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Families covered: Talbot of Ballynamony, Talbot of Castle Talbot

Commoners starts with Francis (m. Anne Synot) who is identified as son of the 3rd son of Sir John Talbot of Salwerp (Salwarp), "grandson of the renowned Sir Gilbert Talbot, of Grafton". BLGI1912 identifies that Francis as son of the following Walter but does not suggest any connection to Sir John. That leads us to suspect that further research had led to discount the likelihood that Walter was son of that Sir John. Neverthless, we speculate that Walter was indeed of the family of Grafton and show a possible connection to that family that, to repeat the point, is speculative.
Walter Talbot (a 1586)
m. Joane Bolane (dau/coheir of Jasper Bolane of Talbotstown)
1. Francis Talbot of Ballynamony (later called Castle Talbot)
  Commoners identifies Francis's wife as Anne, dau of Sir Richard Synot of Rosegarland, Bart. BLGI1912 identifies her as ...
  m. Anne Synnott (dau of Sir William Synnott of Ballyfarnoge)
  A. Walter Talbot of Ballynamony, Sheriff of co. Wexford (a 1649)
  Commoners identifies Walter's wife as Mary, dau of Sir Thomas Esmond of Ballynastra, Bart. BLGI1912 identifies her as ...
  m. Elinor Esmonde (dau of William Esmonde of Johnstown)
  i. William Talbot of Ballynamony (Ballinamona) (d Derry 1689, MP)
  m. Margaret Masterson (dau of Richard Masterson of Castletown ('of Munniseed House'))
  a. Roger Talbot of Ballynamony aka Castle Talbot
  Commoners identifies Roger's 1st wife as Anne, dau/heir of William Walsh of The Walsh Mountains, niece of Sir Dudley Colcough (sb Colclough), Bart of Tintern Abbey. BLGI1912 identifies her as ...
  m1. Margaret Walsh (dau of Robert Walsh of The Walsh Mountains)
  (1) William Talbot of Castle Talbot (Ballynamony)
  Commoners identifies William's wife as Maria, dau/heir of Skeffington Smith of Dama Castle. BLGI1912 identifies her as ...
  m. Teresa Smith (dau of John Smith of Dama)
  (A) Roger Talbot (dvp)
  (B) Jane Talbot
  m. (04.1763) Edward Masterson (brother of Luke of Castletown)
  (C) Elizabeth Talbot
  m. Laurence O'Toole of Buxtown (or Richfield)
  (i) Bryan O'Toole (d 1824, Lt. Colonel of Portuguese Regiment)
  (D) Margaret Talbot
  Commoners identifies Margaret's husband as Michael Sutton of Summer Hill. BLGI1912 identifies him as ...
  m. Edward Sutton (brother of Count Sutton de Clonard of France)
  Commoners identifies Roger's 2nd wife as Jane, dau/heir of George Fitzpatrick & niece of Edward, 1st Lord Gowran. BLGI1912 identifies her as ...
  m2. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick (dau of Patrick Fitzpatrick of Ballybooden)
  (2) Matthew Talbot of Castle Talbot (d 27.10.1795)
  m1. Juliana Donovan (d 20.11.1776, dau of Richard Donovan of Camolin, widow of Richard Annesley, 6th Earl of Anglesey)
(A) William Talbot of Castle Talbot (b 19.06.1765)
  m1. (30.01.1785) Mary O'Toole (d 19.05.1796, dau of Laurence O'Toole of Buxtown)
  (i) Matthew Talbot (b 07.03.1787, d 15.10.1838) had issue (who sp)
  m. Anne O'Rourke (dau of Laurence O'Rourke of Bluebell)
  (ii) William Talbot of Castle Talbot (b 29.01.1789, dsp 03.01.1861, Major)
  m1. Honora Power (dau of John Power, sister of Edmund of Gurteen, widow of Major Quin)
  m2. (09.1859) Charlotte Kennedy (dau of Macarius John Kennedy)
  (iii) Laurence Talbot (d 08.11.1813, RN)
  (iv) Maria Theresa Talbot (d 04/08.06.1856)
  m. (27.06.1814) John (Talbot), 16th Earl of Shrewsbury
  (v) Julia Talbot (d 02.1820)
  m. Patrick Bishop of Bishop's Court
  (vi) Margaret Talbot
m. (20.03.1820) George Bryan of Jenkinstown
  m2. (24.08.1796) Anne Woodcock (d 11.03.1808, dau of Robert Woodcock of Killown)
  (vii) Catharine Talbot
  m. (11.06.1835) Henry Lambert of Carnagh
  (viii)+ other issue - Robert (b 1799, dsp), John (b 1800), Charles (b 1801), George (b 1804), Anne (d 30.11.1865)
  m3. (11.09.1808) Anne Beaumont (dau of John Beaumont of Hyde Park, co. Wexford)
  m2. (11.07.1783) Jane D'Arcy (dau of John D'Arcy of Kiltullagh, widow of Count D'Arcy of France)
  (B) Mathew Roger D'Arcy Talbot (b 1786, d unm 1850, Captain)
  (C) John Hyacinth Talbot of Talbot Hall & Ballytrent, later also of Castle Talbot (b 1794) had issue
  m1. (10.05.1822, spm) Anne Eliza Redmond (d 1826, dau/heir of Walter Redmond of Ballytrent)
  m2. (25.02.1851) Eliza Power (d 1892, dau of Sir John Power, 1st Bart of Edermine)
  (D) James Talbot of Knockmullen, co. Wexford (b 1794, d 1852) had issue
  m. (1824) Mary Sutton (dau of Edward Sutton of Summer Hill)
  (E)+ other issue (d unm) - Margaret Matilda (d 1826), Catherine (d young?), Anne (Canoness)
(3) Catherine Talbot
  m. Dominick Ford of Ballylad
  (4) Margaret Talbot
  m. Edmund Loughlin of Durrow
  b. Mary Talbot
  m. James Byrne of Coolnehorney
  c. Elinor Talbot
  m. Walter Butler of Tullow
  d. Anne Talbot
m. _ Mayo (Captain RN)
  e.+ other issue - Gabriel ("Superior of the College of Oporto', chaplain to the King of Portugal), Richard of Ballynagore, James
  ii. Charles Talbot of Curraghcloe
  m. Anne Wallis
  iii. ?? Talbot (Commodore RN) mentioned by Commoners but not by BLGI1912
  m. _ Plunket of Castle Plunket
  a. William Talbot (dsp, RN)
  iv. Elinor Talbot
  m. James Sherlock of Ballyna
  B. Joan Talbot
  m. John Synnott (Colonel)
  C. Margaret (Mary) Talbot
  m. Mark (Marcus) Synnott
2. Elinor Talbot
  m. Patrick Walsh of Ballyclonecranell

Main source(s): BLGI1912 ('Talbot of Castle Talbot') with support from Commoners (vol 3, 'Talbot of Castle Talbot', p359+)
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