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Families covered: Windham of Camberwell, Wyndham of Clearwell, Wyndham of Cromer, Wyndham of Dinton, Wyndham of Dunraven Castle, Windham of Earsham, Wyndham of Egremont, Windham of Felbrigg, Wyndham of Hawling, Wyndham of Norrington, Wyndham of Orchard Wyndham, Wyndham of Petworth, Wyndham of Sarum, Wyndham of Uffords, Windham of Waghen

Sir John Wyndham of Orchard Wyndham (b c1568, d 1645)
m. Joan Portman (dau of Sir Henry Portman of Orchard)
1. John Wyndham of Orchard Wyndham (d 1649, 2nd son)
  m. Catherine Hopton (dau of Robert Hopton of Witham)
  A. Sir William Wyndham, 1st Bart of Orchard Wyndham (b c1633, d 29.10.1683)
  m. Frances Hungerford (d c1697, dau of Anthony Hungerford of Farley Castle)
i. Sir Edward Wyndham, 2nd Bart of Orchard Wyndham (b c1667, bur 29.06.1695)
  m. (16.05.1687) Catherin Leveson-Gower (b 31.01.1670, d 14.03.1704, dau of Sir William Leveson-Gower, 4th Bart)
  a. Sir William Wyndham, 3rd Bart of Orchard Wyndham (b 1687, d 17.06.1740)
  m1. (15.07.1708) Catharine Seymour (d 09.04.1731, dau of Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset)
(1) Sir Charles Wyndham of Petworth, 4th Bart of Orchard Wyndham, 2nd Earl of Egremont (d 21.08.1763)
  Charles inherited the earldom (and Petworth) from his uncle, Algernon Seymour, 7th/last Duke of Somerset.
  m. (12.03.1750-1) Alicia Maria Carpenter (d 01.06.1794, dau of George Carpenter, 2nd Lord)
(A) George O'Brien Wyndham of Petworth, 3rd Earl of Egremont (b 07/18.12.1751, dspls 11.11.1837)
  According to Wikipedia ("George Wynham, 3rd Earl of Egremont"), George "had more than 40 children, the only legitimate one died in infancy".
  p. (m. 16.07.1801) Elizabeth Ilive (b c1769, d 1822, dau of (Abraham) Ilive or Iliffe or Ayliffe)
  (i) George Wyndham of Petworth, 1st Lord Leconfield of Leconfield (b 05.06.1787, d 18.03.1869) had issue
  m. (25.04.1815) Mary Fanny Blunt (d 23.05.1863, dau of Rev. William Blunt of Crabbett)
  (ii) Sir Henry Wyndham (b 12.05.1790, dsp 03.08.1860, General)
  m. Elizabeth Somerset (dau of Lord Charles Somerset)
  (iii) Charles Wyndham of Rogate (b 1796, d 18.02.1866, Colonel) had issue
  m. (03.10.1835) Elizabeth Anne Hepburne-Scott (d 21.08.1873, dau of Hugh Hepburne-Scott, 6th Lord Polwarth)
  (iv) Frances Wyndham (b 1789, d 28.09.1848)
  m. (04.07.1808) Sir Charles Merrik Burrell, 3rd Bart of Valentine House (b 24.05.1774, d 04.01.1862)
  (v) Mary Wyndham (d 03.12.1842)
  Mary is not mentioned by the book used to identify her mother's family. However, she is identified as dau of the 3rd Earl by Elizabeth Ilive in TCP (Munster). Wikipedia suggests that her mother was Elizabeth (Eliza) Fox.
