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(1) Commoners starts its article on this family as follows: "The Welsh genealogists, according to their custom, have carried the antiquity of the Walwyn family very high, deriving the descent of Sir Philip ap David, Lord of Walwayne's Castle, in Pembrokeshire, from Gualgnain, sister's son to King Arthur, the British hero". It also reports that "The name is composed of two British words, Gwal, which signifies a wall, and Gwynne or Wynne, white".
(2) Robinson reports that "There is a good deal of confusion in the early part of the Walwyn Pedigree, and the version given in Burke's Commoners (possibly compiled by R.B. Phillips) evidently repeats some of the generations twice over." Although this may refer to the generations after the Richard who married Clementia Write, we show the earliest generations reported by Commoners in italics until Richard (a 1340) who is the first reported by Robinson.
Sir Philip de Walwayne (d 1123/4)
1. John ap Philp de Walwayne (d 1140/1)
  A. Sir John de Walwayne
  i. Thomas de Walwayne (a 1196)
  m. _ Hackluyt (dau of Leonard Hackluyt of Marcle Magna)
a. ?? de Walwayne
  (1) Sir Ely or Helias Walwayne (d 1286)
  m. Maud de Grandour (dau of Sir Philip de Grandour)
  (A) Richard Walwayne or Waleweyne, Sheriff of Herefordshire (a 1340)
  m. Joan de Helyon (dau of Walter de Helyon or Hellins in Marcle Magna)
(i) Thomas Walwyn, Sheriff of Herefordshire (a 1389)
  m. Catharine or Elizabeth Grendour (dau of Sir John Grendour or Grendon of Clearwell)
  (a) Richard Walwyn of Hellens in Much Marcle, Herefordshire
  m. Catherine Bromwich (dau of Ralph Bromwich)
((1)) Thomas Walwyn of Hellens (a 1413)
  Commoners identifies Thomas's wife as Isabella, "said to be" of the family of Baskervillle. However, 'The House of Croft ..." reports that the mother of Margaret (not mentioned by the Walwyn sources) was Isabella Hathway.
  m. Isabell
  ((A)) Richard Walwyn of Hellens (a 1420) - continued below
  m. Clementia Write (dau of Stephen Write of Sutton Frene)
  ((B)) William Walwyn of Longford or Longworth, Sheriff of Herefordshire (a 1409)
  m. Jone Whitney (dau of Sir Robert Whitney of Whitney)
  ((C)) Joan Walwyn m. Hugh Folliot, possibly ...
  m. Hugh Foliot
  ((D)) Margaret Walwyn probably of this generation
  m. William de Croft of Croft Castle (b c1398, d 1436)
  ((E))+ other issue - Malcolm of Eastnor (a 1453), Christian
  (b) William Walwyn mentioned on Visitation (Gloucestershir, 1623, Baynham) with ...
  (c) Allice Walwyn
  m. Thomas Baynham of Clorewall
  (B) John Walwayne



Richard Walwyn of Hellens (a 1420) - continued above
m. Clementia Write (dau of Stephen Write of Sutton Frene)
1. Thomas Walwyn of Hellens (a 1423)
  Commoners identifies Thomas's wife as Alice, dau of Sir Leonard Hackluit. Robinson identifies her as ...
  m. _ Baskerville (dau of Sir Thomas Baskerville)
Commoners identifies Thomas as "direct ancestor of" a Thomas (who married Ann, dau of Sir Simon Milbourne) father of Sir Richard (who married Dorothy, dau of Sir Thomas Laiton) father of Richard who married Catharine Parry. We follow Robinson.
  A. Richard Walwyn of Hellens (a 1453)
  m. Alice Hackluyt (dau of Sir Leonard Hackluyt)
  i. Fulk Walwyn of Hellens (a 1508)
  m1/2. Jane Hereford (dau of Thomas Hereford of Sufton)
  a. Thomas Walwyn (a 1508)
  (1) Sir Richard Walwyn of Hellens (bur 19.09.1578)
Robinson shows Richard's wife as Dorothy, dau of John Lacon of Willey. With some slight unease, as the dates (given by Robinson), though possible, might indicate that she was a different Dorothy, we presume that she was in fact ...
  m. Dorothy Lacon (bur 16.04.1595, dau of Thomas Lacon of Willey)
  (A) Richard Walwyn of Hellens (bur 24.01.1587)
  m. Catharine Parry (dau of George Parry of Poston)
  (i) Ely Walwyn of Hellens (bur 07.07.1616)
  m. Ann Cooke (dau of Edward Cooke, son of Sir Anthony of Geddy or Gidy Hall)
(a) Fulk Walwyn of Hellens (in Much Marcle) (bur 27.02.1660)
  m. (16.03.1620) Margaret Pye (dau of Sir Walter Pye of the Mynde)
  ((1)) John Walwyn of Hellens & Dormington (bpt 16.02.1622-3, d 1686)
  m. Mary Winnington (dau of Rev. B. Winnington of Bibury)
  ((A)) Margaret Walwyn (bur 1727)
  m. John Noble of Hellens
  ((B)) Frances Walwyn (bur 1705)
  m. John Shepheard of Crowleasow & Dormington (Rev.)
((C))+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, Fulk, Robert, Mary, Bridget, Lucippe
  ((2)) Elizabeth Walwyn (b 1629)
  m. John Vernon (d 1670, son of Sir Edward of Sudbury)
  ((3)) Hesther Walwyn (b 1632)
  m. Edward Sandys of Micheldean
  ((4)) Bridget Walwyn (d 01.11.1698)
  m. (1661) Robert Dobyns of Evesbatch (d 03.10.1710)
  ((5))+ other issue (d unm) - Walter (d c1649), Ely (d 1635), Fulk (b 1626, dsp), William (b 1628, d 1691), Richard (b 1633, d 1692), Hester (d 23.10.1708)
  (b) Jonathan Walwyn (d 01.03.1675)
  m. ? (22.10.1635) Elizabeth Wigmore (dau of Warncombe Wigmore of Shobdon)
  (c) Mildred Walwyn
  m. Thomas Rogers of King's Stanley
(d)+ other issue (dsp) - Ely (b 1588), George (d 1602), William (b 1606)
  (B) Thomas Walwyn (a 1572) had issue
  (C) Jane Walwyn
  m. Richard Ashberry of London
  (2) Thomas Walwyn had issue
  (3) Blanch Walwyn
  m. John Abrahall of Abrahall (d 1592)
  (4) Sybill Walwyn possibly of this generation
  m. George Delabere
  b.+ other issue - Fulk, Alexander
  m2/1. (Jane) Baynham
  d. Alexander Walwyn
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
  e. Margery Walwyn (a 1536)
  m. William Clynton of Castleditch (d 1536)
  ii. Richard Walwyn

Main source(s): Robinson (Hereford, 'Walwyn of Hellens, Longworth, etc.') with some support & some contradiction from Commoners (vol iii, Walwyn of Longworth)
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