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Families covered: Vaughan of Bredwardine, Vaughan of Moccas, Vaughan of Porthaml (Porthammel), Vaughan of Sutton-upon-Derwent, Vaughan of Talgarth, Vaughan of Tretower (Tretwr), Vaughan of Trowton, Vaughan of Walterstone
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Sir Roger Vaughan of Tretower (Tretwr) & Talgarth, Constable of Cardigan (d 1471)
Walker identifies this Roger (son of Roger of Badwardine (by Phillis, dau of David Gamme) & brother of Wolkin & Thomas of Hergist) as father of Sir Philip & Roger of Trotown by Ersinga, dau of Rice Ap Thomas. WBO and other sources identify his wives as below.
m1. Denise Vaughan (dau of Thomas ap Philip Vaughan of Talgarth (Tiliglas))
1. (Sir) Thomas Vaughan of Tretower
  Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, 'Vaughan') shows Thomas as son rather than elder brother of the Roger who married a Whitney.
  m1. Cissil (dau of Morgan ap Jenkin 'ap Philip' of Gwent)
  A. Henry Vaughan of Tretower (3rd son)
  m. Anne Throckmorton (dau of Sir Christopher Throckmorton)
  i. Christopher Vaughan of Tretower, Sheriff of Brecknock (a 1548)
  m. Gwladis (dau of John (Games) of Newton) wife of Christopher, presumed mother of ...
  a. William Vaughan of Tretower, Sheriff of Brecknock (d 1613)
  (1) William Vaughan of Tretower (d 1617)
  (A) Charles Vaughan of Tretower (d 1636)
  (i) Charles Vaughan of Tretower, Sheriff of Brecknock (d 1654)
  (a) Edward Vaughan of Tretower (dsp)
  (b) Margaret Vaughan
  m. Thomas Morgan
  ((1)) Vaughan Morgan (d 1684)
  ((A)) Charles Morgan, later Vaughan of Tretower (d 1704)
  ((i)) Charles Vaughan of Tretower
  m. ?? Powell (dau/heir of Hugh Powell of Scethrog)
  ((a)) Charles Vaughan of Tretower
  (((1))) Charles Vaughan (sold Tretower about 1783)
  (B) Thomas Vaughan (d 1658)
m. ?? (heiress of Newton in Llansantfraed)
  (i) Henry Vaughan (b 1621, d 23.04.1695, poet)
  m1. Catherine Wise
  m2. Elizabeth Wise (sister of Catherine)
  (ii) Thomas Vaughan (b 1621, d 27.02.1665/6, "alchemist and poet")
(C)+ other issue
  ii. Sir Thomas Parry (ap Harry) (b c1515, d 15.12.1560, Treasurer/Comptroller of the Queen's household) apparently of this generation
  Except for some details taken from Wikipedia, the following comes from Visitation (Berkshire, 1532+1566, 'Parry of Hampstead Marshall') which shows the following Sir Thomas as son of Henry Vaughan. Wikipedia ("Thomas Parry") identifies that Henry as Henry Vaughan of Tretower, son of Sir Thomas Vaughan.
  m. Anne Reade (d 1585, dau of Sir William Reade of Borestall (Boarstall), widow of Sir Gyles Grevell & Sir Adrian Fortescue)
  a. Sir Thomas Parry of Hampstead Marshall, later of Welford (b 1541, d 1610)
  m. Dorothy Brooke of Bristowe (Bristol)
  b. Edward Parry
  c. Muriell Parry (d 1616)
m. Sir Thomas Knevett of Ashwelthorp
  d. Anne Parry
  m. Griffin Hamden of Buckinghamshire
  e. Frances Parry
  m. John Abrahall of Hereford
  iii. Maud Vaughan probably of this generation
  m. James Kemeys of Michaelston-y-Vedw
B. Elizabeth Vaughan (d 15.01.1514/5) probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. (before 25.11.1501) Edward Stanley, 1st Lord Monteagle (d 06/7.04.1523)
  C. Catherine Vaughan probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Richard Harley, Sheriff of Salop (a 1499)
  D.+ other issue - Roger, Watkin
  m2. Jane, Lady Ferrers
2. Roger Vaughan of Talgarth (Tyle-glas) in Talgarth (Brecknockshire) & Trowton (d before 25.09.1514)
  m. Joan Whitney (dau of Robert Whitney by Constance, dau of James, Lord Audley)
  A. Watkin Vaughan
  m. Joan Vaughan (dau of Ieuan Gwilym Vaughan of White Peyton)
  i. Sir William Vaughan of Porthaml (Porthammel), Sheriff of Brecknockshire (d before 1553)
The following is partly supported by Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Herefordshire, 1634, 'Vaughan of Bredwardine and Moccas', p173+).
