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Families covered: Swynfen of Swynfen

BLG1871 identifies the following John as great-grandson of _ de Auste by Sibilla, dau/heir of _ Swinfen of Swinfen.
John de Auste, later Swynfen of Swynfen
m. ?? (coheir of Sir John de Freford)
1. Thomas Swynfen of Swynfen
  m. Mageria (Margery?) Stokly (dau of Robert Stokly)
  A. Thomas Swynfen of Swynfen
  i. Thomas Swynfen of Swynfen
  a. ?? Swynfen
  (1) William Swynfen of Swynfen (d 24.03.1549) - continued below
  m1. Elizabeth Massy (dau of Robert Massy of Crossley)
  m2. Dorothy Nowell (dau of James Nowell of Hylcote, m2. (Francis?) Rygley)
  ii. William Swynfen or Swinfen of Sutton Cheney, Leicestershire (a 1446, 1475)
  m. Elinor Leach
BLG1871 reports that the above John "was also, in all probability, the father of" the following Robert who (excluding references to earlier members of the family which do not show how they connected) is the first mentioned by Shaw.
2. Robert Swynfen of Lichfield (a 1368, 1415)
  Shaw identifies Robert's wife as the heiress of Robert de Pipe whose relict was Alice, sister of Sir John de Sulny. BLG1871 identifies her as ...
  m. Agnes de Pipe (dau of William de Pipe of Draycot)
  A. William Swynfen (alias Pipe) of Waal (a 1415)
  Shaw suggests that William married twice, to Joyce Durvassal/Spemore and to another (unnamed) lady by whom he had 2 sons, one who was 'of Swynfen' and William who was of Sutton Cheynell, but does not follow the families of either, instead suggesting that the connection with the later Swynfens of Swynfen was not known. We follow BLG1871 which shows the connections to (both) the later Swynfens of Swynfens and the Swynfens of Sutton Cheney as above and mentions only one marriage for this William, being to ...
  m. Joyce Durvassal (d by 1435, dau of William Durvassal alias Spemore or Spermore)
  i. Margaret Swynfen
  m. Sir William Vernon of Haddon (d 30.06.1467)



