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Families covered: Widdrington of Cheesburn Grange, of Colwell, Widdrington of Colt Park

Sir John Widdrington of Chipchase, Sheriff of Northumberland
m. Isabel Ogle (dau of Robert, Lord Ogle)
1. Gerard Widdrington (4th son)
  A. John Widdrington of Temple Henley (d 02.1570)
  m. Anne
  i. James Widdrington of Gatehouse (d after 02.09.1596)
  a.+ issue - John, Robert, Henry, Ann, Mary
  ii. Dorothy Widdrington
  m. Ranold Shafto
  iii. daughter
  m. Robert Blaikda
  iv. Barbara Widdrington
  m. Edward Lawson of Bywell
  v.+ other issue - Robert (a 12.1605), Elizabeth, Margaret, Anne
  B. Ralph Widdrington (5th son?)
  i. Roger Widdrington of Bamburh Friars (d after 20.04.1571)
  m. Jane
ii. Oswin Widdrington of Ryal (d 17.11.1578)
  m. Elizabeth
  a. Roger Widdrington 'of Colwell' of Little Swinburne (d before 20.12.1597)
  m. Mallye Thirlwall (dau of Lancelot Thirlwall of Thirlwall)
  (1) Henry Widdrington of Colwell (d 12.08.1633)
  m. Clara
  (A) Roger Widdrington of Colwell (d by 1634)
  (B) Ralph Widdrington of Bingfield 'of Colwell' (a 1652)
  m. Elizabeth Swinburne (b c01.1615, dau of John Swinburne of Blackheddan)
  (i) Henry Widdrington
  (C) Mary Widdrington
  m. Ralph Wilson
  (D)+ other issue - William, Dorothy, Ann
  (2) Robert Widdrington of West Harle (b c1586, d 1632)
  m. Anne Clennel (bur 28.05.1659)
  (A) John Widdrington of Hepple (bur 14.11.1662)
  m. Ellenor
  (i) Eleanor Widdrington
  m. George Potts of Low Trewhit
  (ii) Ann Widdrington
  (iii) Mary Widdrington
m. William Potts
  (B) William Widdrington of Thropton (4th son)
  William is identified as ancestor of Widdringtons of Coltpath. The following comes from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 4, John Crawford Hodgson, 1897, 'Errington of Portgate and Widdrington of Colt Park', p213). We presume that it was this William (rather than an eponymous son) who married ...
  m. Catherine Errington (dau of Richard Errington, sister of Gilbert of Portgate)
  (i) Edward Widdrington of Colt Park & Ritton White House (d 05.1749)
  m. Mary (bur 25.06.1712)
  (a) Henry Widdrington of Portgate & Colt Park (dvp bur 14.01.1727/8)
  m. (c1726) Margaret Allgood (b c1692, d 07.12.1777, dau of Rev. Major Allgood of Simondburn)
  (b) Elizabeth Widdrington (bpt 23.06.1703)
  m. (08.06.1729) John Cuthbertson of Alnwick
  ((1)) Henry Cuthbertson of Felling Shore & Newcastle (d 12.1804)
  m. (25.12.1766) Catherine Surtees (dau of Robert Suttees of Croneywell_
  ((A)) Elizabeth Cuthbertson (b 1774-5, d 17.07.1837
  )m. Barnabas Fenwick of Bedlingtoin & Ryton Woodside
  ((2)) Mary Cuthbertson (b c1724-5, d 06.1799)
  m. George Rochester of North Charlton
  ((3)) Dorothy Cuthbertson (d 12.05.1771)
  m. William Whinfield (vicar of Brantson, perpetual curate of Cornhill)
  ((4))+ other issue - William of Felling Shore & Newcastle (b c1733, d 13.12.1814), daughter (to America)
  (c) Mary Widdrington
  m. Thomas Potts of Warton in Rothbury
  ((1))+ issue - Robert, other sons (dvp)
  (d)+ other issue - William (bpt 1710, bur 1720), Robert (b 1698, bur 1698/9), Richard (b 1700, bur 1701), Edward (d infant)
  (ii) Henry Widdrington
(C) Mary Widdrington
  m. Thomas Cotes of Whitton Tower (curate of Rothbury)
  (D)+ other issue - Henry (b c1627, d 1685/9, friar), Francis of Hepple (bur 27.11.1689)
  (3)+ other issue - Agnes, Margaret, Margery
  b. Henry Widdrington of Little Swinburne
  iii. Robert Widdrington of Choppington
  m. Elinor
  a. Thomas Widdrington of Asington (d after 08.01.1589/90)
  The following is partly supported by MGH (NS4 vol 3 (1910), Part 1V (December 1908) 'Pedigree of Widdrington of Cheesburn Grange'. p158+).,
  p/m. Dorothy Mawtlaine or Forster (natural dau of Sir John Forster by Mawtlaine/Mawclaine)
(1) Lewis Widdrington, later of Cheesburn Grange (d 20.08.1630) born before marriage
  m. Katherine Lawson (dau of William Lawson of Little Usworth, Washington)
  (A) Sir Thomas Widdrington of Cheesburn Grange (b c1600, d 13.05.1614, Speaker of House of Commons, chief baron of the Exchequer)
  m. Frances Fairfax (b 13.12.1612, d 04.05.1649, dau of Ferdinando Fairfax, Lord of Carmeron)
(i) Frances Widdrington (bpt 15.08.1637)
  m. (12.08.1658) Sir Thomas Legard, Bart of Ganton (b 1631, d 1678)
  (ii) Catherine Widdrington
  m. (18.07.1661) Sir Robert Shafto
  (iii) Mary Widdrington (bpt 28.01.1644-5)
  m. Sir Robert Markham of Sedgebrook
  (iv) Ursula Widdrington (b 11.11.1647, d 22.04.1717)
m. (09.04.1668) Thomas Windsor Hickman, later Windsor, 7th Lord Windsor, 1st Earl of Plymouth (b c1627, d 03.11.1687)
  (v)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 19.06.1640, d unm 1660), Dorothy (b c1637, d 1649)
  (B) Henry Widdrington, later of Cheesburn Grange (bur 05.12.1665)
  m. Mary Swinburne (dau of John Swinburne of Blackheath (Black Heddon))
  (i) William Widdrington of Black Heddon & Cheesburn Grange (bur 07.01.1681)
  m. Barbara Jenison (dau of Sir Ralph Jenison of Elswick)
  (a) Elizabeth Widdrington (bpt 13.01.1668-9)
  m. (09.1691) Richard Darby of Gray's Inn
  (b) Catherine Widdrington (a 10.1703)
  MGH shows this Catherine as bur 15.08.1698. Provisionally we follow 'Northumberland Families' in showing this as the Catherine who married ...