  m. Catherine Havard (dau of Jenkin Havard)
  a. Sir Roger Vaughan of Porthammel, Sheriff of Brecknockshire (d 1571, MP)
  m. Catherine Herbert (dau of Sir George Herbert of Swansea)
(1) Watkin Vaughan of Porthammel (dsp)
  (2) Rowland Vaughan of Porthammel (dvp 1566, MP)
  m. Elizabeth (sister/coheir of Henry Myle of Newcourt)
  (A) son (dvpsp?) mentioned by HoP ("Rowland Vaughan")
  (B) Catherine Vaughan of Porthammel
  m. Sir Robert Knollys (a 1600, MP for Brecknockshire)
  (C) Elizabeth Vaughan probably of this generation
  m. Rowland Vaughan of Newcourt @@ below
  (3) Roger Vaughan of Talgarth
  m. Frances Somerset (natural dau of Thomas Somerset, m2. William Vaughan of Tretower)
  (A) Roger Vaughan
m. (1608) Ann Delahie (dau of Paul Delahie of Alltrynys)
  (4) Catherine Vaughan (d 02.1601) probably of this generation
  m. Richard Mynors of Treago (bur 30.01.1592)
  b. Walter (Watkin) Vaughan of Moccas & Bredwardine (a 1584)
  m. Joan (dau/coheir of Henry Myle of Newcourt = Miles ap Harry of Newcourt)
  (1) Henry (Harry) Vaughan of Moccas & Bredwardine
m. Eleanor Boyle (dau of James Boyle & granddau of Hugh Lewis of Harpton)
  (A) Roger Vaughan of Moccas & Bredwardine (b 1588-9, a 1635)
  m. Bridget Husbands ( dau of James Husbands of Wormbridge)
  (i) Harry Vaughan of Moccas & Bredwardine (b c1621, dsp?)
  m. (1635) Frances Pye (dau of Walter Pye, m2. Edward Cornewall)
  (ii) Walter Vaughan
  m. Elizabeth Plumer (dau of John Plumer of London)
  (a)+ issue (a 1635) - William (b c1630), Eleanor, Elizabeth
  (iii)+ other issue (a 1635) - Thomas, Roger, William, John, Eleanor, Mary, Joan
  (B) Ann Vaughan
  Siddons suggests that Ann m Humphrey, son/heir of James of Pontrilas, but (for at the moment, at least) we show her husband as ...
  m. Walter Baskerville of Pontrilas
  (C) Joane Vaughan
  m. William Baker of Abergavenny
  (D) Elizabeth Vaughan
  m1. Thomas Lewis of Freadgrech
  m2. Howell Jeffris of Brecknock
  (E) Katherin Vaughan
m. John Minors of Norgate
  (F) Frances Vaughan
  m. Thomas Peneyre of Herefordshire
  (A) Gargaret Vaughan
  m. Richard Whitney of the Moor
  (2) Rowland Vaughan of Newcourt
m. Elizabeth Vaughan (dau of Rowland Vaughan of Porthaml) @@ above
  (3) Catherine Vaughan (d 21.11.1594) probably of this generation
  m1. James Boyle, younger of Hay Castle (dvp)
  m2. Sir Henry Gattes of Semer
  m3. Robert Whyte of Aldershot
  c. Thomas Parry (dsp)
  m. Ann Borgh (dau of Thomas Borgh)
  d. Margaret Vaughan
  m1. Roger Vaughan of Clyro
  m2. Charles Vaughan of Hergest
e. Elizabeth Vaughan probably of this generation
  m. Edward Games of Newton (d 1564)
  B. Thomas Vichon 'of Tregunter' of Trowton & Porthamell (co Brecknock)
  WBO ("Vaughan of Porthaml") identifies Thomas as the ancestor of the Vaughans of Tregunter. The following is supported by Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5 & 1612, 'Vaughan of Sutton') which starts with this Thomas but does not identify his wife. Walker identifies her as Elizabeth, dau of Henry Misse of Newcourt. This should be ...