  m. (18.10.1819) George FitzClarence, 1st Earl of Munster (b 1794, d 1842)
(vi) Charlotte Wyndham (b 1795, d 1870)
  m. (07.1823) John James King of Coates Castle (d 19.07.1867)
  (vii)+ other issue - Edward (b/d 1792), William (b 1793, d 1794), Elizabeth (b/d 1803)
  (B) Percy Charles Wyndham (b 03.09.1757, d unm 05.08.1833)
  (C) Charles William Wyndham (b 08.10.1760, dsp 08.07.1828)
  m. (1801) Anna Barbara Frances Villiers (d 21.04.1832, dau of George Bussy Villiers, 4th Earl of Jersey)
  (D) William Frederick Wyndham (b 06.04.1763, d 1828)
  m1. (21.07.1784) Frances Mary Harford (natural dau of Frederick Calvert, Lord Baltimore)
  (i) George Francis Wyndham, 4th Earl of Egremont (b 1786, dsp 02.04.1845)
  m. (1820) Jane Roberts (dau of Rev. William Roberts)
  (ii) Frances Wyndham
  m1. (1809) William Miller of Ozleworth Park
  m2. (11.03.1847) Augustin Denis Pinon Duclos, Vicomte de Valmer
  (iii) Laura Wyndham
  m. (1812) Rev. Charles Boutbee (d 1833)
(iv) Julia Wyndham (d unm 1811)
  m2. Julia de Smorzewska, Countess de Spyterkie
  (E) Elizabeth Alicia Maria Wyndham (d 10.02.1826)
  m. (15.07.1771) Henry Herbert, 1st Earl of Carnavon (d 03.06.1811)
  (F) Frances Wyndham (d 14.01.1795)
  m. (30.08.1776) Charles Marsham, 1st Earl Romney (b 28.09.1744, d 01.03.1811)
  (2) Percy Wyndham, later O'Brien, Earl of Thomond (d unm 21.07.1774)
(3) Elizabeth Wyndham (d 05.12.1769)
  m. (1749) George Grenville, Prime Minister (b 14.10.1712, d 13.11.1770)
  (4) daughter
  m2. (01.06.1734) Maria Catherina d'Jong (b c1683, d 01.09.1779, dau of Peter D'Jong)
  b. Jane Wyndham (bur 06.02.1719)
  m. (1708) Sir Richard Grosvenor, 4th Bart of Eaton (dsps 13.07.1732)
ii. Rachel Wyndham
  m1. Sir George Speke, 2nd Bart of Haselbury (dsp 14.01.1682)
  m2. Richard Musgrave
  iii. Elizabeth Wyndham
  m. Thomas Erle of Charborough (d 1720, General)
  iv. Frances Wyndham
  m. Nathaniel Palmer of Fairfield (d 1717)
  v. 'John' Wyndham
  m. William Cary of Clovelly
  B. Florence Wyndham
  m. Sir John Malet (b 16.05.1623/4, d 1686)
  C. Mary Wyndham
  m. W. Okeden
  D. Anne Wyndham
  m. Anthony Bullen
E. Catharine Wyndham
  m1. Charles (not John) Specott
  m2. John Tanner 'of St. Stephens in Brannel' (MP)
  F.+ 8 sons
2. Thomas Wyndham or Windham of Felbrigg, Sheriff of Norfolk (b 1581, d 01.03.1653)
  m1. Elizabeth Lytton (dau of Sir Rowland Lytton of Knebworth)
  A. John Windham of Felbrigg (d before 28.07.1666)
  m1. Jane Godfrey (b 1599-1600, d 01.06.1652)
  i.+ 2 children (d young)
  m2. Jane Towneshend
  m3. Dorothy Ogle (dau of _ Ogle of Bardwell)
  m2. Elizabeth Mede (dau of Sir John Mede or Meade of Loftus Hall, she m2. Richard Chamberlain)
  B. William Windham of Earsham then Felbrigg (d 09.06.1689, 3rd son)
  m. Catherine Ashe (d 24.12.1729, dau of Sir Joseph Ashe, 1st Bart of Twickenham)
  i. Ashe Windham of Felbrigg (MP)
BLG1952's entry on Ashe mentions his grandson William, Secretary of State, who devised Felbrigg upon William Lukin. The following is provisional, being developed from references in various web sites (eg. Wikipedia).
  m. Elizabeth Dobyns
  a. William Windham of Felbrigg Hall (b 1717, d 30.10.1761)
  p1. Mary Morgan
  (1) Elizabeth Windham
m(/p2). (13.02.1750) Sarah Hicks (widow of Robert Lukin)
  (2) William Windham of Felbrigg Hall (b 03.05.1750, d(sp?) 04.06.1810, Secretary of State for War)
  William devised Felbrigg upon his half-nephew William Lukin.
