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Families covered: Tryon of Boys Hall, Tryon of Bulwick, Tryon of Collyweston, Tryon of Harringworth, Tryon of Layer Marney, Tryon of London

'The Ancestor'identifies this family as "In the first rank of the Huguenot families settled in England" and reports that the following Pieter "was born at Wulverghem in Flanders, and holding the reformed doctrine was so well advised as to remove himself and his family out of the reach of the claws of Inquisitor Titelmann." BEB1841 reports that the following Peter "fled from the persecution of the Duke of Alba." BP2003 (Tryon) reports that he "migrated from the Spanish Netherlands c1562".
Pieter (Peter) Trioen or Trieon of Wulverghem (Flanders), later of London (d 29.03.1611)
m. Mary (d 03.01.1618/9)
1. Abraham Trioen or Tryon of London (d 29.12.1607)
  m. (16.10.1599) Leonora Vierendeels (d 1638, dau of Adrian Vierendeels of Antwerp, m2. Gregory Downehall, m3. Sir John Bennet of Uxbridge)
2. Moses Tryon of Harringworth (adjacent to Bulwick), Sheriff of Northamptonshire (bpt 21.12.1572)
m. (03.06.1600) Sarah van der Peele of Sandwich
  A. Peter Tryon 'of Harringworth' of Bulwick, Northamptonshire (bpt 16.12.1604, of Lincoln's Inn)
  m. Judith Cullen (dau of Abraham Cullen, sister of Sir Abraham of Sheen, Bart)
  i. James Tryon of Bulwick (d before 1688)
  Part of the following is supported by BEB1841 (Stydolf of Norbury). Before this page was prepared, we reported what is given in that article within TZmisc05.
m. Margaret Stydolfe (b c1661, d c1690, dau/coheir of Sir Richard Stydolfe of Norbury, Bart, m2. Richard Savage, Earl Rivers)
  a. Charles Tryon of Bulwick (b c1678, d 07.11.1705)
  m. (c02.1700/1) Jane Savile (bpt 27.12.1675, bur 09.06.1743, dau of John Savile by Sarah Tryon, cousin)
  (1) Charles Tryon of Bulwick & Norbury Hall (b 17.09.1702)
  m. (03.07.1722) Mary Shirley (d 17.05.1771, dau of Robert Shirley, 1st Earl Ferrers)
  (A) Charles Tryon of Bulwick (b c1724, dspl 28.11.1768)
  VCH (Rutland, vol 2, ''Parishes: Seaton with Thorpe-by-Water') reports that Charles Tyron, presumably this one though the dates are not right, sold Bulwick "about 1771 to Lord Galway for his son, the Hon. John Monckton". However, that may have applied only to the Manor as BLG1886 suggests that Bulwick Park remained in the family. See the lower section (below).
  p/m. Rebecca (probably dau of James Bennet of Potton by Rebecca)
  (i)+ 2 sons (born before their parents' marriage)
  (B) Robert Tryon (b c1727, d 27.01.1774, rector of Seaton, co Rutland)
  m. Rebecca (a 1774)
  (i)+ issue - Charles (b c04.1763, bur 28.11.1763), Mary (a 1771)
  (C) William Tryon, Governor of North Carolina then New York (d 27.12.1788, Lt. General, 4th son)
  m. (26.12.1757) Margaret Wake of London
  (i) Margaret Tryon (d unm 29.07.1791)
  (D) Sophia Tryon (b 03.09.1739)
  m. Richard Bulstrode of Hounslow
  (E)+ other issue - James (bur 25.02.1732/3), Mary (bpt 23.10.1738?, d unm 18.03.1799), Anne
b. James Tryon of Norbury Hall, Mickleham, Surrey (b c1682, bur 24.01.1722/3)
  ii. Samuel Tryon of Collyweston (Northamptonshire) & Ketton (Rutland) (b c1656, d 04.02.1711/2)
  m1. (c12.1680) Elizabeth Hoste (b c1662, d 10.05.1695, dau of Theodorus Hoste of Mortlake, sister of James)
  m2. Christian Wenyeve (bur 27.05.1718)
  a. John Tryon of Collyweston (bur 14.04.1751)
  m. Sarah Burton (bur 20.08.1771)
(1) Elizabeth Tryon (bpt 05.03.1726/7, a 1747)
  m. Richard Dickson Skrine of Cobham mentioned by BEB1841 (Stydolf of Norbury)
  (2)+ other issue - Sarah (bpt 16.04.1719, d 07.01.1749/50), Susan (bur 01.01.1735/6)
  b.+ other issue - Samuel (bpt 13.11.1688, d by 1711), Peter (bpt 14.06.1691, d by 1711), Charles (bpt 14.05.1693, bur 22.10.1713), Jane (bpt 03.07.1687, d by 1711)
  m2. Christian Wenyeve (bur 27.05.1718)
f.+ other issue - George (bpt 29.07.1699, bur 03.11.1699), Mary (bur 21.05.1699), Anne ('Nanny', bpt 23.02.1700/1), Elizabeth ('Dedle', bpt 01.02.1702/3), Christian ('Kitt')
  iii. Sarah Tryon (b c1651)
  m. (c06.1666) John Savile of Methley Hall & Thrybergh (bpt 11.07.1644, d 25.01.1716/7)
  iv. Mary Tryon (b c1650, d 13.01.1678/9)
  m1. (c06.1669) Sir Samuel Jones of Courteenhall (dsp, m1. Mary Middleton of Denbigh)
  m2. (02.09.1674) Charles Bertie of Uffington (b c1640, d 22.03.1710/1, son of Montague, Earl of Lindsey)
B. Elizabeth Tryon (bpt 19.10.1606)
  m. John Huxley (b 1599, d 30.04.1627, son/heir of George of Edmonton)
  C. Joan Tryon (bpt 08.05.1614)
  m.(20.11.1634) John Crooke (Croke)
  D.+ other issue - John (bpt 22.01.1607/8, bur 27.03.1632), James( bpt 11.11.1610, d infant), James (bpt 21.06.1612, a 1631), Mary (bpt 10.01.1602/3), Sarah (bpt 23.06.1603)
3. Sir Samuel Tryon of Layer Marney (Essex) & Boys Hall (in Halsted), 1st Bart (bpt 25.03.1582, d 08.03.1626/7, 4th son)
  m1. Mary Guldeford (dau of Edward Guldeford of Hemsted)
  m2. Elizabeth Eldred (dau of John Eldred of London, m2. Sir Edward Wortley (brother of Sir Francis, 1st Bart))
  A. Sir Samuel Tryon of Boys Hall, 2nd Bart, Sheriff of Essex (b 04.1626, d 1665)
  m1. Eleanor Lee (dau of Sir Henry Lee of Quarendon by Eleanor. dau of Sir Richard Wortley of Wortley)
  i. Sir Samuel Tryon of Boys Hall, 3rd Bart (d unm c1671)
  ii. Eleanor (Alianora) Tryon (b c1673)
  m. Sir Richard Franklyn, Bart of Moor Park
  m2. Susan Harvey (d 1684, dau of John Harvey of Newton, m2. Timothy Thornbury of London)
  iii. Sir Samuel John Tryon, 4th Bart (d 24.04.1724, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Bownds (dau of Robert Bownds of Chelmsford)
  a. Mary Tryon
  m. Thomas Davy of Shipdom or Shipdam
  b. Susan Tryon
iv.+ other issue (d young) - Samuel John, John, Moses, Moses, Anne
  B. Elizabeth Tryon (bpt 26.04.1619, bur 02.06.1620)
4. daughter (d before 29.12.1607?)
  m. (before 1603) Levis Munke in London
5. Sarah Tryon (dvp)
  m. (09.02.1591/2) David le Maire of Lodon (son of James of Tournay)
  A.+ issue - Peter, Mary, Sara
6. Mary Tryon (bpt 25.03.1575, d c1630)
  m1. Sir Sebastian Harvey, Lord Mayor of London (a 1618)
  A. Mary Harvey
  m. Sir Francis Popham
  m2. Sir Thomas Hinton of Wansborough
7. Esther or Hester Tryon (bpt 13.12.1579)
  m. (17.07.1604) Sir William Courteen (Courten) of London (b 1572, d 27.05.1636, m1. Catharine, dau of Pieter Crommelin)
8.+ other issue - John (bpt 15.09.1577, d young), John (bpt 19.04.1584, bur 14.09.1612), Daniel (bpt 28.08.1586, d young), Daniel (bpt 08.04.1588, d young), Peter (bpt 20.05.1602, d young)



