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Families covered: Vivian of Boshavarne, Vyvyan (Vivyan) of Trelowarren, Vivyan of Trevidren

(1) In the Harleian editor's notes on Visitation (Cornwall, 1620, Vivyan) is reported that "the name of Vivian has been spelt with i or y indifferently. The very earliest record of the name in England, temp., Will. Conq., gives it Vivian. The use of the y began about the time of Edw. I., and has since been adopted by different branches of the family." We broadly follow the work of Vivian (the genealogist) but make no pretence of consistency with the spelling at least until later generations.
(2) The editor's notes for Visitation (Cornwall, 1620, Vivyan) also reports that "The name of Vivian was used as a prenomen in England as early as Will. Conqu" and then mentions Vivan de Molynes, son of William de Molynes. It is not known if that Vivian is mentioned purely as an example of the use of the name or as an indication that there is a possibility that the following family may have descended from him. It is not known if there was any connection with Vivonia/Vivonne in Poitou (mentioned here).
Ralph Vivian
m. Isabella Bodrigan (dau of William Bodrigan, widow of William Boleigh) ## see here ##
1. Sir Violl or Vyell Vyvyan of Trevidren, Cornwall (a 1243)
  m. Margaret (dau of Christopher, Count of Kildare in Ireland)
  A. Sir Ralph Vyvian of Trevidren (a 1330)
  m. Katherine Farrars (dau of Reginald Farrars of Boswithgreet)
  i. Richard Vivyan of Trevedrian (d 16.11.1331)
  m. Constance Peverell (d 25.10.1308, dau of Sir James or Hugh Peverell of Park)
  a. William Vyvian of Trevidren (d 13.12.1345)
  m. Clarence Le Forte (d 18.11.1346, dau of Henry Le Forte of Pengersick by Engina (Engrina), dau/heir of Edward Godolphin of Pengersick)
  (1) Ralph Vyvian of Trevidren
  m. Alice Kemyell (dau of Peter Kemyle of Kemyll (by Felice, dau of Sir John Arundell) son of Peter (by Sibill, dau/heir of Richard Helegan) son of Henry)
(A) Ralph (not Roger) Vivyan of Trevidren the first mentioned by BP1934
  m1. Isabella Anthony (dau of John Anthony or Anthorne)
  (i) John Vivyan or Vyvyan of Trelowarren (a 1450)
m. Honor Ferrers (dau/heir of Richard Ferrers of Ferrars of Trelowarren)
  (a) Richard Vivyan or Vyvyan of Trelowarren, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 07.08.1518)
  m. Florence Arundel (dau/coheir of Richard Arundell of Trerice)
  ((1)) Michael Vivyan or Vyvyan of Trelowarren, Sheriff of Cornwall
  m. Thomasine Glyn (dau/coheir of John Glyn of Morvale, m2. Richard Coode of Morval)
  ((A)) William Vivyan (b c1502, dsp 1520)
  ((B)) John Vivyan or Vyvyan of Trelowarren (d 18.05.1562)
  m. Elizabeth Trethurfe (dau of Thomas Trethurfe or Tretherff)
((C)) Margaret Vivyan (d young)
  ((2)) Robert Vivyan
  m. Margaret Durant (dau/coheir of John Durant of Trevanion)
  ((A)) James Vivyan ancestor of Vivian of Constantine
  ((B)) Michael Vivyan of Skyburiowe (bur 31.01.1560-1)
  m. Jane Hill (dau of Robert Hill of Hellegan, m2. Nicholas Fortescue of Mawgan)
  ((i)) Christian Vivyan (b 25.06.1560)
  m. John Cosgarne of Boswidell
  ((C)) Margaret Vivyan
  m1/2. Walter Kestell
m2/1. Michael Hill
  ((3)) Elizabeth Vivyan
  m. Robert Cowlynge
  ((A)) William Cowlynge
  (b) John Vivian
  (ii)+ other issue - Alice, Joane, Anor
  m2. Johanna (widow of Robert Tresawell)
  (v) Adam Vivian (d before 1441, MP for Helston)
  m. Johanna Trenowth (dau/coheir of Stephen Trenowth)
  (B) Thomas Vyvian (d by 1388)
  (2) Melior Vivyan
  m. Richard Rosemadres of Burian
  (3) Jane Vivyan
  m. Alan Trereneke of Sancreed
  b. Hugh Vyvian
  (1) Richard Vivian
  m. Clarice Geraud (dau of John Geraud of Pencors)
(A) Richard Vivian (a 1377)
  c. John Vivyan or Vivian of Boshavarne (d 1355)
  m. Alice Gwennow (dau of Francis Gwennow of Pordhenis) mentioned in Visitation (1620) but not by Vivian
  d. Jane Vivyan (d 1354)
  m. John Erissey of Erissey
  e. Isabella Vivyan
  m. John Aleth alias Abot of St. Martin's
  f. Dionysia Vivyan
  m. Henry de Tresweswith
  ii. John Vivian of Boshavarne (d 1355) had issue
  m. Alice Gwenvis (dau of Francis Gwenvis of Portenys)
  iii. Murrill Vivyan
  m. Nicholas de Chiverton
  B. Luke Vyvyan of Trevidren (a 1272)
  C. Joane (or Amy) Vyvyan
  m. Sir Bartholomew Greenvile of Stowe (d 1325)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Vivian or Vyvyan of Trevidren'), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Vivian') with a little support from BP1934 ('Vyvyan')
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