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Families covered: Winington of Birches, Winington (Wynington) of Offerton, Winnington of Stanford Court

Nicholas de Winnington or Winington of Birches (a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327)
m. _ Birches (dau/granddau/heir of Nicholas Birches of Birches son of Emme, dau of Stephen de Moreton)
1. William de Winington of Birches (a 1351)
  A. Nicholas Winington of Birches
  m. Ellen
  i. Nicholas Winington of Birches (a 1401)
  This line is supported by Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Winington of Birches) although that misses out this Nicholas and does not mention his elder brother.
  a. Robert Winington of Birches (a temp Edward IV who r. 1461-1483)
  (1) Thomas Winington of Birches
  m. Ellen Daniell (dau of Geoffrey Daniell of Lymm)
  (A) Robert Winington of Birches
  m1. Alice Cotton (dau of Robert Cotton of Lostock)
  (i) Robert Winington of Birches
  m1/2. Margery Ferneley (dau of William Ferneley)
  (a) John Winington of Birches (a 1566)
  m. Elizabeth Winington (dau of Robert Winington of Northwich)
  ((1)) Julius Winington of Birches (d 1615)
  ((A)) Elizabeth or Ellen Winington (heir)
  m. Ralph Starkey of Morthwaite & Birches (d 1674)
  ((2))+ other issue - Paul, Francis, Eleanor
  (b)+ other issue - Robert, Thomas
  m2/1. Mary
  (ii)+ other issue - Richard, Thomas
  m2. _ Stockton
  (iv) Jenkin Winington of Leftwich
  (a) Robert Winington of Leftwich
  (2) Hugh Winington of Norwich
  m. Cecilia Sutton (dau of Richard Sutton of Rushton)
  (A) Robert Winington of Norwich
  m. Katherine Yale (dau of Richard Yale)
  (i) Hugh Winington of Armitage (dsp)
  (3)+ other issue - Nicholas, John
  ii. Robert Winington of Birches
Ormerod (vol 3, p93) identifies Robert as "ancestor of Winnington of Offerton" but does not provide the precise connection. Because of the dates, we presume to show him as father of the following Thomas who married the heiress of Offerton temp Edward IV. The following comes from Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, 'Wynington of Offerton', p405), Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Winington of Offerton) & Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Winnington of Offerton)
  a. Thomas Winington or Wynington of Offerton (a temp Edward IV who r. 1461-1483)
  m. _ Offerton (dau of _ Offerton of Offerton)
(1) Nicholas Winington or Wynington of Offerton
  (A) Richard Winington of Offerton
  m. ?? Chadderton (dau of ?? Chadderton or Chatterton of Nuthurst)
  (i) William (or George) Winington of Offerton
  m. Alice Dukinfield (dau of ?? Dukinfield of Dukinfield or Dokenfeld)
(a) Randle (Randall) Winington of Offerton (a 1566)
  m1. Elizabeth Fallows (bur 09.06.1586, dau of Randle (or Roger) Fallows) of Chelford
  ((1)) Ralph Winington of Offerton (d 1614)
  m. Anne Bowden (d 1599, dau of George Bowden of Bowdon, Derbyshire)
  ((A)) Anne Winington (d 1617)
  m. (1596) Lawrence Wright of Nantwiche (d 1650)
((B)) Katherine Winington (d 1604)
  m. (1594) Henry Bradshaw of Marple (d 1654)
  ((2)) Anne Winington
  m. George Cocker of Tarven
  ((3)) Elizabeth Winington
  m. Oliver Dodge of Stockport
  ((A))+ issue - Oliver, Margery, Dorothy
  m2. Isabell Cowper (dau of William Cowper of Couper) possibly Isabel Brereton, widow of William Cooper ?
  (b) Anne Winington
  m. Cadwallader ap Richard of Leicestershire
  (c)+ other issue - Nicholas, John
2. Richard de Winington



