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Families covered: Wight of Barking, Wight of Betchworth, Wight of Blakesley, Wight of House of Muir, Wight of Murrays, Wight of Ormiston

Robert Wight of Murrays (d c1670)
m. (02.10.1647) Barbara Calderwood (dau of John Calderwood of Pittedy)
1. Alexander Wight of Murrays & West Byres (d 1697)
  m. Janet Belsis (b 1636-7, d 13.05.1705, dau of David Belsis of that ilk)
  A. Robert Wight of Murrays and of the House of Muir (d 12.1734)
  m. Mary Cuthbertson (dau of James Cuthbertson of Penston)
  i. Alexander Wight of House of Muir & Ormiston (d 11.1751)
m. (28.11.1717) Katherine Simpson (dau/heir of Andrew Simpson of Pittendreich)
  a. Andrew Wight of Ormiston (b 05.01.1719, d 11.03.1792)
  m. (29.12.1758) Mary Brown (d 09.05.1808, dau/heir of Rev. David Brown by dau of Thomas Scott of Toderick)
  (1) David Wight of Ormiston (b 29.03.1760, d 17.02.1830)
  m. (29.11.1798) Elizabeth Wight (d 10.02.1812, dau of Robert Wight of Murrays son of Robert & Agnes Wright) @@ below
  (A) Andrew Wight of Ormiston (b 28.04.1800, d 20.11.1858) had issue
  m. (28.01.1841) Louisa Mary Catherine Boycott (d 16.08.1873, dau/heir of Thomas Boycott of Rudge Hall)
  Their son inherited the Boycott & Rudge estates and assumed the name Wight-Boycott.
  (B) Anne Margaret Wight
  m. Alexander Imlach Lambe
  (C)+ other issue - Robert (d 1807), David in Edinburgh (WS)
  (2) Archibald Wight (b 15.04.1763, d 06.12.1844) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Hume (d 17.12.1844)
  (3) Catherine Wight (b 18.08.1761, d unm)
  (4) Wilhelmina Wight (b 02.10.1768)
  m. (07.1785) James Walker (Captain)
  (5) Mary Wight (b 18.04.1733, d 06.12.15845)
m. James Macrobin (d 12.05.1822)
  (6) Johanna Wight (d 22.09.1813)
  m. Thomas Johnstone of Templehall
  b. James Wight (b 13.11.1721, 3rd son) had issue
  m. Beatrice Wight (dau of Alexander Wight of East Mains)
  c. Archibald Wight (b 23.09.1725, d Havannah 01.10.1762, Captain)
  m. Helen Middleton (b 1735, d 1806, sister of Charles, 1st Lord Barham)
  d. Elizabeth Wight (b 31.10.1730, dsp 31.12.1815)
  m. Thomas Johnstone
  e. Arabella Wight (b 05.10.1736, d 01.01.1821)
  m. James Haig of Garvald
f.+ other issue - Robert (b 18.10.1720, dsp Carthagena 06.1741, Captain), John (b 18.07.1734, dsp Saratoga 07.10.1777, Captain)
  ii. Robert Wight of Murrays (b 24.10.1711, d 1746) had issue
  m. Agnes Wright (dau of Charles Wright of Muzzelburgh)
  a. Robert Wight of Murrays apparently of this generation
  (1) Elizabeth Wight (d 10.02.1812)
  m. (29.11.1798) David Wight of Ormiston @@ above
  iii. Janet Wight
  m. (24.12.1719) John Cunningham of White Kirk
  iv. Helen Wight
  m. (1734) James Angus of Edinburgh
  v. Marion Wight
  m. (1735) Patrick Burn of Craig
  B. David Wight of West Byres "ancestor of the Wights of Duncrahill, West Byres and Viewfield"
  m. Beatrice Yule
  C. Janet Wight
  m. James Ronaldson of Dodridge
2. John Wight
  A. Alexander Wight of Cotterwell
  m. Helen Hogg of Inveresk
  BLG1894 reports that "This branch is extinct, and Cotterwell passed to the late Andrew Wight, of Ormiston".



Thomas Wight of Betchworth, Surrey (a 1605)
1. Gabriel Wight of Betchworth
  m. Mary Campion
  A. Henry Wight of Barking, Essex (bur 26.12.1698)
m. Margaret Hutchinson
  i. Henry Wight of Barking (bur 13.07.1716)
  m. Sarah Leigh (bur 02.01.1727-8, dau of William Leigh of Adlesthorp)
  a. William Wight of Little Ilford (Essex) & Blakesley (bur 31.08.1737)
  m. (12.08.1721) Maria Penelope Watts Pettifer (bur 24.04.1762, dau/heir of Rev. John Pettifer of Blakesley (by Mary Watts), sister of Rev. John
  (1) William Wight of Blakesley (bpt 16.07.1722, d unm 02.09.1739)
  (2) Henry Wight of Blakesley, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (bpt 17.10.1727, dsp 08.1793, 3rd son)
  m. Susanna Peareth (bpt 02.09.1739, d 14.01.1823, dau of William Peareth of Thorp Mandeville)
  (3) Elizabeth Wight (bpt 02.05.1732, d 16.04.1794)
  m1. (06.06.1765) William Moore of Rowerton then Newton
m2.(02.1776) Sir James Harrington of Bourton, Bart (bur 05.02.1782)
  m3. Rev. John Chandler of Bourton
  (4)+ other issue - John (bpt 08.04.1724, bur 16.04.1724), Mary (bpt 29.01.1723, d infant), Sarah (bpt 08.04.1724, bur 16.04.1724), Elizabeth (bpt 10.04.1726), Maria Penelope Watts (bpt 13.09.1729, bur 21.09.1729)
  b. Thomas Wight of Barking (dsp 05.1747)
  m. Cassandra Leigh (a 1772, dau of Theophilus Leigh of Adlesthorp)
  c. Sarah Wight (bpt 21.02.1693)
  m. Charles Shephard
  d. Elizabeth Wight (bpt 26.07.1699, d 1761)
  m. William Martin of London (b c1710, d 20.11.1760)
  (1) James Martin of London (d 02.02.1776)
  m. (03.09.1761) Sarah Leuty (a 1796, dau of Geoirge Leuty of St. Giles in the Fields)
  (A) Elizabeth Martin (bpt 17.09.1762, a 1808)
  m1. Francis Anthony Rougemont (dsp 1792)
  m2. (26.11.1795) George Charlotte William Ernst
  m3. _ Frazer
  (B) Sarah Martin (bpt 18.10.1763, d 23.10.1814)
  m. (19.01.1790) William Hibbitt (m2. ??)
  (i) John Wight Hibbit, later Wight of Blakesely (a 1818)
  e.+ other issue - Leigh (dsp 1717), Anne (b 1694, dsp 1717), Elizabeth (b 1692, d 1697)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BLG1894 ('Wight-Boycott of Boycott and Rudge')
(2) For lower section : 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 2, 1841, 'Watts, Pettyfer or Pettifer and Wight of Blakesley', p23+)
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