  ii. William Windham of Earsham (d 22.04.1730, Colonel)
  m. Anne Tyrrel (d 30.12.1762, dau of Sir Charles Tyrrel, 2nd Bart of Heron)
  a. William Windham of Earsham
  m. (04.1734) Mary Howard (d 12.11.1744, dau of Charles Howard)
  b. John Windham, later Windham-Bowyer of Waghen & Camberwell (d 15.04.1780)
  m. (09.1734) Mary Windham-Ashe (d 16.05.1789, dau of Joseph Windham-Ashe of Waghen and Camberwell) @1@ just below
  (1) Joesph Windham-Bowyer 'of Earsham' of Waghen & Camberwell (b 1739, dsp 1810) who married ...
  m. Charlotte de Grey (dau of William, 1st Lord Walsingham)
  (2) Anne Windham-Bowyer (d 20.12.1815)
  m. (22.03.1779) Sir William Smijth, 7th Bart (d 01.05.1823)
iii. Joseph Windham, later Windham-Ashe of Waghen and Camberwell (d 07.1746)
  m. (28.06.1715) Martha Ashe (bur 11.09.1749, dau of Sir James Ashe, 2nd Bart of Twickenham, by Catherine Bowyer)
  a. Mary Windham-Ashe
  m. (09.1734) John Windham Bowyer of Waghen and Camberwell (d 15.04.1780) @1@ just above
  b. Katharine Windham-Ashe (d unm)
  iv. Elizabeth Wyndham probably of this generation
  m. Thomas de Grey of Merton (d 1765)
  C. Elizabeth Wyndham probably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. William Finch, Lord Maidstone (dvp 28.05.1672)
  D.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp 1661), John (dsp 02.06.1676), Joan
3. Humphrey Wyndham (6th son)
A. Humphrey Wyndham of Dunraven Castle
  m. Joan Carne (dau of Sir John Carne of Ewenny Abbey)
  i. John Wyndham of Dunraven Castle
  m. Jane Strode (dau of William Strode)
  a. John Wyndham of Dunraven Castle
  (1) Jane Wyndham of Dunraven
  m. (sp) Thomas Wyndham of Clearwell (d 1751) @2@ below
  ii. Mary Wyndham probably of this generation
  m. (1683) Trevor Williams, younger of Llangibby (dvpsp)
  iii. Grace Wyndham probably of this generation
  m. Gabriel Lewis of Llanishen
  B. Ann Wyndham probably of this generation
  m1. Sir Roger Lort, 1st Bart of Stackpoole Court (b c1608, d 1663)
  m2. Edward Mansel
4. Sir Hugh Wyndham of Silton or Stilton (baron of the Exchequer)
  m1. Jane Wodehouse (dau of Sir Thomas Wodehouse, Bart of Kimberley)
A. Blanche Wyndham (d 1695)
  m. (1656) Sir Nathan Napier, Bart (d 01.1708)
  B. Rachel Wyndham (b c1645, d 16.02.1708/9)
  m. (1663) John Digby, 3rd Earl of Bristol (b c1635, dsp 18.09.1698)
  C.+ other issue (d young) - John, Hugh, Joan
  m2. Elizabeth Minn (dau of Sir William Minn of Woodcote)
  m3. Catherine Fleming (dau of Sir Thomas Fleming of Stoneham)
5. Sir Wadham Wyndham of Norrington (d 1668, judge)
  m. Barbara Clarke (dau of Sir George Clarke of Walford (Clerke of Watford))
A. John Wyndham of Norrington (b 02.03.1648, d 29.02.1724, MP)
  m. (c01.1674) Alice Fownes (dau of Thomas Fownes of Steepleton Iwerne)
  i. John Wyndham of Aschcombe
  m. Anne Barber
  a. Anne Wyndham (d 10.04.1796)
  m. (24.16.1751) James Everard Arundell of Ashcombe (d 1803)
  ii. Wadham Wyndham (dsp)
  iii. Thomas Wyndham of Finglas, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, Baron Wyndham of Wyndham (dsp 24.11.1745)
  iv. Alicia Wyndham (d 15.04.1723)
  m. (22.12.1698) Sir Edward Knatchbull, 4th Bart (d 03.04.1730)
  B. Thomas Wyndham of Salisbury b 24.01.1664, d 18.04.1698, MP)
  HoP ("Thomas Wyndham III") identifies Thomas as 7th but 4th surviving son.