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Henry ap Miles of Newcourt)
i. John Vichon or Vaughan of Meales & Porthamell (co. Brecknock) & Sutton (Yorkshire), Sheriff of Yorkshire (b by 1512, d 25.06.1577, MP)
  m. (1584/9) Anne Pickering (dau/heir of Sir Christopher Pickering by dau of Richard Lewkenor)
  a. Francis Vaughan of Sutton-upon-Derwent, Sheriff of Yorkshire (a 1599)
  m. Anne Boynton (dau of Sir Thomas Boynton of Barmston by Margaret, dau of Sir William St. Quintin)
  (1) Sir Henry Vaughan of Sutton-upon-Derwent (b 1581/4)
  Both Walker and Foster identify Sir Henry's wives as (Faith) Stanhope and Frances Dawney. However, Foster shows _ Stanhope first and mother of John, Frances & Margaret then Frances Dawney second and mother of Faith. We follow Walker which shows them the other way around.
  m1. Faith Stanhope (dau of Sir Edward Stanhope of Grimston)
  (A) Faith Vaughan
  m2. Frances Dawney (dau of Sir Thomas Dawney of Sessay by Fayth Legard)
  (B) John Vaughan of Sutton-upon-Derwent had issue
m. Douglas Palmer (dau of Sir Guy Palmer of Lindley by Ann, dau of Sir Edward Stanhope)
  (C) Frances Vaughan
  (D) Margaret Vaughan
  m1. Robert Walker of Brayton
  m2. Ralph Constable (Major)
  (2) Mary Vaughan
  m. (28.03.1598) William Vavasour of Weston (b 1581, a 1633)
  (3) Frances Vaughan
  m. Henry Alured of Charterhouse (a 1612)
  (4)+ other issue - John, Francis, Alice, Ann, Katherine
  b. Frances Vaughan (bur 19.07.1647)
  m. Thomas Burgh, 5th Lord of Gainsborough (b by 1558, d 14.10.1597)
  c.+ other issue (dsp) - Raynold, Elizabeth
  ii. William Vichon of Sutton-upon-Derwent (d before 30.03.1618)
The following comes from FMG (vol 3, MS430, 'Vaughan', p993).
  m. _ Vaughan (dau of Watkin Vaughan)
  a.+ issue - Thomas, William, Roger, Rowland, Catherine, Jane
  iii. Richard Vichon
  m. Ann Borough (dau/heir of Henry Borough, son of Sir Thomas, Lord Borough)
  C. Elizabeth Vaughan probably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. Thomas Morgan of Machem
  D.+ other issue - Henry, William mentioned by Walker who does not mention Watkin
  m2. Jane (Lady Ferrers)
3. (Wenllyan) Vaughan
m. Robert Raglan
4. daughter
  m. Henry Donne
5. (Eleanor) Vaughan shown by various web sites as dau of Margaret Touchet but by WBO as by Denise
  m. Sir Morgan Gamage of Coity Castle
6. daughter
  m. Morgan ap Thomas ap Gruffudd ap Nicolas
m2. Margaret Touchet, 'Lady Powis' (d before 02.02.1480/1, dau of James, Lord Audley (by Eleanor, natural dau of Edmund, Earl of Kent), widow of Sir Richard Grey, Lord Powis)
7. daughter
  m. Humphrey Kynaston
partner(s) unknown
8. Lewis Vaughan ancestor of Vaughans of Gelli-gaer
9. Roger Vaughan ancestor of Vaughans of Cathedine
10. William Vaughan ancestor of Vaughans of Merthyr Tydfil
11. John Vaughan
  We presume that this was the John, shown by WBO as ancestor of the Vaughans of Coedkernew, who is shown in Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Herefordshire, 1634, 'Vaughan of Walterstone', p13+) as a younger son of Sir Roger (by Dennis Vaughan). The following comes from that source.
  A. Thomas Vaughan of Walterstone, Herefordshire
  m. Jennet Wilcocks (dau/heir of David Wilcocks of Walterstone)
  i. Philip Vaughan of Walterstone
  m. Margaret Pye (dau of Walter Pye of Llanvayer)
a. Watkin Vaughan of Walterstone
  m. Elizabeth Herbert (d before 24.03.1622/3, dau of William Herbert (Harbert) of Oldcastle)
  (1) Watkin Vaughan (dsp before 08.02.1629/30)
  (2) Margaret Vaughan
  m. Thomas Tirrett of Gloucester
  (3) Sybell Vaughan
  m. William Havard Llanvayno
  (4)+ other issue - Walter of Llansillio, Arnold, Ann, Alice
  b. Mawde Vaughan
  m. John Roberts of Garway
12.+ other issue including Thomas
Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage or relationship is not known, was ...
13. Margaret Vaughan
  m. John Parker of Monmouthshire

Main source(s): WBO ("Vaughan of Tretower" & 'Vaughan of Porthaml in Talgarth") with some support from Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, 'Vaughan of Sutton-upon-Derwent'), Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Herefordshire, 1634, 'Vaughan of Bredwardine and Hergest', p164+) and further input/support as reported above
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