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Families covered: Temple of Burton, Temple of Frankton, Temple of Little Shepey, Temple of Stowe, Temple of Temple, Temple of Whitney (Witney)
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William de Temple (a 1066)
1. Geffery de Temple of Temple
  A. John de Temple of Temple (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
  Visitation disagrees with the above, showing the following Henry as son of William, son of Robert.
  i. Henry de Temple of Temple
  m. Maud Ribbesford (dau of Sir John Ribbesford)
  a. Henry de Temple of Temple and Little Shepey (a temp John who r. 1199-1216) this generation omitted by Visitation
(1) Richard de Temple of Temple
  m. Catharine Langley (dau of Thomas Langley)
  Our sources disagree over the next few generations. We are not sure whom to believe so show both versions, provisionally giving precedence to Collins.
Collins shows the next few generations as follows:
  (A) Nicholas de Temple of Temple (a 1321)
  m. _ Corbet (dau of Sir Roger Corbet of Sibbeston)
  (i) Richard de Temple of Temple
  m. Agnes Stanley (dau of Sir Ralph Stanley)
  (a) Nicholas de Temple of Temple
  m. Maud Burguillon (dau of John Burguillon of Newton)
  ((1)) Robert Temple of Temple (a 1430) - continued below ##
  m. Joan Shepey (dau of William Shepey of Great Shepey)
  Visitation shows the next few generations as follows:
  (A) Nicholas Temple (a 1296)
  m. Isabella Barwell (dau of William Barwell)
  (i) Nicholas Temple (a 1381)
  m. Maria Dabernon (dau of Robert Dabernon)
  (a) Thomas Temple (a 1422)
  m. Joanna Brasbridg (dau of John Brasbridg (Bracebridge?))
  ((1)) Robert Temple of Temple Hall (a 1430) - continued below ##
  m. Maria Ringescott (dau of William Ringescott)



Robert Temple of Temple a 1430) - continued above ##
Collins shows Joan Shepey as Robert's wife and mother of his children, Visitation shows Maria, dau of William Ringescott. We follow Collins who is supported by the Shepey source (Nichols).
m. Joan Shepey (dau of William Shepey of Great Shepey)
1. Nicholas Temple of Temple Hall (dspl 1506)
  m. Elizabeth
  partner(s) unknown
  A. daughter
  m. (John) Whitell of Little Shepey
  B. daughter
  m. _ Bowes
  C. daughter
2. Robert Temple of Burton and Temple Hall
  m. Grace Turuile (dau of William Turuile)
A. Richard Temple of Burton and Temple Hall (d 1507-8)
  m. Elizabeth Vincent (dau of Richard Vincent)
  i. Roger Temple of Temple Hall
  m. Agnes Beufow (dau of John Beufow)
  a. Richard Temple of Temple Hall
  m. Joyce (dau of Louet de Wilford)
  (1) Richard Temple of Temple Hall this generation omitted by Collins
  m. Elizabeth George (dau of John George of Bandington)
  (A) Richard Temple (dsp)
  (B) Edmund Temple
  m. Elizabeth Burgaine (dau of Robert Burgaine of Roxsall)
  (i) Peter Temple of Temple (b c1600, a 1635, 3rd son)
  (a) John Temple
  (ii) Maria Temple
  m. Robert Shilton of Bremingham
  (iii) Elizabeth Temple
  m. Henry Banister of Upton
  (iv)+ other issue (a 1619) - Paul (b c1590), Jonathan (b c1598), Joseph (b c1604), Benjamin (b c1610), Anna, Martha
3. Thomas Temple of Whitney
  m. Mary Gedney (dau of Thomas Gedney)
  A. William Temple of Whitney
  m. Isabel Everton (dau of Henry Everton)
  i. Thomas Temple of Whitney or Witney
  m. Alice Heritage (dau of John Heritage of Burton Dersert or Burton Basset)
  a. Robert or Roger Temple of Whitney or Witney
(1) Cuthbert Temple of Stanlake
  (A) Peter Temple of Coton
  (i) Roger Temple
  b. Peter Temple of Merston Boteler, Derset, and Stowe (d 28.05.1577)
  m. Millicent Jekyll (dau of William Jekyll of Newington)
(1) John Temple of Stowe (b c1542, d 09.05.1603)
  m. Susan Spencer (dau of Thomas Spencer of Everton (Everdon))
  (A) Sir Thomas Temple, 1st Bart of Stowe (d 1637)
  m. (1595) Hester Sandys (d 1656, dau of Miles Sandys of Latimers)
  (B) Sir Alexander Temple of St. Margaret's (Rochester), later of Longhouse Place aka Chadwell Place, then Haremere Hall (b 1583, d 1629, 4th son)
  The following comes from a report in www.thurrock-community.org.uk/historysoc/ on a lecture on Sir Alexander given by John Matthews (on 21.01.05) who has kindly advised us (19.11.06) that, although Sir Alexander is sometimes identified as 'of St. Mary's Hoo', the above description is more accurate.
  m1. (12.1602) Mary Summer (d 1607, widow of Thomas Penistone)
  (i) John Temple (dvp?)
  (ii) James Temple (captain of Tilbury Fort, judge) had issue
  m. Mary Busbridge (dau of John Busbridge, stepsister)
  (iii) Susan Temple (bur 20.11.1669) apparently the Susan who married ...
  m1. Sir Gifford Thornhurst, Bart of Agney Court (d 16.12.1627)
  m2. (c1636) Sir Martin Lister of Thorpe Arnold (b c1603, bur 29.08.1670)
  m2. Margaret Griffin (d by 1620)
  m3. Mary (widow of John Busbridge of Haremere Hall)
  (C) William Temple
  m. Jane Beaumont (dau of Sir Thomas Beaumont of Stoughton)
  (D) Peter Temple
  m. _ Temple
  (E) George Temple (d infant)
(F) John Temple of Franckton
  We presume that this is the John (d 1603) who is the first of the family mentioned by VCH (Warwickshire, vol 6, 'Parishes: Frankton') which provides the following.
  (i) son
  (ii) John Temple of Frankton (d 1642)
  (a) Thomas Temple of Frankton (b c1622)
  VCH suggests that the following Thomas was probably son of this Thomas rather than the same person. We are surprised at that.
((1)) Thomas Temple of Frankton (a 1662) pesumably the Thomas who was father of Anne by ...
  m. Rebecca Carew (dau of Sir Nicholas Carew of Beddington)
  ((A)) Anne Temple (d 22.08.1718, coheir) probably of this generation
  m. (23.05.1666) Sir Charles Lyttelton, Bart
  ((2)) Richard Temple, last of Frankton (a 1680)
  (G) Millicent Temple
  m. (1583) Edward Saunders of Bricksworth
  (H) Dorothy Temple
  m. Paul Risley of Chetwood (b c1558, d 1626)
(I) Catharine Temple
  m. Sir Nicholas Parker of Willington or Ratton (b c1546, d 09.03.1619)
  (J) Susan Temple
  m. Sir Thomas Denton of Hillesden
  (K) Mary Temple
  m. John Falmer of Cokeham (or Farmer of Marlow)
  (L) Elizabeth Temple
  m. William Fiennes, 1st Viscount Saye and Sele (b 28.05.1582, d 11/14.04.1662)
  (2) Anthony Temple
  (A) Sir William Temple (b c1553, d 15.01.1626, Provost of Trinity College, Dublin)
  m. Martha Harrison (dau of Robert Harrison of Derbyshire)

Main source(s): Collins (1741, vol 3, Temple, Viscount Cobham), Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, Temple)
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