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Families covered: Sudeley of Ewyas (Ewias), Sudeley of Sudeley, Sudeley of Toddington, Boteler of Sudeley

Ralph de Sudeley 'of Hereford' (d 02.12.1057)
TCP reports that, contrary to various reports, although Ralph had some association with Hereford, he was never actually created Earl of Hereford. 
m. Getha or Gythia (possibly dau of Osgood Clapa)
1. Harold FitzRalph of Sudeley, Ewyas and Toddington
  (1) BE1883 reports that some authorities report that Harold was an illegitimate son of King Harold. We follow TCP.
(2) TCP reports that Harold's wife is unknown. Various sources on the Tracy family identify her as ...
  m. Maud (dau of Hugh 'Lupus' de Abrincis, Earl of Chester)
  A. John de Sudeley of Sudeley and Toddington
  m. Grace de Tracy (dau of William de Tracy)
  www.wyverngules.com inserts an additional generation here, a Ralph (a 1155), but TCP & BE1883 do not.
  i. Ralph de Sudeley of Sudeley (d before 25.12.1192)
  m. Emma de Beauchamp (dau of William de Beauchamp of Elmley)
  a. Otuel or Otwell de Sudeley of Sudeley (dsp 1198)
  m. Margaret
  b. Ralph de Sudeley of Sudeley (d before 26.02.1221/2)
  m. Isabel Berry identifies Ralph's wife as an unnamed daughter of Raffe Fitz Peirce
(1) Ralph de Sudeley of Sudeley (d by 19.03.1241/2)
  m. (per TCP) Imenia or (per BE1883) Isabel (dau of Roger Corbet of Chadesley)
  (A) Bartholomew de Sudeley of Sudeley, Sheriff of Herefordshire (d 1274 or by 29.06.1280)
  m. Joan de Beauchamp (dau of William de Beauchamp of Elmley)
  (i) John de Sudeley, 1st Lord (d by 18.04.1336)
  m. ?? Saye (dau of William de Saye of Sele)
  (a) Bartholomew de Sudeley (dvp before 02.10.1326)
  m. Maud de Montfort (d by 02.10.1326, dau of John de Montfort of Beaudesert, 1st Lord)
((1)) John de Sudeley, 2nd Lord (d by 19.02.1339/40)
  m. Eleanor de Scales (d 06.09.1361, dau of Robert Scales, 2nd Lord)
  ((A)) John de Sudeley, 3rd Lord (b c1338, d 11.08.1367)
  ((B)) Joane de Sudeley
  m. Sir William le Boteler @@ below
  ((C)) Margery de Sudeley (dsp)
  m. Sir Robert Massy
  ii. William de Tracy of Toddington
  Mentioned in the below-mentioned article on the Origins of the Drakes of Devon was ...
iii. Margery
  m. Roger Parvus
  a. Hugh Parvus
  B. Robert FitzHarold de Sudeley of Ewyas (or Ewias) (a 1147, founder of Dore Abbey)
  BE1883 shows this Robert as father of Sybilla but 'Wilts' (vol 3 (1830), p54/175), supported by various web sites, shows the following.
  m. Petronilla
  i. Robert de Sudeley of Ewyas (d 1195-6)
  a. Sybilla de Sudeley of Ewyas (d c06.1236) HY
  m1. Robert de Tregoz of Lydiard, Sheriff of Wiltshire (d before 29.04.1215) HY
  m2. Roger de Clifford (d c1286) Y
  ii. William (monk)
  iii. Richard de Ewyas
  m. Sibylla
  a. Sibilla de Ewyas
  m. Philip Spencer
  (1) Richard de Ewyas
  (A) Claritia
  m. Yevan Whelyn
  (i) Clara
m. Thomas de Scudamore
  (ii) daughter
  m. Henry de Elston
  (iii) daughter
  m. Hugo Howk
  (iv) daughter
  m. George le Burg
  An article on the Origins of the Drakes of Devon, by Charles E. Drake in Genealogists' Magazine (March 2005), identifies the following additional members of this family as does www.wyverngules.com.
  C. William FitzHarold possibly father of ...
  i. Humphrey FitzWilliam of Drakenage (d c1190)
  D.+ other issue - Roger, Alexander



Sir William le Boteler
As reported on Butler06, unlike various other sites/sources (including Berry) we are not convinced that this William was one of the Lords of Wemme. Until more comfort is obtained as to how he fits into one of the Butler/Boteler families, we shall continue to show his descendants here.
m. Joane de Sudeley (dau of John de Sudeley, 2nd Lord) @@ above
1. Thomas Boteler of Sudeley (d 21.09.1398)
  m. (by 18.07.1385) Alice (d 08.02.1442/3, possibly dau of John de Beauchamp of Powyke)
  A. John Boteler of Sudeley (d unm before 1410)
B. William Boteler of Sudeley (d by 20.12.1417)
  m. Alice
  C. Ralph Boteler, Lord Sudeley (d 02.05.1473)
  Berry identifies Ralph's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Sir John Norbury, but TCP merely identifies her as ...
  m1. (before 06.07.1419) Elizabeth (d 28.08.1462, widow of John Hende)
  i. (Sir) Thomas Boteler (dvpsp before 1468)
  m. (1449) Eleanor Talbot (d 30.06.1468, sister of Sir John Talbot)
  Berry shows Thomas as having 3 daughters: Elizabeth & Joane, shown by TCP as his 2 paternal aunts, and Elianor (who married Thomas Montgomery of Sokborne) who is not mentioned by TCP.
  m2. (1463) Alice Deincourt (dau of William d'Eyncourt, 13th Lord)
  D. Elizabeth Boteler
  m. Sir John Norbury (of Norbury)
  E. Joane Boteler
  m. Hamond Belknap

Main source(s): TCP (Sudeley), BE1883 (Sudeley) with some support/contradiction from Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1878, Cooke)
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