As reported above, it appears that at least part of the family's estates at Bulwick were sold in 1777. BP2003 reports that the following Thomas was "presumably kin" of the above-mentioned Moses, and it does seem to be very likely that Thomas was closely connected to the above family, but it appears that it is not known exactly how he was connected to the above.
Thomas Tryon of Bulwick
m1. _ Weston (dsp)
m2. Harriet Brereton (dau of the Dean of Lichfield)
1. Thomas Tryon of Bulwick Park, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (b 22.05.1802, d 21.08.1872) had issue
  m. (1827) Anne Trollope (d 12.02.1877, dau of Sir John Trollope, 6th Bart, sister of John, Lord Kesteven)
2. Charles William Tryon (d unm)
3. Samuel Tryon (Major General) had issue
  m. _ Harvey (dau of Sir John Harvey)
4. Robert Tryon pf Heathfield House, Fareham (Rear Admiral) had issue
  m1. (09.12.1840, sp?) Henrietta Prevost (d 1848, dau of Admiral James Prevost)
  m2. (03.01.1855) Lelia Sophia Skipwith (d 25.08.1889, dau of Sir Grey Skipwith, 8th Bart)
5. Harriet Tryon (d 28.09.15872)
  m. (1832) Christopher Whichcote (dsp 04.01.1885, rector of Aswarby, vicar of Swarby, son of Sir Thomas, Bart of Aswarby)

Main source(s):
(1) For lower section : extract from the entry on 'The Tryons' in 'The Hugenot Families in England' from 'The Ancestor' (with many thanks to a contributor, CV (10.04.13), for providing us with that) with some support from BEB1841 (Tryon of Layer Marney), TCB (vol 1, Tryon of Layer Marney)
(2) For upper section : BLG1886 (Tryon of Bulwick Park), BP2003 (Tryon)
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