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Families covered: Tuthill of Ballyteigue, Tothill of Exeter, Tuthill of Faha, Tuthill of Kilmore, Tothill/Tuthill of Minehead, Tothill of Peamore

William Tothill, Sheriff then Mayor of Exeter, Devon (a 1549, 1556)
m. Elizabeth Matthew (d 02.05.1584, dau of Geoffrey Matthew or Mathew of Vorganwg)
1. Geoffrey Tothill of Peamore, Devon (d 10.09.1574, recorder of Exeter, MP)
  m1. Joan Dillon (dau of Robert Dillon of Chymwell)
  A. Henry Tothill of Peamore, Sheriff of Devon (b 1561, d 09.12.1640)
  m. Mary Sparke (d before 30.04.1647, dau/heir of Nicholas Sparke of Sowton)
  i. Joan Tothill (a 1646)
  m. Robert Northleigh of Matford
  ii. Grace Tothill (b c1604, d 24.02.1623)
  m. William Tothill of Peamore @@ below
  B.+ other issue (d unm) - Robert (b c1565, bur 16.08.1589), Arrys, Joan (d 1567)
  m2. (c11.1569) Elizabeth Fortescue (dau of Bartholomew Fortescue, widow of Lewis Hatche of Northmolton)
2. John Tothill of Exeter (d before 19.04.1583)
  m. Alice Parlebien of Heavitree (heir)
A. William Tothill of Kingsbridge & Exeter (d 09.06.1636)
  m. Anne Wood of Merton
  i. William Tothill of Peamore (d 26.04.1645, of the Middle Temple) the only one of this generation mentioned by Vivian
  m1. Grace Tothill (b c1604, d 24.02.1623, dau/coheir of Henry Tothill of Peamore) @@ above
  Vivian shows only William's marriage to Grace and shows her as mother of Henry, Elizabeth & Ann. We follow BLGI1912.
  a. Henry Tothill (bpt 15.04.1623, dvp unm bur 29.10.1642)
  m2. (19.12.1626) Elizabeth Southcote (d 12.12.1647, dau of Sir George Southcote of Dartmouth Castle)
  b. Elizabeth Tothill
  m. (22.07.1658) Christopher Wood of North Tawton
  c. Anne Tothill
  m. (14.07.1663) John Hale of West Alvington (son of John of Borings-Leigh in West Alvington)
  d.+ other issue - George (d unm 30.05.1629), John (dsp 1647)
  ii. Christopher Tothill (bur 24.08.1637)
  m. Alice (bur 22.10.1644)
  a. George Tothill or Tuthill of Minehead, Somerset (d 24.06.1654)
  m. Joan White of Vurley in Membury (b c1608, d 31.12.1698)
  (1) Christopher Tuthill of Minehead, later of Youghal (co Cork) & Faha (co Limerick), etc. (b 24.06.1650, d 11.06.1712)
  m1. (19.05.1685) Mary Hall (b c1655, d 30.01.1695, dau of John Hall of Swainston)
  (A) John Tuthill of Newtown, co Limerick (b 11.02.1686)
  m1. (27.03.1707) Deborah Patfield (dau of John Patfield of Hillsborough)
(i)+ issue (dvp) - Christopher (d 15.09.1738), John (d 08.1750)
  m2. Jane Sabatier of Rathfeston
  (B) George Tuthilll of Kilmore & Faha (b 25.05.1693, d 13.03.1771)
  m1. (30.05.1727) Jane Armstrong (d 21.01.1732, dau/coheir of Capt. John Armstrong of Lisnamuck)
  (i)+ issue (d unm) - Palmes, Elizabeth, Mary
m2. (09.11.1740) Dorothea Villiers (d 03.06.1784, dau of John Villiers of Ballinabolle)
  (iv) John Tuthilll, later Villiers of Kilmore, Ballyliney, Doorlass & Dublin (b 01.01.1744, d 20.07.1814)
  m. (29.12.1769) Elizabeth Jackson (b 1748-9, d 16.05.1826, dau of Jeremiah Jackson of Fanningstown)
  (a) George Tuthilll of Kilmore, Ballyteigue, etc. (b 14.02.1771, d 11.08.1842)
  m. (23.02.1792) Catherine Langley (dau of Henry Langley of Lisnamrock Castle)
  ((1)) John Tuthilll of Kilmore, etc. (b 03.06.1793, d 13.02.1876) had issue
  m1. (12.05.1815) Anna Stretell Jackson (d 20.03.1844, dau of Stretell Jackson of Peterborough)
m2. (15.12.1846) Margaret Lloyd (b 10.03.1812, d 21.12.1895, dau of Robert Lloyd)
  ((2)) Henry Tuthill in Baltimore, USA (b 12.11.1800, d 01.10.1827, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Henderson of Baltimore
  ((3)) Christopher Jeremiah Tuthill of Lower Ballyteigue (b 31.08.1812, d 23.07.1860) had issue
  m. (28.07.1841) Margaret Isabella Going (d 12.06.1858, dau of Ambrose Going of Ballyphillip)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Dorothea Tuthill
  m. Harry Langley of Coalbrook & Lisnamrock Castle
  ((5)) Hannah Tuthill
  m. Charles Atkinson of Rehins
