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Families covered: Whitelocke of Belches, Whitelocke of Chilton Foliatt, Whitelocke (Whitlock) of Fawley Court

John Whitelocke or Whitlock
m. (c1453) Agnes De la Beche (dau of Robert De la Beche)
1. William Whitelocke (a 1509)
  m. _ Cowdrey
  A. Richard Whitelocke of Beche (near Okingham, Berkshire) (a 1543)
  m. ?? of Grove
  i. William Whitelocke (d unm, Canon of Lichfield)
  ii. John Whitelocke of Ockingham
  John's wife is shown in BLG1886 as a daughter of Planer of Ockingham, by FMG as _ Palmer of Okingham, but in Visitation (London, 1633-5, Whitlock) as ...
  m. Anne Plumer (dau of John Plumer of Ockingham)
  a. William Whitelocke of Beches
  m1. Ursula Beresford (dau of George Beresford (son of an alderman of London) by Mary, dau of George Colte)
  (1) William Whitelocke of Beches (a 1634)
  m2. Mary Colte (dau of John Colte)
  b. John Whitelocke
  m. ?? (widow of his cousin William, vicar of Sunning)
  c. De la Beche Whitelocke (a 1634)
  d. Richard Whitelocke of London (a 1633)
  Richard is not mentioned by BLG1886 or FMG but is the only son mentioned in Visitation (London, 1633-5, Whitlock).
m. Catherine Burchet (dau of David Burchet of Wy)
  (1)+ issue (a 1633) - Richard, Robert, John, Katherin
  iii. Hierom or Jerome Whitelocke
  a. William Whitelocke (vicar of Sunning, prebendary of Wells and Lichfield)
  (1) William Whitelocke (a 1634)
  iv. Richard Whitelocke of London (b c1533, d 07.11.1570)
  m. (07.02.1563) Joan Colte (d 21.02.1606, dau of John Colte of Hertfordshire)
  a. Richard Whitelocke of Elbing in Spruceland, Sweden (b 28.12.1565, d 1624, 2nd son)
  m. Katherine Dambits or Danebits of Elbing
  (1) James Whitelocke (b 1608)
  (2) John Whitelocke (b c1614)
(A) John Jacob Whitelocke (b 1657)
  (i) Clement Whitelocke had issue in Sweden
  m. Marie Behmer de Metzdorph
  (3) Katherine Whitelocke
  m. _ Smith of Clundby
(4) daughter
  m. _ Potley (Captain)
  b. Sir James Whitelocke of Fawley Court (b 28.11.1570,d 21.06.1632, judge, 4th son)
  m. (09.09.1602) Elizabeth Bulstrode (b 31.07.1575, d 28.05.1631, dau of Edward (son of Thomas) Bulstrode of Hedgeley Bulstrode by Cicely, dau of Sir John Croke of Chilton, Speaker)
  (1) Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke of Fawley Court and Chilton Lodge (b 06.08.1605, d 28.07.1673/5, Ambassador)
  Bulstrode was created a Viscount by Cromwell.
  m1. (06.1630) Rebecca Bennett (dau of Thomas Bennett of London)
  (A) Sir James Whitelocke of Trompington (b 13.07.1631, d 10.1701, Colonel)
  m. Mercy Pyke (dau/coheir of George Pyke of Trompington)
(i)+ issue (all unm?) - Bulstrode (b c1656, a 1695), George (a 1703), James (a 1703)
  m2. (10.11.1634) Frances Willoughby (d 16.05.1649, dau of William Willoughby, 3rd Lord of Parham)
  (B) Sir William Whitelocke of Phyllyscourt or Phillis Court (bpt 28.12.1636, d 11.1717)
  m. Mary Overbury (dau of Sir Thomas Overbury of Burton)
  (i) William Whitelocke of the MiddleTemple (dvp 27.07.1709, 2nd son)
  m. Anne Nowell (dau of Edward Nowell)
  (a)+ issue - Bulstrode (b c1701, a 1703, d young?), Mary, Anne (d 04.1699)
  (ii) Anne Whitelocke (d 08.01.1737)
  m. (1687/91) Sir Thomas Noel, 3rd Bart of Kirby Mallory (b 1662, dsp 1688)
(iii) Mary Whitelocke
  m. William Harmar (of the Middle Temple)
  (iv) Hester Whitelocke
  m. Edward Sherwood or Shenwood of Henreth
  (v) Elizabeth Whitelocke
  m. William Wiseman of Sparsholt Court
  (vi)+ other issue - Overbury (d unm 12.1693), Bulstrode (d young), James (d unm 02.1677), Frances (d unm 06.1680), Dorothy (d unm 03.1721), Henrietta Maria (d 10.1710), Diana
