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Families covered: Walker of Blythe Hall, Walker of Clifton House, Walker of Eastwood, Walker of Ecclesfield, Walker of Ferham, Walker of Masborough

William Walker of Ecclesfield, Yorkshire (b 1650, d 1708)
m. Mary Wood (d 1728, dau of Joseph Wood of Ecclesfield)
1. Joseph Walker of Ecclesfield (b c1673, d 21.12.1729)
  m1. ??
  A. Joseph Walker of Ecclesfield
  m. Anne Darwent (dau of William Darwent of Thornhill)
  i. Joseph Walker of Hexham, Northumberland
  m. Hannah Shemeld (dau of James Shemeld of Sheffield)
  a. Mary Walker
  m. _ Parker
  b. Hannah Walker
  ii. Jonathan Walker (d unm)
  iii. Mary Walker
  m. Richard Groves
  iv. Grace Walker
m. James Wood
  B. Benjamin Walker (dsp)
  C. Mary Walker
  m1. David Crawshaw of Barnsley
  m2. _ Mitchel of Denby
  m2. Anne Hargreave (b c1729, dau of Jonathan Hargreave)
D. Jonathan Walker of Masborough (Yorkshire) & Kimberworth (b 08.07.1710, d 05.08.1778)
  m1. Sarah Ainley (b c1714, d 06.06.1776, dau of Richard Ainley or Ainlie, widow of William Hodgkinson and/or _ Platts)
  i. Jonathan Walker of Ferham, Yorkshire (b 1756-7, d 05.05.1807)
  m1. (15.06.1780) Mary Walker (d 15.07.1803, dau of Samuel Walker) @@ below
  a. Jonathan Walker of Ferham (b 27.04.1781, dsp 17.01.1842 (1822?))
  m. (30.11.1804) Anna Barr (b 1784-5, d 22.08.1848, dau of Martin Barr of Worcester)
  b. Mary Anne Walker of Masborough (d unm 19.09.1855-6)
  m2. (19.03.1805) Mary Hamer (d 15.09.1819, dau of Samuel Hallows Hamer of Rotherham)
  ii. Mary Ann Walker
  iii. Anne Walker
  m. John Drake of Rotherham
  m2. Elizabeth Windsor (dau of John Windsor, widow of William Hodgkinson)
E. Samuel Walker of Ecclesfield then Masborough (b 15.11.1715, d 12.05.1782)
  Foster reports that Samuel "raised himself from a homely origin to the possession of great wealth" and "may be said to have been the pioneer of all the great iron industries of the present day". Commoners reports that, with his brothers, he "established at Rotherham, a work for the manufacture of articles of cast iron".
  m. (18.03.1741) Mary Sykes (d 06.01.1793, dau of Thomas Sykes of Ecclesfield)
  i. Samuel Walker of Masborough (b 06.02.1742, d 01.08.1792)
  m. (09.06.1774) Sarah Nutt (d 28.01.1820, dau of John Nutt, widow of Thomas Booth)
a. Samuel Walker of Masborough (b 04.09.1779, d 30.01.1850, MP) had issue
  m. (29.04.1801) Elizabeth Palmes (b 1777-8, d 04.04.1867, dau of John Palmes of Naburn)
  b. Mary Walker (d 15.08.1859)
  m. (20.09.1798) Hugh Parker of Woodthorpe
  c. Margaret Walker (d 04.1863)
  m. (05.06.1806) William Walker of Wilsick (b 03.03.1773, d 10.07.1830, deputy recorder of Doncaster, son of William of Killingbeck Hall)
ii. Joshua Walker of Clifton (near Rotherham, Yorkshire) & Blythe (Nottinghamshire) (d 1815)
  m. Susannah Need (b 1759-60, d 02.04.1831, dau of Samuel Need of Nottingham)
  a. Henry Walker of Blythe Hall & Clifton House, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (b 03.02.1785, d 19.01.1860) had issue
  m. (09.1806) Elizabeth Abney (d 02.1850, dau of Edward Abney of Measham Hall by Hephzibah, dau of Samuel Need of Nottingham)
  b. Joshua Walker of London (b 28.09.1786, MP) had issue
m. (18.12.1805) Anna Maria Holford (d 19.02.1861, dau/coheir of Allen Holford of Davenham/Chester)
  c. Frederick Walker (d young)
  d. Susanna Walker
  m. (12.04.1811 (or 1810)) Jebediah Strutt of Belper (d 01.11.1854)
  iii. Joseph Walker of Eastwood (near Rotherham) & Aston, Sheriff of Derbyshire (d 07.06.1801)
  The following is supported by BLG1863 (Walker of Berry Hill).
  m. (10.10.1785) Elizabeth Need (d 27.05.1823, dau of Samuel Need of Nottingham)
  a. Joseph Need Walker of Eastwood & Calderstone Hall (b 30.09.1790,d 15.03.1865) had issue
  m. (09.11.1818) Catherine Parker (dau of Samuel Walker Parker of Scott's House)
  b. Thomas Walker of Ravenfield, Yorkshire (b 19.07.1795, d 10.07.1843) had issue
  m. (21.04.1819) Constantia Beresford (dau of John Claudius Beresford, Lord Mayor of Dublin)
  c. Sir Edward Samuel Walker of Berry Hill (Nottinghamshire), Mayor of Chester (b 1799, a 1867) had issue
  m1. (15.09.1842) Frances Valentine Stevens (d 07.06.1864, dau of George Stevens of Old Windsor Lodge)
  m2. (12.06.1866) Mary Elizabeth Hallowes (dau of Capt.Hallowes of Glapwell Hall)
d. Harriett Walker
  m. William Alderson (dsp 30.09.1852, rector of Aston)
  e. Sophia Walker (dsp 27.04.1856)
  m. Thomas Trebeck of Southwell (d 04.11.1864)
  f. Catherine Walker (d 16.04.1858)
  m. James Haffenden of Clearwell Court, Tenterden
  g. Elizabeth Walker (d unm 14.05.1832)
  iv. Thomas Walker of Berry Hill, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (dsp 15.04.1828)
  m. (1783) Mary Need (dau of Samuel Need of Nottingham)
  v. Jonathan Walker (d infant)
  vi. Mary Walker (d 15.07.1803)
  m. (15.06.1780) Jonathan Walker of Ferham (b 1756-7, d 05.05.1807) @@ above
  vii. Sarah Walker
  m. (1768) William Parker
  viii. Anne Walker (d 12.07.1829)
  m. (17.11.1785) John Whitacre of Woodhouse
  F. Aaron Walker of Masborough (b 19.02.1718, d 28.01.1777)
  m. Rhoda Wood (dau of Batholomew Wood of Ecclesfield)
  i. John Walker of Masborough & Burlington (a 1779, d unm)
  ii. Hannah Walker
  m. John Pearson of Leeds
  G. Hannah Walker
  m1. John Bordman
  m2. George Yates
  H. Ann Walker
  m. John Yates
  I . Susanna Walker
  m. Joseph Wood
  J. Sarah Walker
  m. John Rhodes of Rotherham
2. Joshua Walker (d unm)

Main source(s): 'Pedigrees of the County Families of England' (Joseph Foster, vol 2 (1874), Yorkshire - West Riding, 'Pedigree of Walker of Masborough, Clifton, etc'), FMG (vol 2, MS304, 'Walker', p742+), BLG1952 ('Walker of Mount St. John') with support from Commoners (vol 2, 'Walker of Blythe Hall', p288+), BLG1863 ('Walker of Blythe Hall')
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