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Families covered: Tyringham of Nether Winchendon, Tyringham of Tyringham

Giffard de Tyringham (a 1187)
1. (Sir) Richard (Giffard) de Tyringham (a 1209, 1220)
  A. Geffrey de Tyringham
  i. John (Giffard) de Tyringham of Tyringham (d c1274)
  m. Cicely Heslerton (dau of Thomas Heslerton)
  a. Roger de Tyringham of Tyringham (a 1284)
  m. Christian D'Eyville (dau of Sir Walter D'Eyville)
  (1) Roger de Tyringham of Tyringham, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire (a 1317)
  m. Margaret or Margery Cowdray (dau of Sir Thomas Cowdray)
  (A) Roger (or John) de Tyringham of Tyringham (a 1342)
  m. Isabel Weston (dau of Sir Thomas de Weston)
  (i) John Tyringham of Tyringham (d before 1405)
Visitation identifies (Sir) John's wife as Katharine, daughter/coheir of Sir Geffrey Lucy, but BLG1952 identifies her as ...
  m. Alice
  (a) John Tyringham of Tyringham (d 1445)
  m. Eleanor Pabenham (dau of Sir Lawrence Pabenham)
((1)) John Tyringham of Tyringham (b c1411, d 03.1464-5)
  m. Alice Olney (dau of John Olney of Weston Underwood, sister of Sir Robert)
  ((A)) John Tyringham of Tyringham (d 1484)
  m1. Elizabeth Catesby (sister of Sir William Catesby of Ashby St. Legers)
  ((i))+ issue - son (d infant), Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary
  m2. Elizabeth Brudenell (dau of Edmund Brudenell of Raans)
  ((iv)) John Tyringham of Tyringham (dsp 1501)
  ((v)) Thomas Tyringham of Tyringham (d 28.09.1526) - continued below
  m. Anne Catesby
  ((v)) Agnes Tyringham
  m. Roger Reines or Reynes of Clifton ## see here ##
  ((vi)) Elizabeth Tyringham
  m. Edmund Tame
  (b) Roger Tyringham
  ((1))+ issue - Thomas, Roger
  (c) daughter
  m. _ Beresford



