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Families covered: Tirrell (Tyrrell) of Heron, Tirrell of Thorndon, Tyrrell of Warley

Sir Walter Tirrell of Langham (a 1086)
Sir Walter has been identified as the accidental killer of King William Rufus. Identified in various web sites as his wife, and mother of his children, is ...
m. Adeliza (dau of Richard FitzGilbert de Toneburge)
1. Sir Henry Tirrell
  A. Sir Richard Tirrell
  i. Sir Edward or Edmond or Symond (Simon) Tirrell
  a. Sir Geoffrey Tirrell
  (1) Sir Lionel Tirrell
(A) Sir Edward Tirrell
  m. Anne or Maud Burgate
  (i) Sir Hugh Tirrell of Great Thorndon (a 1378)
  m. Joan Flambard (dau of James Flambard)
  (a) Sir James Tirrell
  m. Margaret Heron (dau of Sir William Heron of Heron)
((1)) Sir Walter Tirrell of Heron
  m. Jane Swynford (dau of Sir William (or John) Swynford of Essex)
  ((A)) Sir Thomas Tirrell of Heron
  m1. (sp) Alice D'Adeleigh or Dandeleghe
  m2. Eleonora Flambard (dau of John Flambard or Flambert of Essex)
((i)) Sir John Tirrell of Heron, Sheriff of Essex & Hertfordshire (a 1423, Treasurer of the Household to King Henry VI)
  m. Alice Coggeshall (d 1422, dau of Sir William Coggeshall of Little Stamford Hall, m2. John, son/heir of Sir William Langham of Pantfield)
  ((a)) Sir Thomas Tirrell of Heron - continued below
  m. Anne Marney (dau of Sir William Marney of Layer Marney)
  ((b)) William Tirrell of Gipping
  m. Margaret Darcy (dau of Robert Darcy of Malden)
  ((c)) William Tirrell of Beeches (2nd William)
  m1. Anne Fitzsimondes (dau of Robert Fitzsimondes or FitzSymonds)
  m2. Phillipa Thorenbury (dau of John Thorenbury)
  ((d)) Elianor Tirrell
  m. Edmond Knevett
  ((e)) Elizabeth Tirrell
  m1. _ Rookewoode
  m2. Thomas Skargill
  ((d)) daughter
  m. Sir Edward Woodhouse of Kimberley
  ((2)) Emme Tirrell
  m. Richard Enfild (Enfield?) (son of Sir Roger)



Sir Thomas Tirrell of Heron - continued above
Visitation shows Sir Thomas as having married twice: to Emme (dau of John Marney of Layer Marney), shown as mother of his children, and to Anne (dau of William Marney, "coheire to Sergeaux"). The Marney records suggest that BEB1844 is right in showing his wife as ...
m. Anne Marney (dau of Sir William Marney of Layer Marney)
1. Sir William Tirrell of Heron
  m. Eleanor D'Arcy (dau of Robert D'Arcy of Walda by Ales Langley)
2. Sir Thomas Tirrell of South Okenden
  m. Elizabeth Le Bruin (dau of Sir Humphrey Le Bruin of South Okenden)
3. Humphrey Tyrrell of Warley
  m1. Elizabeth (Isabell) Helion
  A. Anne Tyrell (d 1534)
  m. Sir Roger Wentworth of Codham Hall (d 09.08.1539)
  B. Elizabeth Tyrell
  m1. William Allington
  m2. William Chenye
  m3. Ralfe Chamberlayne
  C Margaret Tyrell
  m. Sir William Walgrave or Waldegrave
  D. Margery Tyrrell
  m1. Sir William Ashfield
  m2. Edward Wingfield
  E. Mary Tyrrell
  m. Thomas Timperley
  m2. Elizabeth Walwyn (dau of John Walwyn (of Longford?))
F. Humfrey Tyrrell of Warley
  m. Alice Glemham (dau of Thomas Glemham)
  i. Alice Tyrrell
  m. Ambrose Wolley
  G. John Tyrrell
  m. Ann Norris (dau of Edward Norris)
  i. Thomas Tyrrell of Warley
  m. Anne Wolley (dau of Ambrose Wolley)
  a. Mary Tyrrell
  m. Edward Clinton (son of Edward, Earl of Lincoln)
  ii.+ other issue - John, William, Stephen
  H.+ other issue - Thomas, Richard, Henry, Robert
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) by which wife is unknown, was ...
  L. Maud Tyrrell
  m. John Eyston of East Hendred (d 1545)
4. Sir Robert Tirrell of Thorndon
  m. Christian Harteshorn (dau of John Harteshorn of Bedfordshire, widow of Edward Mackwilliams)
  A. Sir ThomasTirrell (priest)
  B. Robert Tirrell
  m. Joyce Crosse of Norfolk
  i. issue - Thomas, Richard, Henry, Hawwes, Robert, Rauffe
  C. Joyce Tirrell
  m. Thomas Apulton of Kent
5. Anne Tirrell
  m. Edmond Audeley
6. Anne Tirrell (2nd)
  m. John D'Arcy of Toleshunt
7. Elizabeth Tirrell
  m1. Robert D'Arcy of Danbury (d 1469-70)
  m2. Richard Hawte

Main source(s): BEB1844 (Tyrrell of Springfield), Visitation (Essex, 1558+1612, Tirrell/Tyrrell)
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