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Families covered: Symons of Broadmore, Symons of Crowan, Symons of Hatt, Symons of Tregarthyn

John Symons of Tregelles (b c1373, d 1428)
m. Johanna Trevanion (dau of Robert Trevanion)
1. John Symons of Crowan (d 1451)
  m. Elizabeth Chamond (dau of Richard Chamond of St. Keverne)
  A. Richard Symons of Crowan (b c1421, d 1492)
  m1. Jane Tretherffe (dau of John Tretherffe of Tretherffe)
  i. William Symons of Tregarthyn (d unm 1498)
  m2. Margaret Trenoweth (d 1496, dau/heir of Richard Trenoweth of St. KEverne)
  ii. Richard Symons 'of Hatt' of Tremayne (d 1535) the first mentioned by BLG1894
  m. Jane Vivian (dau of John Vivian of St. Columb)
  a. John Symons of Banwell, Somerset (d 1556) had issue
  m. Juliana Webb
  b. William Symons of Tregarthyn & Bodilli (d 1559)
  m1. Margery Fowler (dau/coheir of Thomas Fowler of Ricot)
  (1) Nicholas Symons of Tregarthyn (d 27.03.1588)
  m. (1550) Joan Trelay (dau of John Trelay of Pelynt & Anthony)
  (A) Nicholas Symons of Tregarthyn (d 03.05.1627) had issue
  m. Margaret Tanner (dau of George Tanner of Constantine)
Vivian shows that there was issue by this marriage. The following comes from BLG1894.
  (i) ?? Symons
  (a) ?? Symons
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  ((1)) ?? Symons
  ((A)) William Symons of Tremayne & Wendron
  ((B)) Mary Symons
  m. William Symons of Lydford @@ below
  (B) John Symons of Trelay (b 1553, d 07.11.1615)
  m. Margaret Bond (dau of Richard Bond of Earth)
  (i) John Symons of Pillaton (b 1582)
  m. (1604) Elizabeth Trepe (dau/coheir of Richard Trepe of Crediton)
  (a) John Symons of Hatt, Botusfleming (a 1655)
  m. Margaret Rosevear (dau of William Rosevear of Quethiock)
  ((1)) Nicholas Symons of Hatt not named by BLG1894
  m. _ Wills of Landrake
  ((A)) William Symons of Hatt
  m. Elizabeth Symons (dau of John Symons of Ruan Minor)
  ((i)) William Symons of Hatt & Broadmore, Sheriff of Cornwall (a 1735)
  The following combines what is reported by Vivian & BLG1894, presuming that gaps in one cover gaps in the other.
  m1. _ Bond of Holwood & Earth
  ((a)) Arabella Symons
  m. Josias Foot (vicar of Antony)
  m2. Elizabeth Fortescue (widow of Long Trosse of Trevollard)
  ((b)) William Symons of Hatt & Broadmore (d unm 1802)
  ((c)) Nicholas Symons of Hatt & Liverpool (d 1802)
  m. Eliza Roberts
  (((1))) William Symons of Hatt & Broadmore had issue
  m. Agnes Penn (dau of Richard Penn of Bristol)
  ((d)) Elizabeth Symons
  m. Rev. Peter Davy Foulkes
  ((e)) Mary Anna Symons
  m. Rev. Charles Tucker
  (C) Richard Symons of Antony (d 1602)
  m. Frances Calmady (dau of Richard Calmady of Plympton)
  Vivian shows that there was issue by this marriage. The following comes from BLG1894.
  (i) ?? Symons
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (a) ?? Symons
  ((1)) ?? Symons
  ((A)) William Symons of Lydford (b 11.03.1702)
  m. Mary Symons (sister/heir of William Symons of Tremayne & Wendron) @@ above
  ((i)) William Symons of Tremayne & Trenoworth (b 19.03.1729, d 11.05.1800)
  m. Abigail Granville (dau/heir of John Granvill of Madron)
  ((a)) Nicholas Granville Symons of Tremayne had issue
  m. Henrietta Williams
((b)) William Tregarthyn Symons of Wendron had issue
  m. Isabel Lucy Annesley (dau of Arthur Annesley)
  ((c)) Richard Payne Symons of Madrone (d 1855) had issue
  m. Mary Vivian (dau of John Vivian of Truro)
  (D) Simon Symons of Pillaton (d 1583) had issue
  m. Anne Coode (dau of Walter Coode of Morval)
m2. Jane (dau of Robert Len (sb Lee?) of Quarenden)
  (2)+ other issue
  c. Nicholas Symons of Bossiney had issue
  m. Margaret Amey
  d. Richard Symons had issue
  m. Mary Trethowan (dau of William Trethowan)
  e. Simon Symons (d 1558, Vicar of Bray, Canon of Windsor) had issue
  m. Mary Norreys (dau of _ Norreys of Bray)
  f. Jane Symons (d 1606?)
  m. Thomas Williams of Gwinear (b 1505, d 1580)
  iii. John Symons of Bodili had issue
  m. Elizabeth Yate (dau of William Yate of Arlingham)
2.+ other issue - William (parson of Ambroseden), Robert of Hasley (dsp)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Symons of Hatt', p614+) with input/support from BLG1894 ('Symons of Hatt')
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