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Families covered: White of Louth, White of Markby

William White of Louth (d 1581)
m. Anne Booth (dau of John Booth of Killingholme)
1. George White of Markby (bur 27.12.1625)
  m. (08.06.1583) Margaret Swan (bur 27.10.1625, dau of William Sman, widow of _ Kele of Markby)
  A. Richard White (dvp?, 3rd son?)
  m. Elizabeth Wolby (dau of Robert Wolby of Bilsby)
  B. Eustace White (bpt 29.01.1599-1600, youngest son?)
  m. (11.01.1626-7) Faith Blanchard (bur 01.1656-7, dau of Abraham Blanchard of Louth)
  i. Eustace White (bur 03.11.1663)
  m. Frances (bur 08.1671)
  a. Eustace White (bur 09.12.1697)
  m. Anne (bur 15.12.1698)
  (1) ? John White of Maltby
  m. Mary
  (A) Eustace White (bpt 07.11.1714)
  (2)+ other issue - Robert (bpt 03.1678-9), George (bpt 10.1685), Eustace (bur 12.1698), Anthony (d 1690), Anthony (d 1692), Mary, Jane
  b.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 14.09.1661, bur 1665), George (bpt 01.1662-3)
  ii. Richard White of Markby (bur 01.10.1700)
  m. Mary (bur 09.01.1672-3)
  a. George White of Markby (bpt 10.03.1664-5, bur 04.1703)
  m. (29.12.1692) Mary Harneis (bpt 11.02.1661-2, bur 30.01.1729-30, dau of Theophilus Harneis of Laceby)
  (1) George White of Markby
  m. Frances (bur 25.03.1730)
  (A)+ issue (d infant) - George, George, Mary, Mary, Mary
(2) Charles White (bpt 15.10.1701)
  b. Eustace White of Saltfleetby (d before 26.04.1718, 3rd son)
  m. (03.03.1697-8) Catherine Fitzwilliam (bpt 12.11.1666, a 1717, dau of George Fitzwilliam of Withern)
  (1) Fitzwilliam White of Louth (d before 09.05.1749)
  m1. Mary
  (A) Charles White 'of Lincoln'
  m. Jane Bernard (dau of Sir Francis Bernard, Bart of Nettleham)
  (i) Charles White
  m. Frances Brown (dau of Hezekiah Brown of Lincoln)
  (a) Charles White
  (ii) Mary White (d 06.03.1831) apparently of this generation
  m. (06.05.1812) Sydney Shore (b 14.04.1790, dvpsp 02.07.1827)
  m2. (15.02.1746/7) Elizabeth Annesley (d 05.11.1772, sister of Richard Annesley, Earl of Anglesea)
  (2) Mary White
  c. John White
  (1) Richard White
  d. Mary White
  m. (1685) Charles Wolley of Well
e.+ other issue - John Palmer (bpt 22.09.1668, bur 1671), Thomas (bpt 21.03.1671-2, bur 1698), Faith (d infant), Faith (d infant), Magdalen (d infant), Ellen (d infant)
  iii. Robert White
  m. (11.06.1637) Anne Boulton
  iv. Elizabeth White
  m. (27.02.1653-4) John Fox
  v.+ other issue (a 1654) - Margaret, Magdalen
  C. Magdalen White (bpt 28.04.1584)
  m. Roger Fawne of Skendleby
  D. Anne White (bpt 05.07.1585)
m1. Anthony Meres of Markby
  m2. (21.09.1613) John Chippindale (rector of Ingoldmells)
  m3. (c24.04.1618) John Langley (rector of Ingoldmells)
  E.+ other issue - William (bpt 12.07.1586), Edward (bpt 28.06.1589, bur 04.11.1590), Francis (bur 21.04.1604), John (bpt 01.1595-6)
2. Richard White
  m. Joan
  A. William White (a 1581)
3. Laurence White
  A.+ issue - George (bur 13.12.1585), Elizabeth (bpt 04.09.1585)
4. John White
  A. Robert White (bur 05.02.1626-7)
5. Magdalen White
  m. (1570) John Gilby of Ravendale
6. Anne White
  m. Richard Barlow
7. Frances White
  m. William Oversby
8. Susan White
  m. Thomas Kelke
9.+ other issue - Eustace, Jane

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, White of Markby)
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