of the following comes from 'The Genealogist' (edited by George Marshall, vol 3, 1879, p1+).
  m1. _ Chalmers (dau of "Principal Chalmers, King's College, Old Aberdeen")
  i. daughter (a 1801)
  m. Ronald
  m2. ?? ("his Housekeeper")
ii. son (dsp before 15.06.1790)
  iii. daughter (a 1801)
  m. _ Reed (WS)
TCB, which refers to the above-mentioned article in 'The Genealogist', reports the assumption of the baronetcy by the undermentioned Kenneth Cumming who claimed descent from the 1st Bart, albeit without being clear by which of his wives. The article in 'The Genealogist' includes a number of letters referring to the claim, including one that suggests that the following Robert was in fact the second son of the 2nd Bart rather than his younger brother. 'The Genealogist' discounts these suggestion sthat the following Robert was a descendant of the 1st Bart but notes the possibility that he may have been descended from an uncle of that 1st Bart.
2. ?? Cumming
  A. Robert Cumming of Allathen
  m. (1730) Anna Leslie (dau of Alexander Leslie of Pitcaple)
  i. Robert Cumming ("Doctor in the Austrian Army")
  m1. ?? (possibly, dau of Count von Eben)
  m2. (by 1775) Grace Stalker (dau of John Stalker of Foxmore)
  a. 'Sir' Kenneth William Cumming, 'Bart of Culter' (d 1838-9)
  m. Marion Jones (dau of David Jones of Giveldon)
  (1)+ 2 daughters
  b. Robert Stewart Cumming of Cummingswood, Prince Edward's Island, North America (b 1777, d 1847, MD) had issue
  m1. (sp?) Jane Kay (d 1826)
  m2. (by 1837) Jean Aitchison (d 1865)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : cross-references from elsewhere in the database
(2) For lower section : TCB (vol 2, 'Cumming of Culter', p370+) with input/support as reported above
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