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Families covered: Travers of Hesham, Travers of Nateby (Neatby), Travers of Tulketh

Laurence Travers of Nateby & Tulketh, Lancashire (a 1272)
m. ?? (dau of Orme de Kellet son of Bernard or Bernolf de Kellet son of Orme de Kellet))
1. Sir Thomas Travers of Nateby, Sheriff of Lancashire (a 1272, d before 01.08.1334)
  m1. Isabel Nateby (d before 1290, dau/heir of William, son of Ralph de Nateby)
  A. Laurence Travers of Nateby & Tulketh (d c1346-7, Constable of Bromfield & Yale)
  MGH shows Lawrence married to Alice, dau of William Asseton, and father of Roger who m. Alice, dau of Lawrence Thornton, and was father of Thomas m. Margaret Brocholes. That is supported by Visitation, except to show Alice/Alina Asseton's father as Gilbert. 'A Collection ...' provides the following. We are slightly (not greatly) concerned that this may be showing too many generations.
  m1. (1309-10) Elena Haydock (dau/coheir of Henry Haydock of Ribleton)
  i. Thomas Travers of Nateby & Tulketh (a 1363)
  m. (1333-4) Eleanor Ashton (dau/coheir of Gilbert, son of William de Ashton)
  a. John Travers of Nateby & Tulketh (dvp 29.10.1361)
  m. (05.1349) Alice de Plessington (dau of Robert de Plessington of Dimples)
  (1) Roger Travers of Nateby & Tulketh (b 1354-5, a 1401)
m. (c1379-80) Alice Thornton (dau of John Thornton of Thornton)
  (A) Thomas Travers of Nateby & Tulketh (a 1443)
  m. Margaret Brockholes (dau of John Brockholes of Brockholes)
  (i) Laurence Travers of Nateby & Tulketh (a 1452)
  m. (1433-4) Preciosa Harrington (dau of Sir Robert Harrington)
  (a) Robert Travers of Nateby & Tulketh (d 1479-80) - continued below
  m. (c1472-3) Katherine Ratcliffe (dau of Richard Ratcliffe of Clitheroe)
  b.+ other issue (a 1349) - Laurence, Thomas, Roger, William, Richard
  m2. (1342-3) Matilda Ploket (dau of Adam Ploket, widow of Peter de Risley)
  ii. Margaret Travers
  m. Thomas de Longton
  B. John Travers of Garstang & Barton, Constable of Bordeaux (d c1335)
  i. Alice Travers
  m. William of York (son of William de Rednesse)
  ii. Katherine Travers
  m. John in Bolton (son of John de Barton)
  C. Orme Travers of Hesham (a 1323)
  i. Thomas Travers of Hesham (a 1347)
  a. Thomas Travers of Hesham (a 1350)
  (1) Roger Travers of Hesham (a 1369)
  (A) John Travers (a 1380)
  m2. (before 1292) Cecilia (widow of Roger de Hakloneschawe)
  D.+ other issue (a 1300) - Alexander, Margaret
  m3. Alice (a 1306)
2. Laurence Travers of Nateby (a 1300, 1323)
  A. John Travers of Hesham (a 1348)
  m. Christiana (a 1348)
  i. Simon Travers (a 1348)
3. Robert Travers (a 1311)



Robert Travers of Nateby & Tulketh (d 1479-80) - continued above
m. (c1472-3) Katherine Ratcliffe (dau of Richard Ratcliffe of Clitheroe)
1. Richard Travers of Nateby & Tulketh (captain)
  m. (c1490) Elizabeth Kighley (dau of Sir Henry Kighley of Inschipp)
  A. William Travers of Nateby & Tulketh (d 28.07.1524)
m. (c1510-1) Margaret Preston (d 1524-5, dau of Lawrence Preston of Preston)
  i. William Travers of Nateby & Tulketh (d 24.07.1558, 2nd son)
  m. (c1530) Dorothy Preston (a 1559, dau of Thomas Preston of Furness Abbey, son of John)
  a. Richard Travers of Nateby & Tulketh (b c1541-2, d 10.04.1576)
  m. Grace Redman (dau of Richard Redman of Harwood Castle)
  (1) William Travers of Nateby (b c07.1563, a 02.1627)
  m. (25.01.1584) Agnes Latham (bur 07.02.1619, dau of Thomas Latham of Parbold)
  (A) Richard Travers of Nateby (b c1590, a 1631)
  m. ?? (a 1626)
  (i)+ issue - Jane (bpt 26.11.1631), Alice (bpt 26.11.1631)
  (B) Isabel Travers
m. John (or James) Wall of Preston & More Hall
  (C) Helena Travers
  m. Maxey Nelson of Fayrehurst (d Marston Moor, captain)
  (D)+ other issue - Edward (a 1626), Eleanor, Catherine (a 1626), Dorothy (d unm bur 19.03.1663)
  (2) Brian Travers
  Brian is not mentioned by either 'A Collection' or the Visitation. He is shown as brother of William by MGH which then follows his line, enabling us to identify him as father of ...
  (A) Brian Travers (to Ireland in 1599) = Bryan Travers of Nateby (a 1583)
  m. Joan
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas in Somerset (a 1602), Richard (a 1582), John (bur 1568), Isabell (bpt 11.05.1567), Anne (bpt 13.01.1572), Frances (bpt 07.12.1575)
b. Anne Travers
  m. Walter Chambers of the Hawes
  c. Ellen Travers
  m. _ Dobbes of Thetford
  d.+ other issue - William, Thomas of East Herling (dsp), Robert (a 1562), Margaret (a 1558)
  ii. Grace Travers
  m. William Plessington (son of Robert de Plessington)
  iii. Elizabeth Travers
  m. Thomas Walmisley of Sholey
  iv. Alice Travers
  m. Ralph Greenacres
  v.+ other issue - Laurence (b c1511, dsp), Anthony (a 1562, MP), Anne (a 1524), Dorothy (a 1524)

Main source(s): 'A Collection of Pedigrees of the Family of Travers' (S. Smith Travers, 1864, 'Pedigree of the Family of Travers of Nateby in the County of Lancaster') with some support/contradiction from MGH (NS4 vol 4 (1912), p360+), Visitation (Richard St. George (Chetham 1872), Lancashire, 1613, 'Travers')
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