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Families covered: Various early Welsh families

Madock ap Edenowen Bendew
1. Yerwerth ap Madock
  A. Ririd ap Yerwerth
  i. Rotpert ap Ririd
a. Kennerick ap Rotpert
  (1) Ithel Vychan ap Kennerick
  (A) David ap Ithel Vychan
  (i) Evan ap David
  m. Katherine (dau of Griffth ap Rees)
  (a) Howel ap Evan
  m. Margaret (dau of Richard (ap Howell ap Evan Vychan ap Evan ap Adda) by Katherine, dau of Thomas Salusbury)
  ((1)) Katherine
m. Lewis ap Evan @@ below
  (B) Kenerick ap Ithel Vychan probably of this generation
  The following comes from MGH (vol 1, 1868, 'Humphreys Pedigree', p189)
  m. Tanglw (dau of Griffith Lloyd ap David ap Meredydd, descended from Llowarch Holbrwch)
  (i) John ap Kenerick (Cynwrig) 'of Holt'
  m. Jonet or Elizabeth Conwy (dau of John Conwy of Bodrythan (ap Jankin) by Jonet Stanley)
  (a) Hugh ap John (younger son?)
  ((1)) Ellen
m. Morgan ap Thomas
  b. Cynwrig ap Rotpert possibly fits here
  Cynwrig, father of the wife of Gruffydd of Bryn Hwylan, is identified by Griffith (p215) as Cynwrig ap Rotpert ap Iorwerth ap Rhirid ap Madog ap Ednowain Bendew. That switches around Rhirid (Ririd) & Iorwerth (Yerwerth) shown above so it is quite possible that he came from a different son of Madog (Madock) above. Provisionally, we show him here.
  (1) Rhys ap Cynwrig ap Rotpert possibly fits here
  (A) Margaret
  m. John Hookes of Leadbrook
  (2) daughter
  m. Gruffydd (Lloyd) of Bryn Hwylan
  (3) Gwenllian (dau of Cynric (Jenwrick) ap Rotpert) possibly fits here
  m1. James (Jacob) Eyton of Eyton
  m2. Iorwerth (ap Einion ap Griffith) of Ynys-y-Maengwyn (a 1425)



Madock Voel
1. Llewelyn ap Madock Voel
  A. Llewelyn Vychan
  i. Madoc ap Llewelyn Vychan
  a. David ap Madoc
m. Katherine (dau of Edward ap Ithel ap Yerwerth ap Griffith ap Gronow Voel ap Gronow Vychan ap Pyll ap Llowarch Holbrwch)
  (1) Evan ap David
  m. Elizabeth Conwy (dau of James Conwy of Soughton by Gwenhwyyar, dau of David ap Cwna)
  (A) Lewis ap David
  m. Katherine (dau of Howell ap Evan by Margaret) @@ above
  (i) Lowry
  m. Ellis Yong of Bryn Yorkyn



Ithel Anwyl (Captain of Englfield)
1. Blethyn ap Ithel Anwyl
  m. Philipa (dau of Sir Gruffydd Llwyd of Tregarnedd & Dinorwic) wife of Blethyn, possibly mother of ...
  A. Kenerick ap Blethyn
  i. Ithel ap Kenerick
  a. Cwna ap Ithel
  (1) David ap Cwna
  (A) Gwenhwyyar
  m. James Conway of Soughton
Possibly of the next generation, being daughter of Ithel Anwyl, "a chieftain of Tegengl" (Flintshire), was ...
2. Margaret
  m. Madoc of Cadwyan (Madog of Kadugan)

Main source(s): MGH (vol 1, 1868, 'Humphreys Pedigree', p186)
[The section on a line from Pyll ap Llowarch Holbrwch has been moved to Wales60.]
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