  (C) Mary Whitelocke (bpt 04.04.1639)
  m. George Nevill of Sheffield Park
  (D) Hester Whitelocke (bpt 08.1642)
  m. _ Seawen (from Wales)
  (E) Anne Whitelocke
  m. Abraham Hill of Shilton
(F)+ other issue - Willoughby (b 1646, d unm), Bulstrode (b 1648, d unm), Frances (bpt 30.12.1635), Elizabeth (bpt 11.01.1637), Cicely (bpt 09.01.1641)
  m3. (11.09.1650) Mary Carleton of Surrey (widow of Rowland Wilson)
  (K) Samuel Whitelocke of Chilton Foliatt (b 1651, d 05.1690)
  m. Elizabeth Gough (d 10.1702, dau of Robert Gough of Vernham Dean)
  (i) Samuel Whitelocke of Chilton Foliatt (d 04.1743)
  m1. Elizabeth Trotman (dsp)
  m2. (06.02.1703) Katherine Dolben (d 10.1722, dau of John Dolben, son of John, Archishop of York)
  (a) John Whitelocke of Chilton Foliatt (d unm)
  (b) Anne Whitelocke
  m. _ Gifford (rector of Nufford)
  (c) Mary Whitelocke (b 1711, d 25.04.1802)
  m. George Gerrard
(d) Charlotte Whitelocke
  m. Charles Gerard
  (e)+ other issue - Samuel (d unm 1741), Gilbert (d 1741), Katherine (b 09.11.1703, d unm), Elizabeth (b 1706, d 30.10.1777), Nettie (b 1709, d 26.04.1781), Henrietta (b 1714, d 21.12.1797), Mulso (b 1715, d 15.12.1812), Judith (b 1722, d 26.08.1807)
  (ii) Frances Whitelocke
  m. Walter Parker of Highworth
  (iii)+ other issue - Bulstrode of Everleigh (b 1678, dsp after 25.08.1732), Mary
  (L) Carleton Whitelocke of Hersham and London (bpt 21.06.1652)
  m1. Katharine Henley (dau of Sir Andrew Henley, 1st Bart of Henley)
(i) Mary Whitelocke
  m. William Russell of Fleet Street
  (ii)+ other issue - Ruth, Katharine (b 1685), Elizabeth (b 09.1687)
  m2. Matty Alwyn (dau of Herbert Alwnyn of London)
  (iv) John Carleton Whitelocke of Priorswood (bpt 29.09.1699, d 04.07.1776, Major)
  m. (15.04.1725) Anne Roche (dau of George Roche of Limerick)
  (a) George Whitelocke of Wokingham (bpt 04.05.1750, d 12.01.1831, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Roche (dau of David Roche, Mayor of Limerick)
  ((1)) Mary Whitelocke (b 12.08.1797, d 18.02.1882)
  m. (23.04.1826) William Horton Lloyd of Calton (d 18.02.1849)
((2))+ other issue - Bulstrode (dsp 1867), James of Amboise Touraine (d unm 30.11.1879), George of Harewood Square (d unm 24.06.1879), De la Beche (bpt 16.09.1791, d unm 1858), Henrietta (b 1785, d 1790), Anne (d unm 1856), Georgina (d unm 1835), Frances (d unm 12.1861)
  (b) Katherine Whitelocke (d 15.12.1769)
  m. Walter Bermingham
  (c)+ other issue - Bulstrode (b 02.1776, dvp 1736), Anne (d unm), Frances (d 1748)
  (v) Agnes de la Beche Whitelocke (b 08.1700, d 12.1701)
  (M) Frances Whitelocke (b 17.05.1655)
  m. (11.09.1672) Sir Francis Pile, 4th Bart of Compton Beauchamp
  (N)+ other issue - Stephen (dsp), Bigley (b 06.11.1653, d 05.1686), John (b 26.09.1656), Rebecca (b 07.05.1658)
  (2) Elizabeth Whitelocke (b 06.10.1603)
  m. (24.05.1623) Sir Thomas Mostyn of Mostyn
  (3) Cicely or Cecilia Whitelocke (b 10.03.1607)
  m. (03.07.1632) Edward Dixon of Holden (Hilden-in-Tunbridge)
  (4)+ other issue - James (b 17.05.1612, d before 1619), Mary (b 17.05.1606, d 05.06.1611), Joan (b 06.08.1609, d 08.05.1610), Dorothy (b 15.09.1610, d 30.09.1610)
  c.+ other issue - Edmund (b 10.02.1564, dsp unm 08.1608), William (b 23/8.11.1570, d 1597)

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Lloyd of Strancally Castle) with some support from Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, Whitelocke of Fawley Court), FMG (vol 3, MS500-1, 'Whitelock-Colte', p1124+)
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