  m. (c10.1693) Margaret More (dau/coheir of thomas Moore of Hawkchurch)
  i.+ 2 sons + 1 daughter
C. William Wyndham of Dinton (b 21.09.1659, d after 25.10.1733, MP)
  HoP ("William Wyndham") identifies William as 3rd but 2nd surviving son.
  m. (by 1695) Henrietta Stratford (dau of Henry Stratford of Hawling)
  i. William Wyndham of Dinton and Hawling (d 29.11.1762)
  m. Barbara Smith (dau of Michael Smith of Stanton St. Bernard)
  a. William Wyndham of Dinton and Hawling (d 12.12.1786)
  m. (03.12.1762/7) Elizabeth Heathcote (d 12.06.1809, dau of Sir Thomas Heathcote, Bart of Hursley Park)
  (1) William Wyndham of Dinton and Norrington (b 18.12.1769, d 19.09.1841) had issue (6 sons, 6 daughters)
  m. (03.03.1794) Laetitia Popham (d 07.12.1837, dau of Alexander Popham)
(2) Thomas Wyndham (b c1771, d 1862, rector) had issue (1 son)
  m. Anne Stubbs (dau of Walter Stubbs)
  (3) Wadham Wyndham (d 1835)
  (4) George Wyndham had issue (3 sons)
  m. (1803) Elizabeth Domincus (dau of George Dominicus of East Farleigh)
  (5) John Heathcote Wyndham (d 01.1852, rector of Corton) had issue (1 son)
  m. (1813) Jane Dorothy Eveleigh (dau of Rev. Dr. Eveleigh of Oxford)
(6) Charles Wyndham of Donhead Hall (d 14.03.1846) had issue (1 daughter)
  m. (06.1824) Maria Frances Heathcote (d 09.08.1859, dau of Sir William Heathcote, Bart)
  (7)+ 4 daughters
  b.+ other issue
  ii. Wadham Wyndham of Fyfield probably of this generation
  a. Anne Henrietta Wyndham
  m. (10.04.1769) Charles Penruddocke of Compton Chamberlayne (d 30.10.1788, cousin)
iii. Frances Wyndham probably of this generation
  m. (29.12.1741) Charles Penruddocke of Compton Chamberlayne (b 1708, d 1769)
  D. Wadham Wyndham of Salisbury (d 1736)
  m. Sarah Hearst of Sarum (b c1667, d 1748)
  i. Henry Wyndham of Sarum (Salisbury)
  m. (11.09.1735) Arundel Penruddocke (dau of Thomas Penruddocke of Compton)
  a. Henry Penruddocke Wyndham of Sarum (d 1819)
  m. (1768) Caroline Hearst (dau of Edward Hearst of the College, Sarum)
(1) Wadham Wyndham of the College, Sarum (dsp 1843)
  m. Ann Eliza Slade (dau of Lt. General Slade)
  (2) Caroline Frances Wyndham (d 03.12.1845)
  m. (1797) John Campbell of Dunoon & Blunham
  (3)+ other sons (dsp)
  b. Letitia Wyndham (d 02.08.1821)
  m. (30.10.1777) Sir William Pierce Ashe à Court, 1st Bart (b 1747, d 22.07.1817)
  c.+ other sons
  E. George Wyndham had issue
  m. Katherine Ashley (dau of Gabriel Ashley of New Sarum)
  F. Barbara Wyndham probably of this family, of this generation
  m. Sir Humphrey Brigges, 3rd Bart of Haughton (b c1651, d 1699)
  G. Joan Wyndham (b c1649, d 20.01.1734) probably of this generation
  m. (21.07.1673) Thomas Harris of The Close of Sarum (b 22.02.1643, d 13.01.1678-9)
H. Elizabeth Wyndham probably of this generation
  m. Charles Walcot of Walcot (b 1660, d 17.06.1726)
6. George Wyndham of Uffords (d before 02.02.1663)
  m1. (sp) Anne Godfrey (relict of James Underwood of Cromer)
  m2. Frances Davy (dau of James Davy of Suffield (by Frances, dau of William Hobart of Metton and Ufford's Manor), son of Sir Henry)
  A. Francis Wyndham of Uffords (d 1694)
  Commoners (vol ii, Wyndham of Cromer) identifies Francis's wife as Frances, dau of Sir Thomas Dayrell of Lillingston Dayrell, but BLG1886 (Wyndham of Ditton) identifies her as ...