Thomas Tyringham of Tyringham (d 28.09.1526) - continued above
Visitation appears to confuse Thomas with his brother John. It identifies his wife Anne as dau of Sir Humphrey Catesby of Whiston, but BLG1952 identifies her as dau of Sir Thomas Catesby of Whiston. Provisionally, we follow the former as the dates make that appear more likely.
m. Anne Catesby (dau of Sir Humphrey Catesby of Whiston)
1. Robert Tyringham (d young 07.03.1532)
2. Thomas Tyringham of Tyringham (d 29.03.1595/1599)
  m. Parnell or Petronilla Goodwin (d 29.12.1594, dau of John Goodwin of Winchendon, sister of Sir John)
  A. Sir Anthony Tyringham of Tyringham, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (d 1614) this line followed by BLG1952
  m. Elizabeth Throckmorton (dau of Sir Robert Throckmorton)
  i. Sir Thomas Tyringham of Tyringham (bpt 03.10.1580, bur 24.01.1636-7)
  m. Frances Gorges (bur 23.05.1649, dau of Sir Thomas Gorges of Langford)
  a. Sir John Tyringham of Tyringham (dsp 1644, Colonel)
  m. Anne Adams (d 1643)
  b. Sir William Tyringham of Tyringham
m1. Elizabeth Miller (dau of _ Miller of Swallowfield, widow of Henry Winchcombe)
  (1)+ 2 daughters (d infant)
  m2. Sarah (d 1679, widow of James Martyn of Putney)
  (3) Elizabeth Tyringham (d c1694)
m. (1678) John Backwell (bur 15.04.1708)
  c.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (d infant), Francis, Edward (bur 20.1642)
  ii. Anthony Tyringham (dsp 19.08.1659, rector of Tyringham, 3rd son)
  m1. Margaret Walcot
  m2. Alice Tresham (dau of Sir Thomas Tresham)
  iii. Edward Tyringham of Halton (d 1642)
  m. Jane St. Barbe (dau of Edward St. Barbe of Askington)
  a.+ 9 sons
  iv. Elizabeth Tyringham apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Robert Fisher, 1st Bart of Packington (b 1579, d 20.03.1647)
  v.+ other issue - Arthur (d 1642), 2 daughters
  B. Thomas Tyringham of Nether Winchingdon or Winchendon (d 20.03.1629) this line followed by Lipscomb
  m. (1587) Elizabeth Saunders (d 17.10.1638, dau of Francis Saunders of Haddenham & Welford)
  i. Thomas Tyringham of Nether Winchendon (b c1585?, dsp bur 12.02.1656)
  m. (04.08.1625) Ellen (relict of Richard Milles)
  ii. Francis Tyringham of Nether Winchendon (bur 09.09.1684, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Chelsham (d 02.02.1682, dau/heir of John Chelsham of Kingston)
  a. John Tyringham of Nether Winchendon (bur 28.03.1705)
m. Mary Winlowe (daiu/coheir of Richard Winlowe of Notley Abbey & Lewknor)
  (1) Jane Tyringham (d 1771)
  m. William Beresford of Long Leadenham (d c1740)
  (A) Christopher Beresford (d young)
  b. Francis Tyringham of Nether Winchendon (bur 11.10.1727)
  m1. Jane Backwell (dau of John Backwell of Broughton)
  (1) Backwell Tyringham (bur 23.09.1689)
m2. Mary Grimshaw (dau/heir of Richard Grimshaw of Hampton in Arden)
  (2) Francis Tyringham of Nether Winchendon, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (b 1607, dsp 12.11.1735)
  (3) Parnell Tyringham (bur 10.03.1740)
  m. Charles Pilsworth of Oving
  (4) Mary Tyringham (b 16.06.1698, d unm bur 23.11.1745)
  c.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 21.04.1648), Elizabeth, Jane
  iii. Parnell Tyringham (b 08.03.1583)
  m. (03.09.1616) Christopher Horton of Catton
  iv. Elizabeth Tyringham (b 19.09.1591)
m. (29.09.1632) John Chetwynd of Rugeley
  v.+ other issue - John (b 15.05.1596, bur 03.09.1657), Dorothy (b 30.12.1592, d 30.04.1605)
  C. Elizabeth Tyringham
  m. Thomas Brad or Bead of Ludgarshall
  D. Katherine Tyringham
  m. Edmund Price of North Crawley, Buckinghamshire
  E. Frances Tyringham
  m. Edward Saunders of Flower
  F. Anne Tyringham
m. John Norwood (son of Thomas)
  G. daughter
3. Edmund Tyringham of Stanton Wyvil
  m. Elizabeth Danvers (dau of William Danvers of Colthorpe)
  A. Francis Tiringham of Weston Favell, Northamptonshire (a 1618)
  The following comes from a note in 'Baronetage of England' (Betham, vol IV, 1804, '#421. Stephens of St. Faith's Norfolk', p267+).
  m. Jane D'Oyley (dau of Robert (probably not Humphrey) D'Oyley of Martin)
  i. Robert Tiringham of Barkby (Leicestershire) & Weston Favell (a 1618)
  m. Elizabeth Bainbrigge (dau of William Bainbrigge of Lockington, relict of John Stanford of Barkby)
  a. Elizabeth Tiringham
  m. Nathaniel Stephens
  B.+ 2 other sons and 2 daughters
4. Elizabeth Tyringham
  m. _ Berner
5. Mary Tyringham
  m. William B.

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Tyringham formerly of Tyringham), Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, Tirringham of Nether Winchendon) with input/support for the lower section from Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Goodwyn, or Goodwin, Tyringham, Winlowe, in alliance with Bernard, of Nether-Winchendon', p519)
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