BP1934 reports that the following family descended "through a younger branch" from Robert de Winnington (d 1294), son of Lidulph de Twenlow. BP1934 identifies the father of the Soliticor General as Colonel Francis Winnington. Provisionally, we follow HoP ("Francis Winnington") which suggests that the father of Sir Francis was ...
John Winnington of Chester
1. Sir Francis Winnington of Stanford Court, Worcestershire (b 07.11.1634, d 01.05.1700, Solicitor General, MP)
m1. (29.12.1659) Elizabeth Herbert of Powick
  A. Elizabeth Winnington
  m. (1676) Richard Dowdeswell (MP for Busshley, Worcestershire)
  m2. (by 1666) Elizabeth Salwey (sister of Edward Salwey of Stanford)
  B. Salwey Winnington of Stanford Court, later also of Ham Castle & Clifton (d 06.11.1736)
  m. (1690) Anne Foley (dau of Thomas Foley of Whitley, sister of Thomas, Lord Foley)
  i. Thomas Winnington of Stanford Court (b 1696, dsps 23.04.1746, 2nd son)
  m. (06.08.1719) Love Read (dau of Sir James Read, Bart of Brocket Hall)
  ii. Anne Winnington
  m. John Wheeler of Wootton Lodge
  iii. Henrietta Winnington (dsp 01.07.1761)
  m. (16.10.1736) Samuel Masham, 2nd Lord Masham of Otes (bpt 08.12.1712, dsp 14.06.1776)
  iv.+ other issue - Francis (dvp 1718), Mary (d unm), Helena (d unm)
  C. Francis Winnington of Broadway
  m. Anne Jackson (dau of Thomas Jackson of London)
  i. Francis Winnington
m. Susannah Courtenay
  ii. Edward Winnington of Broadway
  m. Sophia Boote (d 24.02.1770, dau of _ Boote of Wantage)
  a. Sir Edward Winnington, 1st Bart of Stanford Court (b c1728, d 09.12.1791)
m. (1749) Mary Ingram (dau of John Ingram of Ticknell)
  (1) Sir Edward Winnington, 2nd Bart of Stanford Court (b 14.11.1749, d 09.01.1805)
  m. (12.09.1776) Anne Foley (d 09.12.1794, dau of Thomas Foley, 1st Lord)
  (A) Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, 3rd Bart of Stanford Court (b 1780, d 24.09.1839) had issue
  m. (11.1810) Joanna Taylor (d 23.12.1853, dau of John Taylor of Moseley Hall)
  (B) Edward Winnington, later Winnington-Ingram (d 07.05.1851, Canon of Worcester) had issue
  m. (07.08.1810) Jane Onslow (d 10.12.1850, dau of Arthur Onslow, dean of Worcester)
  (C) Charles Fox Winnington (dsp 06.1841, rector of Stanford)
  m. (16.04.1819) (Arabella) Elizabeth Thornton-Heysham (d 02.1842, dau of Robert Thornton-Heysham of Stagenhoe Park)
  (D) Sophia Winnington
  m. Frederick William Campbell of Barbreck
  (E) Elizabeth Winnington (d 19.10.1865)
  m. (08.12) Arthur Cyril Onslow (b 1788, d 06.02.1869, rector of Newington)
  (F) Harriet Winnington (d 05.03.1827)
  m. (21.07.1820) Phipps Vansittart Onslow (b 02.09.1790, d 10.05.1867)
  (G)+ other issue - Francis (rector of Sapey), Henry Jefffries (d 25.08.1873, Captain), Mary Anne (d unm 1804), Annabella (d unm 1806)
  iii. Martha Winnington
m. Rev. _ Turner of Newcastle
  iv. Elizabeth Winnington
  m. Reginald Wyniat of Stanton Hall
  v. Anne Winnington
  m. John Ingram of Bewdley
  vi. Mary Winnington (d unm)
  D. John Winnington (d unm)
  E. Edward Winnington, later Jefferies of Ham Castle (b c1670, dsp(s) 20.07.1725, MP)
  m. (c1708) Jane (not Anne) Blome (niece of Henry Jeffereys of Ham Castle (and Clifton))
  i.+ 3 sons (d infant)
  F. Honora Winnington
  m. _ Bruen of Bruen Stapleford possibly here??
  G. Mary Winnington (d 1729)
  m. (c07.1689) Felix Calvert of Albury Hall (d 1737)
2.+ other issue

Main source(s):
(1) For the upper section : Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, 'Winington of Birches' (p93) & 'Wynington of Offerton' (p405)) with input/support as reported above
(2) For the lower section : BP1934 (Winnington)
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