William Swynfen of Swynfen (d 24.03.1549) - continued above
m1. Elizabeth Massy (dau of Robert Massy of Crossley)
1. Thomas Swynefen of Whittington
  m1. Margaret (a 06.1552)
  BLG1871 jumps from Thomas to "third in descent" Richard (m. Joan Curitall).
  A. Richard Swynfen of Lichfield
  m1. (c07.1552) Anne Hill (dau of John Hill of The Pipe)
i. John Swynfen of Swynfen (bur 28.03.1632)
  m. (mcrt 13.08.1587) Mary Lisle (bur 13.07.1605, dau of John Lisle of Moxhull)
  a. Richard Swynfen of Swynfen (bpt 16.09.1596, bur 10.05.1659)
  m. (04.02.1611) Joane Curitall (bpt 18.06.1591, bur 21.05.1658, dau of George Curitall alias Harman of Swynfen)
  (1) John Swynfen of Swynfen & Thickbroome (b 19.03.1612, d 12.04.1694, MP)
  m. (26.07.1632) Anne Brandreth (bpt 14.01.1612, bur 29.04.1690, dau of John Brandreth)
  (A) John Swynfen (dvp bur 16.02.1671, 4th son?)
  m. (mcrt 13.09.1669) Mary Matthew (dau of Henry Matthew of Morecote)
(i) Mary Swynfen (b 02.10.1670)
  m. (14.07.1692) John Jervis of Darlaston (bpt 12.04.1670, d 05.01.1746)
  (B) Francis Swynfen of Shrewsbury (bpt 15.03.1693, dvp)
  m. Jane Doughty (bur 24.07.1716)
  (i) Richard Swynfen of Swynfen (d unm 22.07.1726-7, MP for Tamworth)
  (ii) Samuel Swynfen of Swynfen then Birmingham (b c1682, d 05.1736-7)
  Samuel sold Swynfen to his kinsman, Samuel Swinfen of Walbrook House.
  m. (18.11.1710) Mabella Fretwell (dau of Ralph Fretwell of Hellaby)
  (a) John Swynfen of Swynfen (bpt 10.03.1714, d unm)
  (b) Mabella Swynfen (bpt 01.10.1712)
  m. John Turton of Orgrave
  (c) Elizabeth Swynfen (bpt 26.06.1716)
  m. _ Des Moulins
  (d) Hester Swynfen (bpt 05.11.1723, dsp)
  m. _ Williams
  (e)+ other issue - George (bpt 09.10.1717, d unm), Richard (bpt 22.05.1727), Jane (bpt 28.08.1711, d unm), Frances (bpt 07.02.1713, bur 09.02.1714), Anne (bpt 14.05.1719), Frances (bpt 17.11.1720, d unm 1796), Mary (bpt 20.03.1721), Barbara (bpt 25.01.1724)
  (iii) Ann Swynfen
  m. Henry Smith
(iv) Elizabeth Swynfen
  m. James Bolton
  (v)+ issue - John (bpt 23.03.1693, bur 20.02.1697), Jane (bur 12.08.1723)
  (C) Ralph Swynfen (dvp)
  m. Elizabeth
  (i)+ issue - John, Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary, Jane
  (D) Mary Swynfen
  m. (16.03.1670) Thomas Willington of Whately
  (E) daughter
  m. _ Hancox
  (F) daughter
  m. _ Hind
  (G) daughter
  m. _ Baker
  (i)+ issue - John of Basinghall Street, Joseph, Samuel
  (H)+ other issue - Richard (bpt 23.03.1633), George (bpt 27.02.1634), John (bpt/bur 07.1635)
  (2) Mary Swynfen (bpt 09.11.1614)
  m. Thomas Pott of Weeford (yeoman)
  (3)+ other issue - Robert (bpt 26.08.1616, bur 04.11.1616), Robert (bpt 27.02.1619, bur 01.06.1619), Robert (bur 10.09.1621), William (bpt 18.09.1628), Richard (bpt 21.10.1630), Elizabeth (bpt 27.02.1619, bur 01.06.1619), Grace (bpt 10.11.1624), Bridget (bpt 18.01.1626, bur 19.11.1656)
  b. Frances Swynfen (bpt 17.08.1595)
  m. _ Clifford
  c. Dorothy Swynfen
  m. _ Comin (goldsmith)
  d.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 23.01.1598), Christopher, Brigitta, Deveroxe (bpt 20.01.1602), Susanna
  ii. Elenor Swynfen
  m. Walter Chetwynd
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 30.12.1566), Jane (bur 10.04.1572)
  m2. (22.09.1573) Joan Staunton (bur 11.07.1599)
  v. Mary Swynfen (bpt 12.08.1574)
  m. _ Bradbury of Lichfield
  vi. Isabel Swynfen (bpt 13.03.1579)
  m. (27.08.1595) Thomas Staunton of Knaresborough
  B. Thomas Swynfen (bur 17.03.1613)
  m. Constance (bur 04.04.1602)
i. Thomas Swynfen
  m1. (14.07.1583) Elizabeth Hodge (bur 10.01.1605)
  a.+ issue - Roland (bpt 20.10.1600, bur 12.08.1611), Judeth
  m2. (12.02.1608) Marie Clark (bur 14.02.1614)
  c. Sarah Swynfen (bpt 21.04.1614)
  m3. Joane (bur 14.02.1614)
  ii. Anne Swynfen (bpt 25.12.1569)
  m. (24.01.1584) John Browghe
  m2. Anne (a 1605, m2. Nicholas Lynton of Swynfen)
2. ? John Swynfen of Swynfen possibly of this generation
  m. Mary Repington (dau of William Repington (not Remington) of Amington)
3.+ 12 sons and 6 daughters
m2. Dorothy Nowell (dau of James Nowell of Hylcote, m2. (Francis?) Rygley)
22. Arthur Swynfen 'of Dunchurch, Warwickshire'
  m. Alice Ragdale
  A. Elizabeth Swynfen
  m. John Dugdale of Shustoke (d 04.07.1624)

Main source(s): BLG1871 ('Swinfen of Swinfen'), extract from volume 2 of 'Shaw's Staffordshire' (as kindly provided by a contributor, MF, 07.12.07)
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