  m. Sarah Dayrell (dau of Sir Thomas Dayrell of Shudy Camps)
  i. Francis Wyndham of Ufford's Manor (a 1752)
a. John Wyndham of Cromer
  m. Elizabeth Dalton (dau of Richard Dalton by Mary, dau of George Wrighte of Gayhurst & Stoke Goddington)
  (1) George Wyndham of Cromer (b 1766, d 1810)
  m. Marianne Bacon (dau of Colonel Philip Bacon of Ipswich)
(A) George Thomas Wyndham of Cromer Hall (d 05.02.1830)
  m. (12.07.1826) Maria Augusta Windham (dau of Vice Admiral William Windham (formerly Lukyn) of Felbrigg, she m2. William Hare, 2nd Earl Listowel)
  Commoners ends with identifying their children as George and 2 daughters. Maria Anne is identified as the elder daughter in TCP (Macdonald of Slate or Sleat) which suggests that she was born some 7 years before her parent's marriage date as reported by Commoners. Some sources identify their other daughter as Cecilia Anne (b 1803, d 1874) who married Henry Baring of Cromer Hall in 1825 (with her first child born in 1826). Whilst the dates are confusing enough to make it look possible that that Cecilia was of the next generation, we follow TCP (Cromer) & TCP (Revelstoke) which both show her as daughter rather than granddaughter of Admiral Windham, being sister rather than daughter of the above Maria Augusta Windham.
  (i) George Thomas Wrighte Wyndham of Cromer Hall, Gayhurst and Brooksby (b 21.09.1828, dsp?)
(ii) Maria Anne Wyndham (b 1819?, d 21.04.1892)
  m. (21.10.1845) George William Wentworth Bosville-Macdonald, 4th Lord of Sleat (b 1809, d 25.07.1863)
  (iii) daughter
  (B) Marianne Wyndham (d 04.11.1842)
  m. (1829/31) Cremer Cremer (rector of Felbrigg and Melton)
  (C) Arabella Wyndham
  m. (1827) George Whitefoord (rector of Westerfield)
(D) Sophia Wyndham
  m. (1829) Rec. C. Barnwell of Mileham Hall
  ii. Thomas Wyndham of Clearwell (d 1751)
  m1. Jane Wyndham (dau of John Wyndham of Dunraven) @2@ above
  m2. Anne Edwin (dau of Samuel Edwin of Llanndhange)
  a. Charles Wyndham, later Edwin, of Clearwell (d 1801)
  m1. Eleanor Rooke (dau of George Rooke of Bigswear)
  (1) Thomas Wyndham of Dunraven Castle (d 1814)
  m. Anna Maria Charlotte Ashby (dau of Thomas Ashby of Isleworth, m2. John Wick Bennet of Laleston)
(A) Caroline Wyndham (d 26.05.1870)
  m. (27.12.1810) Windham Henry Quin, later Wyndham-Quin, 2nd Earl of Dunraven (b 1782, d 06.08.1850)
  m2. ?? (widow of _ Ashley)
7. Joan Wyndham
  m. John Giffard of Brightley (b 1602, d 1666)
8. Margaret Wyndham
  m. John Courtenay of Molland
9. Florence Wyndham
  m. John Harris of Hayne
10. Rachel Wyndham
  m. Thomas Moore of Heytesbury
11. Margery Wyndham
  m. Thomas Carew of Crowcombe (d 1661)
12. Anne Wyndham
  m. Sir John Strode
13.+ other issue - Henry (b 1585, d unm 09.11.1613), Francis (d 1624), George (d young 1624), Francis (d unm)

Main source(s): BE1883 (Wyndham of Egremont), BLG1886 (Wyndham of Dinton), BE1883 (Wyndham of Wyndham), BLG1952 (Windham of Waghen), TCB, with input also from BP1934 (Leconfield), Commoners (vol ii, Wyndham of Cromer) and a very little from Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Wyndham or Windham of Felbrigg)
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