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Families covered: Warburton of Dublin, Warburton of Garryhinch

The following family is identified by Commoners (vol I, Lytton of Knebworth) as "a younger branch of the ancient family of Warburton baronets of Ardley, in Cheshire" whom we show on Warburton2.
Richard Warburton of Dublin (a 1622)
1. Richard Warburton of Garryhinch, Sheriff of King's Co. (b 1636, d 02.1717, MP)
  m. (04.1656) Judith Sandes (dau of William Sandes of Dublin)
A. Richard Warburton of Garryhinch (b 1664, dvp 01.1715, MP)
  m. (1695) Elizabeth Pigott (dau of John Pigott)
  i. Richard Warburton of Garryhinch (b 06.12.1696, d unm 1771, MP)
  ii. John Warburton (d unm)
  iii. George Warburton of Dublin
  m. Jane le Hunte (dau of Richard le Hunte of Artramont)
  a. John Warburton of Garryhinch, Sheriff of Queen's Co. (d 1806, Colonel, MP)
m. Martha Benson (dau of Bowes Benson)
  (1) Richard Warburton of Garryhinch (b 1778)
  m. (1800) Anne Kemmis (dau of Thomas Kemmis of Dublin)
  (A) John Warburton of Garryhinch, Sheriff of Queen's Co. (dsp 1839)
  (B) Richard Warburton of Garryhinch, Sheriff of King's Co. (b 03.1804, d 1862) had issue
  m. (06.09.1844) Mary Ellinor Kelly (d 11.1862, dau/heir of Lt. Colonel Kelly)
  (C) George Warburton (b 1805)
  m. _ Toote (dau of John Toote)
  (D) William Warburton (b 22.10.1806, d 03.05.1900, Dean of Elphin) had issue
  m1. (18.05.1835) Emma Margaret Stovie (dau of Maj. Gen. Richard Stovie by Frances, sister of Sir John Palmer Acland, Bart of Fairfield)
  m2. (03.1878, sp?) Elizabeth Emily Bland (d 21.07.1901, dau of Loftus Bland of Blandsfort)
  (E) Henry Warburton (d 1889, 6th son) had issue
m. _ Hume (d 1891, dau of Dr. _ Hume)
  (F) James Warburton (d 1892, to Prince Edward's Island)
  m. _ Green of Prince Edward's Island
  (G) Robert Warburton (d 11.1863, Lt. Col) had issue
  m. "an Indian Princess"
  (h) Mary Warburton
m. James Birch of Birchgrove
  (I)+ other issue - Peter (b 1807, d unm), Arthur (d 02.1896, had issue), Thomas in Australia, Anne, Martha, Susan (d 1890)
  (2) Peter Warburton (d 1827, Major)
  m. Elizabeth Malone (dau of Edmund Malone)
  (A) Anne Warburton
  m. _ Wade (Colonel)
  (B)+ other issue - John, Peter (d 1838), Martha, Elizabeth
  (3) Martha Warburton
  m. William Augustus Le Hunte of Artramont
  iv. Peter Warburton, later of Garryhinch (d 29.09.1784)
v. William Warburton 'of Yarrow, Queen's Co.'
  m. Barbara Lytton (dau of Lytton Lytton (Robinson-Lytton) of Knebworth)
  The following is supported by Commoners (vol I, Lytton of Knebworth) & BP1934 (Lytton).
  a. Richard Warburton, later Warburton-Lytton of Knebworth (b 1745, d 1810)
  m. Elizabeth Jodrell (dau of Paul Jodrell of Lewknor)
  (1) Elizabeth Barbara Warburton-Lytton of Knebworth (b 1773, d 19.12.1843)
  m. (1798) William Earle Bulwer of Wood Dalling & Heydon Hall (d 1807, General)
  vi. Gertrude Warburton
m. (06.1719) William Carden of Lismore (d 1760)
  vii. Judith Warburton
  m. (06.1727) Emanuel Pigott
  viii. Jane Warburton
  m. George Pigott of Knapton
  B. Susannah Warburton
  m. Henry Warren of Grangebeg
  C. Elizabeth Warburton
  m. Frederick Trench of Garbally (b 1633, d 1704)
  D. Anne Warburton
  m. John Trench (d 1725, Dean of Raphoe)
  E.+ 2 daughters
2. George Warburton of Aughrim, co. Galway (d 14.11.1709, MP) had issue
3. John Warburton (d 1703, MP) had issue
  m. (07.1672) Mary French (dau of Matthew French of Belturbet)
4. Susanna Warburton
  m1. Thomas Aske of Thurles (Captain)
  m2. Daniel Gahan of Coolquil

Main source(s): BLGI1912 (Warburton of Garryhinch)
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