  m. Sir Thomas Aston, 3rd Bart of Aston (d 16.01.1724)
  (c)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 11.02.1667-8, bur 14.02.1667-8), Ralph (bpt 15.02.1669-70, bur 22.06.1670), Henry (bpt 15.08.1671, bur 14.09.1672), Mary (bpt 23.12.1664, a 1676), Jane (a 41676), Barbary (bpt 11.02.1667-8, bur 14.02.1667-8)
  (i) Ralph Widdrington (d c1714)
  MGH shows this as the Ralph, father of the William who m. Ann Molyneux, who is shown a generation earlier by 'Northumberland Families'. See below.
(iii) Edward Widdrington (dsp after 20.07.1674, 4th son)
  m. Eleanor (probably dau of Sir Nicholas Thornton of Nettherwitton)
  (iv) Robert Widdrington (b c1646, d after 07.03.1676, 6th son)
  m. (c12.1668) Martha Nicholson (b c1643, d 1708)
  (a) Henry Widdrington
  (v) Mary Widdrington
  m1. George Ramsay of Bewick
  m2. William Delaval of Dissington
  (vi) Margaret Widdrington (bur 27.09.1669)
  m. Nicholas Whitehead of Boulmer
  (vii)+ other issue - John (a 01.1674-5), Thomas, Lewis (bur 25.07.1702), Patrick (a 01.1715)
  (C) Rowland Widdrington of London (a 1634)
  (i) Mary Widdrington
  m. _ Carr
  (ii) Elizabeth Widdrington
  m. _ Derby
  (iii) Catherine Widdrington
  m. _ Astor
  (iv)+ other issue - Henry, Thomas, Frances
  (D) Ralph Widdrington, later of Cheesburn Grange (d before 25.04.1708)
MGH reports that Rafe (of this generation) was a professor who d before 30.08.1688 and shows the Ralph who inherited Cheesburn Grange a generation later (see above). Provisionally we follow 'Northumberland Families' which shows as follows.
  m1. Elizabeth (bur 03.02.1666/7)
  m2. Margaret (bur 07.03.1701/2)
  Not known which wife was mother of ...
  (i) William Widdrington of Cheesburn Grange (d before 25.01.1715, 2nd son)
  m. (after 14.06.1693) Ann Molyneux (dau of Caryll Molyneux, 3rd Viscount Molyneux)
  (a) Ralph Widdrington of Cheesburn Grange (b by 1697, dsp bur 21.12.1752)
  m. (11.1718) Ann Woolacott (d 09.1764, dau of Martin Woolasott (or Wollascott) of Woolhampton)
  (b) Mary Widdrington
m. (c06.1726) Thomas Riddell of Swinburne Castle
  (c) Elizabeth Widdrington (bur 23.08.1734)
  m. (c10.1725) George Sanderson of Healey
  (d) Catherine Widdrington shown by MGH as possibly of this generation
  MGH shows the Catherine who m. Sir Thomas Aston (d 1724) as possibly of this generation. Provisionally we follow 'Northumberland Families' in showing her above.
  (ii)+ other issue - John (dvpsp), Mary Anne (b c1668, d 1745, nun)
  (E) Nicholas Widdrington (bur 26.06.1676)
  (i) Mary Widdrington of Covent Garden (d 1711?)
  (F) Catherine Widdrington (bur 22.02.1653-4)
  m. Cuthbert Pepper of Farnton
  (G) Eleanor (Ellen) Widdrington
  m. (06.12.1635/1637) Anthony Dodsworth of Stranton
  (F) Hannah Widdrington possibly of this family, of this generation
  m. John Rushworth of Ackington Park (d 12.05.1690)
  (2) Katherine Widdrington born after marriage
  b. Garrett or Gerald Widdrington
  (1) Mary Widdrington
  m. Richard Alder of Alnwick
  iv. Ralph Widdrington
  a.+ issue - Henry, Richard
  v. Francis Widdrington
  C.+ other issue - Gerard, Thomas, William, Alexander, Roger
2.+ other issue - Robert of Swinburne (dsp), John, David, Lucia, Elizabeth, Alice

Main source(s): 'Northumberland Families' (vol 2, edited by W. Percy Hedly for the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1970)
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