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Families covered: Aldous of Brandeston, Aldous of Fressingfield, Aldous of Hoxne,Aldous of Huntingfield, Aldous of Stradbroke, Aldous of Wingfield
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We have just one connection between the following Aldous family and the rest of the database, Elizabeth who married Matthew Arnold, the 2 sources we refer to below disagree as to her ancestry. Because BLG1952 starts at an earlier date than Muskett's work, and was published some 52 years later, we assume that its pedigree was produced after further research and so give it precedence. However, we show this as a DRAFT page pending further research or input.
William Aldous of Fressingfield, Suffolk (a 1477, d before 15.01.1531-2, churchwarden)
m. Johanne Warner (dau of Thomas Warner of Fressingfield)
1. Thomas Aldous of Fressingfield & Wingfield (d before 28.09.1569)
  m. Agnes (d before 17.05.1582)
  A. Thomas Aldous of Wingfield (bur 24.05.1613)
  m. (18.09.1570) Frances Preston (bur 03.05.1613, dau of George Preston of Earsham)
  i. Richard Aldous of Wingfield (bpt 07.08.1545, d 01.10.1656)
  m. Edith (bur 19.08.1670)
  a. William Aldous of Wingfield & Hoxne (bpt 18.08.1614, bur 02.04.1681)
  m1. (c12.1638) Anne Calver (dau of John Calver of Laxfield & Wikby, sister of John of Wilby)
  (1) William Aldous of Wingfield, Hoxne & Stradbroke (bur 23.11.1723)
  m(1). Susan Peake of Stradbroke
  (A) Thomas Aldous of Hoxne (bpt 31.12.1669, d by 03.1735)
  m. (16.10.1702) Anne Goddard (bur 09.02.1755)
  (i) Jonathan Aldous of Hoxne & Tannington (bpt 21.03.1713-4, bur 25.08.1786)
  m(2). Martha (b c1725, bur 25.10.1791)
  (a) James Aldous of Tannington & Brandeston (bur 25.04.1805)
  m. Mary (bur 28.11.1797)
  ((1)) James Aldous of Brandeston, Stradbroke, etc. (bpt 12.03.1765, bur 17.07.1837)
  m. (20.06.1792) Elizabeth Gooch of Brundish
  ((A)) James Aldous of Stradbroke & London (bpt 08.04.1802, d 25.01.1868) had issue
  m. Elizabeth (b 1799-1800, d 01.06.1843)
((B))+ other issue
  ((2))+ other issue
  (b)+ other issue
  (ii)+ other issue
  (2) John Aldous of Wingfield (d before 23.07.1709)
  m. Margaret (bur 09.10.1722)
  (A) Richard Aldous of Wingfield (bpt 06.02.1685-6, bur 22.08.1751)
  (B) Elizabeth Aldous (bpt 19.11.1682, d 06.10.1723) - see alternate ancestry ## below ##
  m. (31.01.1708) Matthew Arnold of Lowestoft
  (C) Anne Aldous
  m. (c09.1710) John Sanford
  m2. Rebecca
  b.+ other issue
  ii.+ other issue
  B.+ other issue
2.+ other issue



Richard Aldous (d 1612, Rector of Fressingfield)
1. Samuel Aldous (d 30.05.1633?, Rector of Fressingfield)
  A. Richard Aldous (a 1612)
  B. Richard Aldous (b 1611, bur 17.10.1664, Rector of Fressingfield)
  m. Honour (d before 30.11.1683)
  i. Francis Aldous of Middleton
  ii. William Aldous of Fressingfield & Huntingfield (d before 13.09.1674)
m. Cicely (a 1674)
  a. Richard Aldous of Huntingfield (b 1668, d 28.08.1739)
  m. Mary (b 1676, d 15.03.1753)
  (1) Richard Aldous of Huntingfield (a 12.1750)
  (2) Elizabeth Aldous (b c1681, d 06.10.1723) - see alternate ancestry ## above ##
  m. Matthew Arnold of Lowestoft
  b. Hnoour Aldous (a 1682)
  m. _ Simpson
  c. Lucretia Aldous
  iii. Catherine Aldous (a 07.1718)
  m. (1666) John Woodcock of Middleton (bur 1681)
  a. Catherine Woodcock (d 1720)
  m. John Martin of Bruhdish
  b. Honour Woodcock (d unm)
  c. Frances Woodcock
  m. Thomas Meadows (Rector of Benacre)
  iv. Elizabeth Aldous
  m. Roger Beart (Rector of Fressingham)
2. James Aldous
  m. Elizabeth
3. Matthie Aldous
  m. Susan
4. John Aldous
  A. Mary Aldous (a 1612)
5. Richard Aldous
  m. Margaret
6. William Aldous
  m. Mary
7.+ other issue (a 1612) - Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, Joan

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BLG1952 ('Aldous formerly of Fressingfield')
(2) For lower section : 'Suffolk Manorial Families' (Joseph James Muskett, 'Edited with extensive additions', vol 1, 1900, 'Aldous of Huntingfield', p388)
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