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Families covered: Upton of Castle Upton, Upton of Ingmire Hall, Upton Lords Templetown, Upton of Lupton

John Upton of Lupton
m. Johan Raleigh (dau of Sir Wincomb Raleigh or Rawleigh of Fardell)
1. John Upton of Lupton
m. Ann Cowp or Cooper (widow of Thomas Allen of Glastonbury)
  A. Arthur Upton of Lupton
  m. Gertrude Fortescue (dau of Hugh Fortescue of Filleigh)
  i. John Upton of Lupton (a 1620)
m. Dorothy Rous (dau of Sir Anthony Rous of Halton)
  a. Arthur Upton of Lupton (b c1614)
  m. Elizabeth Gould (dau of William Gould, relict of Robert Haydon)
  (1) John Upton of Lupton (dsps 1687)
  m. Ursula Lytcot (dau of Sir John Lytcot of Moulsey, relict of George Clerk of London)
  (2) Arthur Upton (d unm)
(3) William Upton of Lupton
  m. Catherine Otway (dau of Sir John Otway of Ingemire Hall by Elizabeth, dau of John Brathwaite of Westmoreland)
  (A) John Upton of Ingmire Hall (d 1767, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Boucher (dau of Thomas Boucher of Twickenham)
  (i) John Upton of Ingmire Hall (b 27.12.1718, MP)
  m. (27.12.1763) Mary Noble (dau of George Noble of Weston)
  (a) John Upton of Ingmire Hall (d 06.01.1832)
  m1. Dorothy Wilson (dau of Christopher Wilson, Bishop of Bristol)
((1)) John Upton of Ingmire Hall (b 18.12.1796, d unm 01.02.1867)
  m2. (11.05.1799) Florence Smyth (dau of Thomas Smyth of Stapleton, sister of Sir John, 4th Bart of Ashton Court)
  ((2)) Thomas Upton of Ingmire Hall (b 08.06.1800, d 23.12.1843) had issue
  m. (16.07.1829) Eliza Way (d 01.06.1870, dau of Benjamin Way of Denham Place)
  (b) Mary Upton
  m. John Morland of Capplethwaite
  (c) Jane Upton
  (ii) Elizabeth Upton
m. (1751) Thomas Swettenham of Swettenham
  (B) Catherine Upton (dsp)
  m. John Egerton of Oulton
  (C) Elizabeth Upton
  m. Philip Fernyhough of Chester
  (D)+ other issue (d unm) - William (dpv?), Arthur
  b. Dorothy Upton (d 09.12.1657) who married ...
  m. Thomas Boone of Mount Boone (b 1610, d 25.01.1679)
  c. Elizabeth Upton thought to have been the daughter who married ...
  m. John Vaughan in Devon
  d.+ other issue - John (b c1618), 4 other sons, Ann, Rebecka, 4 other daughters
ii. Henry Upton (to Ireland)
  m. Mary Clotworthy (dau of Sir Hugh Clotworthy, sister of John, Viscount Massereene)
  a. Arthur Upton 'of Temple Patrick' of Castle Upton (b 31.05.1623)
  m. Dorothy Beresford (dau of Michael Beresford of Coleraine)
(1) Clotworthy Upton of Castle Upton (b 06.01.1665, d c09.1725, 4th son)
  m1. (sp) Mary Boyle (dau of Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery)
  m2. (sp) Margaret Stewart (dau of William Stewart of Killymoon)
  m3. Jane Ormsby (dau of John Ormsby of Athlacea or Ballyvenoge)
  (A) Elizabeth Upton, Viscountess Langford (b 1713, d 18.12.1791)
  m. (31.08.1732) Hercules Langford Rowley of Summerhill (d 25.03.1794)
(2) John Upton of Castle Upton (b 19.04.1671)
  m. (1711) Mary Upton (dau of Francis Upton of London)
  (A) Arthur Upton of Castle Upton (dsp 1768)
  m1. Sophia Ward (dau of Michael Ward)
  m2. Sarah Cosby (dau of Pole Cosby of Stradbally)
  (B) Francis Upton of Castle Upton (d unm)
  (C) Clotworthy Upton of Castle Upton, 1st Lord Templetown (b 14.03.1721, d 16.04.1785)
  m. (25.08.1769) Elizabeth Boughton (d 09.1823, dau of Shuckburgh Boughton of Poston Court)
  (i) John Henry Upton, 1st Viscount Templetown (b 08.11.1771, d 21.09.1846)
  m. (07.10.1796) Mary Montagu (d 04.10.1824, dau of John Montagu, 5th Earl of Sandwich)
  (a) Henry Montagu Upton, 2nd Viscount Templetown (b 11.11.1799, d unm 28.03.1863)
  (b) George Frederick Upton, 3rd Viscount Templetown (b 05.08.1802, dsp 04.01.1890, General)
  m. (06.02.1850) Susan Woodford (dau of Field Marshal Sir Alexander Woodford)
(c) Arthur Upton (b 15.01.1807, dsp 23.04.1883, General)
  m. (17.07.1866) Elizabeth Frederica Blake (d 08.07.1902, dau of Joseph Henry Blake, 3rd Lord Wallscourt)
  (d) Edward John Upton (b 18.09.1816, d 14.03.1855) had issue
  m. (14.10.1843) Susan Moore Maddy (d 07.1866, dau of John Maddy, prebendary of Ely)
  (a) Mary Wilhelmina Upton (d 20.03.1876)
  m. (18.08.1831) John Eden Spalding of the Holme (d 29.03.186*)
  (ii) Fulke Greville Upton, later Howard (b 03.04.1773, dsp 04.03.1846, Colonel)
  m. (09.07.1807) Mary Howard (d 19.10.1877, dau of Richard Howard of Elford and Castle Rising)
  (iii) Elizabeth Albinia Upton (b 16.08.1775, d 25.05.1844)
  m. (20.02.1798) Frederick William Hervey, 1st Marquess of Bristol (b 02.10.1769, d 15.02.1859)
(iv) Caroline Upton (d 07.12.1862)
  m. (21.08.1804) James Singleton
  (v)+ other issue - Arthur Percy (b 13.06.1777, d unm 22.01.1855, General), Sophia (d 22.02.1853)
  (D) Sarah Upton
  m. Thomas Perrott of Bath
(E) Mary Upton
  m. Samuel Campbell of Mount Campbell
  (3) Thomas Upton (KC, MP)
  (A) Dorothy Upton
  m. (1732) Thomas Tennison (judge in Ireland)
  (4) Frances Upton
  m. (03.01.1705) Hercules Rowley (d 19.09.1742)
  (5)+ 3 sons (dvp)
  b. Mary Upton (b 26.02.1629, d by 1692) apparently of this generation
  m. (c1650) Sir Hercules Langford, 1st Bart of Kilmackevett and Summer Hill (b c1626, d 18.06.1638)
  c.+ 3 sons and 2 daughters
  iii. Elizabeth Upton
  m. John Heale or Hele of Dipford
  iv.+ other issue - Hugh, Arthur, Anne
  B. John Upton (chevalier of Malta)
  C. Elizabeth Upton
  m. (1583) Christopher Hody of Nethway
2. Marshall Upton
  m. Richard Sparke of Plympton
3. Joan Upton
  m. William Sparke of Dartmouth
4.+ other issue - William, Nicholas

Main source(s): Commoners (vol iv, Upton of Ingmire Hall), BLG1952 (Upton of Pollards Hill formerly of Ingmire Hall), BP1934 (Templetown) with some support from Visitation (Devon, 1620, Upton)
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