  ((6))+ other issue (d unm) - George (b 29.10.1795, d 15.06.1826), Frances, Anna, Mary, Catherine, Margaret
(b) John Tuthill of St. Thomas Island (co Clare) & Kilmore House (co Limerick) (b 26.09.1774, d 24.11.1835, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (05.1798) Margaret Cripps (b 1781-2, bur 08.07.1810, dau of Robert Cripps of Edwardstown)
  (c) Christopher Devonsher Tuthill of Upper Ballinstona (co Limerick) & Webbville (co Cork) (b 26.01.1781, d 05.02.1846, Rev.) had issue
  m. (22.05.1804) Arabella Frend (dau of Benjamin Frend of Boskel)
  (d) Thomas Edward Villiers Tuthill of Dublin & Lower Ballinstona (b 09.07.1783, d 02.06.1859) had issue
m. (04.1805) Ann Stack (d 29.07.1854, dau of John Stack of Ballyconry)
  (e) Catherine Tuthill
  m. Edward Massy of Ballynort
  (f)+ other issue (d unm) - Jeremiah of Ardenadague (b 15.04.1772, d 04.1854), Dorothy
  (v) Christopher Tuthill of Faha (b 10.06.1750, d 11.06.1817)
  m1. (22.02.1775) Barbara Hickman (dsp, dau/coheir of Anthony Hickman of Ballyket)
  m2. (12.1784) Mary Ann Massy (dau of Hugh, 2nd Lord Massy)
  (a) George Tuthill of Faha
  m. (31.12.1812) Catherine Greene (dsp 13.08.1845, dau of Major William Greene of Lota by Jane Massy)
  (b) Catherine Tuthill (d 1873)
  m. (05.09.1815) Richard Taylor of Holly Park
  (c) Frances Tuthill
m. Robert Harrison of Garruragh
  (vi) Anna Tuthill (b 1746-7, d 22.08.1838)
  m. (10.1776) Joshua Minnitt of Anaghbeg
  m2. Hannah Lucas (d before 08.1745, dau/heir of Capt. Thomas Lucas of Limerick (brother of Abraham of Bury St. Edmunds) (by Anne), widow of _ Rule)
  (C) Anna Tuthill (d before21.07.1791)
  m. John Scott of Limerick & Emmel
  (i) Hannah Scott probably of this generation
  m. Edward Villiers of Kilpeacon (dsp 1783)
  (2) George Tothill of West Monkton, Somerset (d 1707)
  m. Grace widow of George, presumed mother of ...
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, Christopher, John, Anne
  b. ?? Tothill
  m. Joan
  iii. Richard Tothill of Exeter (b 1604, d 11.05.1676)
a. Alice Tothill
  m. _ Attwell
  b.+ other issue - Thomas, John, Robert, Sara
  iv. Elizabeth Tothill
m. Crispiin Hopar
  v.+ other issue - John (bur 01.06.1638), Anne (bur 30.06.1639)
  B.+ other issue (dsp) - Hals, Thomas, Elizabeth
3. Richard Tothill of Castle Gwys or Wiston, Pembrokeshire (d 29.09.1593)
  m. Joan Grafton (dau of Richard Grafton the antiquary)
  A. William Tothill of Shardeloes, Buckinghamshire (d 1626)
  m. Katherine Denham (sister of Sir John Denham, Baron of the Exchequer)
  i. Joan Tothill (d 18.04.1625)
  m. (03.03.1602) Francis Drake of Ashe (Esher)
  ii. Katherine Tothill
  B. James Tothill
  m. Ellen Gooch (dau of William Gooch of Grysyswacht)
  i. Edward Tothill (b by 1591)
  C. Richard Tothill to Boston, Massachussetts
m. Mary
  i.+ 3 children (a 04.1635)
  D. John Tothill to Boston, Massachussetts (d 30.12.1656)
  m. Johanna (dau/widow of _ Lawrence)
  i. Sarah Tothill
  m. Richard Martin of Boston
  ii.+ other issue - Simon, John, Hannah
  E. Jane Tothill
  m. Roger Bourne of Wells
  F. Alice Tothill
  m. Thomas Kowldhurst
  G. Mary Tothill
m. Jesse Snides of Ireland
  H. Susan Tothill
  m. (1624) James Hawley of Middlesex
  I. Elizabeth Tothill
  m. William Bradshaw
  J.+ other isuse - Anne, Judith
4. Robert Tothill
5. Joan Tothill
  m1. John Halse of Kennedon
  m2. Richard Hockley
6. Grace Tothill
  m1. James Walker of Exeter
m2. Thomas Bruerton
7. Alice Tothill
  m. William Parsons
8. Julyan Tothill (bur 29.03.1579)
  m. Richard Burnby of Burnby (bur 25.09.1603)
9. Amy Tothill
  m. _ Sted
10. Elizabeth Tothill
  m. Thomas Stukely of Ireland
11. Katherine Tothill (d 18.06.1662)
  m1. William Kingsley of Chorley
  m2. Nicholas Drake (d 1640-1, son of Robert of Wiscombe)

Main source(s): BLGI1912 (Tuthill, formerly of Kilmore) with a little support from Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Tothill of Peamore)
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